Go see your dad Xiao Yeran followed Lu Xiaoning down the stairs so the second confrontation between Lu Zixuan and Xiao Yeran ended in a

Lu Xiaoning just wanted a family to spend his whole life with him, but he didn’t want to offend the domineering and black-bellied CEO, and even died for it.
Lu Xiaoning decided to stay far away from the source, but in the end, he went around and went around again.
Back to the original point, it’s just that the CEO in this life seems to be different from before. He lost his domineering disguise and melted his cold heart. All he wants is to give you exclusive love, a dedicated guardian, a domineering and ruthless CEO, a confused and lazy little reporter.
The story of a pair of twins who, in order to get justice for their father, then stepped into the entertainment circle to cheat their parents He is an orphan who was adopted by the Sacred Heart Orphanage from birth until he graduated from high school, and he stopped going to school.
Instead, he looked for a job everywhere, part of the money he earned was used for his own life, and the rest was sent to the Sacred Heart Orphanage. Save it for raising children in the future Lu Xiaoning is not particularly outstanding, but he is also considered handsome. The whole person is a little thin because of long-term malnutrition, and he is not very tall. Until now, he has never had a girlfriend because he knew himself very early. It is impossible to have a girlfriend in this life, and of course it is impossible to have a boyfriend. He knows how difficult this road is, so he is ready to be single for the rest of his life, but he still wants to have a child. If you come here with me, maybe you will ask, so what kind of child does he save money to raise? It is also for adoption. In fact, Lu Xiaoning has always hidden a secret in his body, a secret that only he and the doctor know, that is, his physique allows him to conceive. His hidden bisexual physique may be the reason why he was abandoned by his parents, but now this physique has given him new hope, that is, he can completely conceive his own child and has been running around in society for two years. Lu Xiaoning works hard every day and saves food and money, and finally has enough money to raise a child, so he decides to have a child while he is still young.
After all, life alone is really too lonely.
At this moment, Lu Xiaoning is nervously standing in the city.
In front of the biggest and most luxurious bar, this bar is also famous.
Looking at the signboard with flashing lights in front of him, Lu Xiaoning couldn’t help but swallowed.
He clenched his fists and tried hard to cheer himself up.
This time, we must succeed, we must succeed, it depends on whether we have children or not.
That’s right this time, Lu Xiaoning has only one purpose this time, that is to steal the seed, or do you think he can conceive by himself? Finally, he has prepared himself psychologically.
Lu Xiaoning moved step by step and walked into the bar.
Poking his head to see what’s inside first, but his body is still outside the door, as if he immediately turned around and ran away when he saw something was wrong.
His cautious and cautious appearance has a sneaky feeling.
After all, he has been a good baby for the first half of his life. It was the first time he entered a bar, but he didn’t realize that he had been stared at since the moment he entered the door Although Lu Xiaoning is not very good looking, but those eyes are very prominent, big and bright, filled with a clear light, people can tell that it is a little white rabbit at a glance, now that the little white rabbit falls into the wolf’s den, only one will be regarded as the fate of the little white rabbit. Staring like a prey, Lu Xiaoning, who is the prey, didn’t realize this.
Lu Xiaoning stared in surprise at all the music in the bar, the deafening music, and the crazy dancers on the stage, writhing in various ways. The smell of alcohol filled his nose, making him frowned. Lu Xiaoning chose a small stool next to the bar to sit on, planning to find a target person for tonight.
After all, this is about his own child. That person must not be too ugly. Mr.
Li, what would you like to drink? The bartender couldn’t help asking softly when he saw such a petite and cute boy coming in.
Lu Xiaoning turned to look at him blinking his eyes, then hurriedly picked up the wine list at hand and looked at the various items listed on it.
This kind of wine is a bit embarrassing, after all, his alcohol capacity is not very good.
Is there any juice? Lu Xiaoning asked with a small face. Fruit juice, but the taste of this drink is similar to fruit juice, and the alcohol content is also very low. Otherwise, the bartender was stunned for a moment and knew that it was Lu Xiaoning’s first time at the bar.
Then he smiled and introduced a low-concentration drink to Lu Xiaoning.
Thank you.
Lu Xiaoning thanked the bartender with a small smile, and then continued to scan the audience like a radar, watching the bartender mix the wine and put it in Lu Xiaoning’s hand.
Picking up the cup and drinking the drink in it, smacking his mouth, it seems to be quite delicious, better than the juices he’s drank before, because life is tight and he needs to be frugal, Lu Xiaoning almost never drank juices, only once was he really hungry I couldn’t take it anymore, so I bought a small glass of low-quality and cheap juice, but that was already a rare luxury for Lu Xiaoning, but Lu Xiaoning and the bartender seemed to overestimate his drinking capacity, but a glass of ultra-low-concentration drink can actually One person knocked down the bartender and said that he had really seen a lot today.
Lu Xiaoning just felt a little dizzy and looked at things a little wobbly, as if he was on a boat.
It was very uncomfortable.
Those who saw Lu Xiaoning originally locked their eyes on him. Seeing his seemingly drunk appearance, the people on him couldn’t help but want to move around, but the next moment, all of these people’s thoughts were all restrained because they saw Xiao Yeran moving towards the drunken man. boy gone