Go out so that Xiao Bai can be touched and let Xiao Bai let him go but he just uttered a word Liu Zixi ruined

It’s really time-traveling. Hearing the reputation, there is a handsome young man sitting on a stone and sighing. The young man’s face is like a crown of jade, his lips are red, his teeth are white and his appearance is good.
It doesn’t matter, it’s still worn with my body, except for my handsome face and my unbearable charm, I don’t even know what kind of world this is. Xiao Bai is not a native of Dongli mainland.
On the planet Huaxia, the culture has a long history, and everyone there understands righteousness, is modest and prudent, loves to help others, and Xiao Bai is one of the descendants of Huaxia.
I just woke up, so I should think about how to live. By the way, I should have a golden finger after crossing. At worst, I should have some old grandpa, or some invincible blood.
The system is starting to detect the host. The voice rang in Xiao Bai’s mind, the sudden voice startled Xiao Bai, almost jumped up, and I said, “It’s impossible, I’m fighting alone, heh heh, Xiao Bai sorted out his mentality, sat down, and didn’t panic now. What is the system?” It’s just cheating. Guaranteed that the protagonist will become a peerless master. All the awesome gadgets have this stuff.
I’m still panicking. The hammer is just as the saying goes.
I was taken aback. This time, I really jumped up.
The host is my system. The sound of the detection is faint. How about it? Tell me, what main task, what reward, and the stipulated time? Xiao Bai rubbed his hands with anticipation There is a mission system with a hammer. This is the test result. Name, Xiao Bai, gender, male, face, Dongli Continent, strength, invincible, unable to detect skills, martial arts, power, invincibility, what does invincibility mean? Other Xiao Bai can understand that invincibility is really a bit Terrible, the literal meaning is that you are the strongest system. Fuck, Xiao Bai jumped up again. This time, he was not scared but excited. Then I am not invincible, this is a rhythm against the sky, then do I want to die? You’re invincible, you’re a hammer against the sky, and if you want to die, it’s easy to commit suicide. You’ll be resurrected automatically after you die, but you won’t feel any pain.
You just don’t have a pain-sensing system. You can still be resurrected. I don’t read much, so don’t lie to me, Xiao Bai.
The corner of the mouth twitched slightly and said that this goldfinger is too scary, you have to try it, it’s fine, I’ll give you a good sword, come on yourself, the system said while turning into a long sword, hey host, let me tell you, this sword is A good sword.
The sword is long and the body is made of divine iron. It is extremely thin and has a faint cold light and is engraved with two phoenix patterns.
The hilt is a silver dragon carving. The case looks extremely majestic.
The blade is extremely sharp.
Ru Qiushuang, as the so-called sword edge rainbow, went to Fu Hanjiang Qianli system to brag about the mysteries of this sword, and when no one answered, he scanned Xiao Bai’s spiritual consciousness. Xiao Beside Bai is already bleeding like a river, it turned out that Xiao Bai couldn’t wait to commit suicide when the system was bragging about the sword Then the expression on his face must be shocking. Here Xiao Bai is checking his body, thinking about a hammer and it’s over. Sooner or later, he has to check if it’s true, and I’m not a soul wearer. I’ve worn my whole body. I’m wearing nothing but this suit.
This is the real loner. After all, it is a golden finger. The chances are very high.
It’s a big deal. After the book is finished, it’s true.
The system is speechless. Open the door to send warmth, Xiao Baidao, I am in charge of giving you martial arts, martial arts, weapons, and other things. The system says nothing, these are not important. The system should know the information of this world, such as the level of cultivation, martial arts, martial arts forces, and clothing types.
Xiao Bai asked, of course, what is a system? Of course, it is to cheat the host. He coughed and took the wrong lines. It is to overcome obstacles for the host and cultivate the host to become a peerless powerhouse.
I will work hard for the things that the host cannot do.
I will do things that the host does not know. I will come to science. The host stopped and stopped, and I almost vomited from hearing that the current system is really unscrupulous.
Hurry up and tell the information, oh well, this is the world intelligence data that I have compiled. Heavenly Sage, Ancient Immemorial God, low-level, middle-level, and high-level weapon level is the same as above, martial skill level is the same as above, martial arts level is the same as above, martial arts level is the same as above, martial arts training, martial arts, martial arts, warriors, warriors, spirits, spiritual masters, spirits, kings, kings, emperors, emperors, emperors, and spirits Venerable, holy, holy, holy, holy, great, holy, great, holy, emperor, god, king, and emperor. Except for the emperor, each stage has nine stages, counting the zero stage as ten stages. Attached to this plane, for the convenience of memory, you can also use digital levels to calculate the total level.
For example, spirits will be strong at the same level as monsters at the same level. The first level is 24th level.
Divide the 24th level at every level of 9th level, and the cultivation method is a separate level. Spiritual power cultivation currency spirit stones are divided into low-grade, middle-grade and high-grade top-grade conversions: one best-grade spirit stone, one thousand high-grade spirit stones, one hundred thousand middle-grade spirit stones, ten million low-grade spirit stones, one best-grade spirit stone, one thousand top-grade spirit stones, one top-grade spirit stone, one hundred One middle-grade spirit stone, one hundred lower-grade spirit stones attached to spirit stones can be used for cultivation, but it’s useless for you. Dress up with clothes, men, women, and children, all have long hair crossed over