Go out and look for someone outside waiting for someone to discover their secrets I am enough Yan Changge who has been listening quietly suddenly

What is an ID card? What is a bank card? I pawned Jiansui on my body and was treated as a reseller of cultural relics and invited to go to the Yamen. In addition, the spiritual energy in the world is thin and unable to cultivate.
Yan Changge is facing the lack of spiritual energy and is about to turn back into an evil soldier. He is sent to the museum together with Jiansui. The crisis of the exhibition Yan Changge, who is unwilling to kill and cultivate demons, can only cultivate merit to maintain his human form, so this is a story of an evil soldier who is full of evil spirits doing good things in modern society.
Want to kidnap me? Focus on the modern overhead parallel world. Martial arts masters do good deeds every day. Domineering in heart.
Kindness on the outside is not as good as attacking the promiscuous on the outside.
Pure on the inside. The stepping stone is the name of the character in Lazy Qingwen, the label of the content, the label of the soft spot, the sweetness of the modern novel, the main character Yan Changge, Qu Lian, the supporting role is named dead, how could the author think of the name of the supporting role in advance? Others, I am actually called the green-haired bat. Ge is a thousand-year-old sword that relies on evil blood to cultivate human form. In modern society, there is a lack of spiritual energy. Yan Changge cannot absorb spiritual energy for cultivation.
In order to avoid turning back into an ancient sword and becoming a exhibit in the museum, Yan Changge, an evil soldier, had to do it honestly.
Good people rely on meritorious deeds to maintain their human form.
The author uses a serious tone to describe Yan Changge’s understanding of social technology, which is very witty and humorous, which makes readers very curious.
Chapter Zangfeng Yifeng Village is a small village about 200 miles away from Lincheng.
During the war in the early years, a group of foreigners with ulterior motives wandered around Fengcun. It is said that some villagers discovered some unearthed cultural relics and provoked a group of wolves. Surrounding Lincheng is the ancient capital of many dynasties.
The tombs of many emperors were built here. A few years ago, the villagers dug up some treasures in their own fields.
Fengcun, not far from Lincheng, is naturally very likely to have a big one.
However, decades ago, those foreigners didn’t dig anything, but lost hundreds of lives.
Inside, this group of short people brought a special reinforcement battalion, hundreds of well-trained soldiers, none of them survived, and they all died tragically. From then on, there will be the sound of swords clashing in Fengcun at night. Some people say that those short people disturbed the owner of the tomb. In Fengcun, it’s a trick.
In fact, few people heard the sound of swords fighting, but pass it on to me.
Your reputation of being haunted in Fengcun spread, and then the foreign enemies were beaten out. When I woke up, Yang Village next door also discovered that the hot spring has become a health resort, and the villagers are all very rich. Only Feng Village is still that poor or desolate.
How they searched and tossed for several years, but found nothing, and finally came to the conclusion that there was nothing.
They left Fengcun for decades.
Over the past few decades, all promising people in Fengcun have moved into the city. There are not many people left in Laofeng Village. more and more It’s so desolate that even the bus has only one night shift every day, and the last bus will go to a stop ten miles away from Fengcun.
If you want to go back to Fengcun, you have to walk for a long time.
Basically, the bus to Fengcun is empty every day. Few people will come to this stop to get on the bus.
Today’s bus driver also pulled an empty bus to the stop. He thought it would stop for a while and return with an empty bus. When a young man got on the bus, he said it was a young man, but he.
The appearance looks very young, but those eyes are calm as if they have been deposited for thousands of years. It seems that they have a history that does not match the appearance. However, it is not the handsome appearance of this young man that attracts the driver’s attention, but his strange clothes. There are red hair, green hair, white hair, purple hair and purple hair all over the street.
Don’t be too scary. Although this young man has long hair, it is black and there is no trace of dyeing. It is neatly tied The top of the head is not very out of the ordinary, but his loose trousers and bunt on the upper body look like the short cloth shirts of the working people in the TV dramas in ancient times. From the corner of the driver’s corner, he saw this young man who seemed to have appeared from a time travel drama and turned his head curiously.
I want to see clearly the clothes on this person, but I don’t want it to be just a blink of an eye. The young man’s hair has turned into a neat round-inch clothes. The clothes are also trousers and half-sleeved. It looks similar to the style on his body, but the color is slightly different, but it is worn here. The handsome young man looks much better than the driver uncle. Slow down.
The driver rubbed his eyes carefully to see that the young man is still in short-cut casual clothes.
The long hair bunt just now seems to be just an illusion in the driver’s eyes.
I saw a ghost.
The driver looked at it.
Looking at the blood-red sunset in the sky, I couldn’t help swallowing hard.
There is a saying in Lincheng that ghosts and other evil things are not the most magical at night, but when the sun is very sunset, the sun is struggling to shine on the horizon, and the last ray of light is blood-red. The setting sun will give those evil powers the time when the sun and the moon alternate.
The older people call it the time of encountering magic. The young people get on the car and walk to the chair next to the door without inserting coins. The driver sits down quietly. Twisting his neck stiffly, doing his duty conscientiously and as if giving himself courage, he said to get on the bus and put in coins, this is two yuan for the air-conditioned car, the driver’s voice was still trembling, but he still mustered up the courage to say what the older generation said But if you really encounter these gods, ghosts, etc., don’t be shy, just do what you want, as if you don’t know that they are non-human, under normal circumstances, ghosts who dare to appear in front of people will not take the initiative to attack people Unless their identities are recognized, no matter whether the young people in this car are human or ghosts, no matter whether it is to save their lives or perform their duties, the two dollars will still be charged.