Go down but can’t float up woke up in the cube Wen Feng said without changing his face the old man’s eyes flashed and he

Level distribution Skulls are divided into red, blue, green, blue, purple, and black according to the color. The equipment level is upgraded according to the level.
Swallow special items. Red and yellow increase one at a time, which can crush low-level ones.
Complete tasks or devour other adventurers’ marks.
Ten of the same level.
The difference is a few fractions of the level difference. Example blue devours red. When a blue attribute point of the same level is rewarded, basic attribute points are rewarded.
Difficulty factor task completion task level equipment drop example task difficulty is that it will not drop equipment above the level. Maximum drop-level stamina conversion formula, stamina defense, damage reduction and resistance of life value, about ability crushing, when the value of a certain item of a person is greater than that of another person, the knockback effect can be obtained, depending on the difference, agility, speed, intelligence point, magic value, magic damage plus Integrate intelligence to cause spell backlash, depending on the difference, power attack, physical damage bonus, agility, full sprint, second distance, stamina value, default meter, dodge value, critical hit, and additional vital attack, attacking fatal parts, the damage can be increased, the highest, such as the back, head, heart Attacking the limbs can cause crippled life down to a state of serious injury. All attributes are down, such as vitality, vitality, internal force, internal force, bloodline exclusive value, and ability. Each player will have a natural skill. The natural skill will become stronger with the level. Sudden accidents, there are many unsolved mysteries in many parts of the world.
When these mysteries are solved, the ending is often unexpected. I close the work of a great writer in my hand. It’s so late. It’s time to rest. A gentle voice came from his ears. A jade hand was placed on his shoulder. Wen Feng smiled and wanted to touch that hand, but found that it was rubbing on his face, why was it so wet? Wen Feng woke up and saw that it was indeed a dog’s head. You dead dog said so many times, don’t lick my face while I’m sleeping.
Wen Feng said angrily, it turned out to be a husky lying on Wen Feng’s body. Are you hungry again Seeing this erha, you look like you owe me money Wen Feng has a thought of throwing it out, I will get you food, don’t run around, don’t bite, don’t defecate anywhere Clearly Wenfeng rubbed his head and walked out.
Erha saw Wenfeng walking out and happily followed.
Wenfeng was born in an ordinary family in a coastal province.
His parents are just ordinary employees of the company.
Neither tall nor fat nor short nor thin Symmetry is studying at a local ordinary university that is on summer vacation. I have a crush on the department flower but dare not confess it, so I go away. It is said that it is ordinary but not ordinary. So Wen Feng will more or less come into contact with this gossip-like thing.
Looking at the note on the table, the parents have gone out again.
They have put in a lot of hard work for this family. Wen Feng sighed in his heart and had breakfast routine. I went to my parents’ bedroom and secretly took out the classical Chinese text in the book Duan Yi Tian Ji.
I have a headache looking at it, but fortunately there are translation tools on the Internet that can barely understand what is written on it.
Yue Guaguan Ghost Ding You Jin Chunji Chunping Parents Ding Hai Shui Qiu Ji Dongping There are still a lot of papers behind, I really don’t understand it, so I give up The phone rang, what are you doing, madman Wen? We agreed to ask a few buddies to go swimming today, why haven’t you arrived yet? I’m studying the essence of China thousands of years ago, just lost my voice, Fat Lord, I don’t care if you are smart or not, anyway, hurry up and die after saying goodbye, when will your temper change? Wen Feng sighed Wen Feng stared at this This book thought for a while and then put the book back Erha is not allowed to bite things at home. If you have nothing to do, you can find the little flower next door to play.
Wenfeng went home and went to the agreed place Wenfeng heard the sound and left, you can see a bunch of meat mountains taller than above, but the flesh on his body is completely a ball king Fatty, who else? Wenfeng asked, oh, they haven’t arrived yet Ah, Fatty Wang’s real name is Wang Quede, his classmates and friends call him Wang Quide, and once he got into a fight with someone, so it’s a violent temper. I said, are everything ready? Zhi, Zhang Huawei, and Liu Zijing are lacking in Germany.
Wen Feng heard that loud voice from afar, looked up, and the three people who were waiting were all here.
They all went to the same university as Wen Feng, or they were roommates. We usually make an appointment to play together this time. Ready to find some excitement, ready to swim in the sea.
The reason is that Fatty Wang heard that there are sometimes very beautiful beauties appearing there. The head of the three is named Liu Zijing. The family has a little money and looks good. He can be called a girl killer. A typical young girl with dark skin on the left. Exuding an oppressive aura, the man with exploding muscles is called Zhang Huawei. I heard that his father retired from the special forces and is now a fitness trainer. On the right is Jiang Zhi. This dude is sad and reminds women that he is very popular, but he doesn’t like any girls.
It’s quite miserable to like him, and he also specifically found Wen Feng and asked Wen Feng to show him his face Wen Feng can’t hide it, just tell him not to think about it when he is studying Jiang Zhi wants to cry without tears I don’t know why this happened It was spread on campus, which made Wenfeng famous. From then on, he got a nickname Master Wen. In the end, Wenfeng’s mentor told him not to spread feudal superstition, otherwise