glared at him angrily Youll be jealous Im really glad you dont admit it it doesnt matter Nie Mingxuan raised his eyebrows and chuckled with

The front foot was tragically abandoned by the phoenix man, and the second foot was proposed by the national husband It turned out to be three men in one play.
Prepare melon seeds and soda, grab the bench and sit in the front row. It’s such a big play. Chapter Lin Chapter Qin Baozhu never thought that Cheng Wanli asked her to meet because she wanted to break up with her. She had just paid her salary today and she was full of money and planned to invite Cheng Wanli to eat delicious food in the evening, so when she received his call in the afternoon, she was in a very happy mood. Cheng Wanli asked her to meet at seven o’clock in the evening, Qin Baozhu casually said that she wanted to eat steak tonight, and set the date for the two at the Miluo Western Restaurant, and Cheng Wanli did not show any strangeness on the phone at the Miluo Western Restaurant It is one of the best high-end western restaurants in Zhangjiang City. The environment is quiet, elegant and romantic.
It is a very suitable place for dating. Of course, apart from the expensive price, Qin Baozhu was talking on the phone when Qin Baozhu arrived. Yinglang raised his eyebrows slightly. Li Quan couldn’t hide his smile, seeing that she came, he hung up the phone in a hurry, smiled at her, what do you want to eat? Cheng Wanli seemed extraordinarily generous today, and didn’t even say a word about Qin Baozhu choosing such a place to eat. Baozhu knew that his family was poor since he was a child, and he has always been very frugal in food and clothing. Even now that he is no longer financially strapped, she still hates this kind of behavior that costs almost half a month’s salary for a meal, so she automatically interprets that he did not have a seizure today. It’s the love and tolerance for her.
While flipping through the menu, she secretly thought in her heart that if she secretly settled the bill later, Cheng Wanli knew what kind of expression she would have in the future. She just wanted to have a good time with Cheng Wanli. After finishing a meal, delicious food can keep her foodie happy, so she doesn’t care too much about male self-esteem.
At this moment, Cheng Wanli suddenly raised his head and looked at Qin Baozhu, his eyes darkened, as if he had done something Baozhu, like a major decision, this is the last time I will treat you to dinner, this meal will be regarded as a break up meal Qin Baozhu suddenly raised his head from the menu, his expression was confused, as if he didn’t understand Cheng Wanli’s words, the moment his eyes met Cheng Wanli’s The voice is deep and deep Baozhu, let’s break up Qin Baozhu squeezed the menu with his fingers slightly tightened and blurted out why we are not suitable If you want to choose the most common reasons for breaking up in the world, then this sentence must be on the list Qin Baozhu put down the menu in his heart Can’t tell what it’s like, to tell the truth, she also secretly thought that judging them by secular standards is indeed an inappropriate couple. In terms of family background, wealth, fame and status, Cheng Wanli is far below her level, and even A qualified husband candidate is not even considered.
If she brings him home as a boyfriend in the future, let alone grandpa, I am afraid that he will be furious.
Even the brother’s test was sad, but she just liked him from the first time she saw him, so she didn’t tell him her real identity, wanting to have the feelings of ordinary people like this, Qin Baozhu couldn’t think of being ordinary People have the troubles of ordinary people, and all their passions are exhausted in trivial matters such as firewood, rice, oil and salt. The ordinary girl he plays is still no match for the cruel reality.
Cheng Wanli never thought that Qin Baozhu would be so calm. In his understanding, Qin Baozhu It’s like a spoiled young lady who is self-willed, savage and bad-tempered. If she doesn’t like her, she will lose her temper with him. Every time he has to coax her for a long time to coax her well, so before coming In his mind, he imagined countless scenes after he told the breakup, pleading, cursing, swearing, and rolling, but he never thought that the situation before him would happen.
The more uncertain, but the words have already been spoken, he can only bite the bullet and continue to talk. In fact, we have only been together for more than two months.
We don’t know each other very well.
Now it’s good for both of us to be apart, and the kind of life you want.
I can’t afford it. Cheng Wanli paused and raised his head to meet Qin Baozhu’s eyes.
His eyes are extremely sincere.
Baozhu, you deserve a better man. Stop wasting time on me.
In the initial shock and surprise, it’s not that she didn’t want to ask to keep this man, but the more she listened to it later, the more she felt that there was no need for it.
Who is Qin Baozhu? Although most of these men are aimed at her family’s family status and wealth, they may not really love her. Although she likes Cheng Wanli, but she wants her to give up her pride and humbly go to keep a man who is determined to leave her. Qin Baozhu’s mind momentarily Flying five big characters, I can’t do what you said, I really deserve a better man, I don’t need to waste time on you anymore Cheng Wanli was slightly startled, it seems that he didn’t expect Qin Baozhu’s attitude today to be so straightforward, a bit uncomfortable Like the usual clingy little girl, the cell phone on the table rang suddenly Qin Baozhu realized that he had changed the ringtone of the cell phone that he specially set for him, and now the ringtone is a cello piece with a cheerful rhythm, which sounds very familiar Picking up the phone, seeing the word Ye Shanshan flashing on the caller ID on the screen, hastily pressed the answer button, hummed perfunctorily for a few times, and then said, I’ll take care of things here, then hang up the phone and order food tonight You can order whatever you want