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Chapter 1 Hydrangea from Heaven Chen E shook his head after waking up, opened his eyes, and was surprised to see himself riding on a big white horse, wearing a big red robe and hat with palace flowers in front of him. Someone even chanted in a weird voice, saying that the emperor of the Tang Dynasty personally bestowed the number one scholar on a horse and paraded through the streets for three days. The streets were crowded with people all dressed in ancient costumes, waving their hands enthusiastically, and some girls blushed and exclaimed that the number one scholar is good. Jun, isn’t he dead? Chen E remembers clearly that he was a township cadre, and it took him 20 years to work from a family planning worker outside the establishment to an administrative staff, and then from a section member to a deputy section-level cadre, that is, the deputy township head. Already in his 40s, working at the grassroots level for 20 years, the whole person has been tempered into a hob meat, with a general belly upright, can drink about two cups with anyone Nonsense, playing cards, winning or losing You deliberately practiced a few songs that must be sung Every time I go to a song, I am shocked all four I still love to dance ballroom dancing with my female colleagues Always smile at the leader Secretly but carefully plan He is satisfied with the status quo and loses the motivation to move forward Seeing his whole life like this Unexpectedly, there was an accident in the sky, and the accidental death occurred in a poverty alleviation project.
Looking back on that incident, Chen E secretly thought that he would not die.
It was raining and he was driving up the mountain.
When he passed a pass that only allowed one car to pass, there was a thunderous muffled sound in front of him.
There was a sound, and when I looked up, I saw rainwater carrying mud and rocks rolling down the mountain road. Based on years of working experience in mountainous areas, I judged that this was a precursor to a mudslide outbreak.
Chen E originally planned to step on the brakes and abandon the car to escape, but because of panic, he stepped on the accelerator by mistake. The car rushed up the mountain road like an arrow from the string, and a stone rolled and fell, hit the front cover of the car, stopped the car, and then flicked it to the side, and got stuck between the car and the mountain wall. The car was stuck and couldn’t move. Unable to open it, I can only watch in despair as the oncoming mudslide submerges the body of the car, and then there is nothing, and then I have passed through and become a champion man. Feeling the young body, Chen E immediately stepped out of the shadow of death, and even returned. He was a little happy that his parents had both died of illness and had no future because of work, and the poverty alleviation cadres were still homeless sooner or later. A majestic and mechanical voice sounded, Chen Eru, regardless of himself, tried his best to block the gap of the mountain torrent, and bought precious five minutes for the downstream villagers to evacuate.
You sacrificed yourself for the timely evacuation of more than 300 people in the village.
The times when people’s hearts are depraved and morals are low are rare, so I will give you a rebirth. I will give you a moral exchange panel.
I hope you will be self-aware. Remember, what is the rebirth system? Open the panel in my mind The panel is blank and there is a prompt to open the panel needs to consume ten moral points Your moral value is zero and you can’t open it, please get the moral value first to get it There are two ways to do good deeds, and the other is to be appreciated and praised by others or bring joy to others. According to the size of the incident and the status of the other party, the moral value can be obtained. I have worked as a township cadre for a lifetime. Is this what I am good at? So Chen E was thinking to himself when he lifted his spirits, but there was a weird cry, a hydrangea hit me on the forehead, who hit me, Chen E just turned his head to look, when he heard the sound of flute and flute, he didn’t know where it came from The maids and concubines held their horses with smiles, one of them saluted and said congratulations, aunt, congratulations, aunt, you were hit by our girl’s hydrangea ball, another one shyly smiled and said, I want to teach my lord that my family is the name of the girl in the residence of the prime minister, Lord Yin.
Wen Jiao, also known as Man Tang Jiao Duan, is the beauty of the country and the fragrance of the sky. My uncle is really a blessing. Is it Yin Kaishan who is the Prime Minister of Yin? Why is Wen Jiao so familiar? Isn’t it Journey to the West? The name of calyx, Guangrui, the famous short-lived man and tragic figure handpicked by the Emperor Tang, could he have transmigrated into Tang Monk and his father? Shocked, those servants and concubines were already holding the reins of the horse, embracing left and right, regardless of Chen E’s protest, dragging the horse into the mansion involuntarily.
Married A red-faced old man strode out with an old lady Laughing and patting Prime Minister Yin Master Yin’s student didn’t agree, Chen E didn’t want to be a Tang monk, his father waved his hands and shouted Yin Kaishan smiled and winked, and immediately entered the mansion The drums are beating loudly, and the auspicious time is coming. My lord, follow us to change clothes. A few strong women rushed forward, took Chen E off the horse, pulled Chen E, and then ran to the side, even though women are quite strong.
Chen E couldn’t break free, and his voice was drowned out by the sound of the drums.
Just when he wanted to scold his mother, he came from Yin Kaishan’s joy points converted into moral points from Mrs.
Yin’s joy points converted into moral points.
There were two messages from his mind. Just like this, Chen E was interrupted and brought into a side room. A few healthy women quickly changed him into a groom’s crown, and then carried him to the lobby.
Yin Kaishan patted Chen E on the shoulder and laughed, “Nephew, you and I are both for you.” Weng son-in-law will find a good job for you in front of His Majesty, so that you can marry your daughter with peace of mind.
Chen E was about to speak, but found a hint of threat in Yin Kaishan’s eyes in his previous life. His temperament has crossed over to become the number one scholar in this life, and he is already half of the system