Girl do you stay or leave the voice of the bloody battle day It sounded in the air I left Zhanhuang Jieer without the slightest

The first chapter is the ancient martial arts continent, an ancient continent respected by martial arts Many blood witches fled in the mountains, were chased by soldiers, had nowhere to go, had no choice but to fight back when they were dying, and luckily wiped out the pursuers. At the age of twelve, he watched so many monsters devouring his people one by one, without a trace of fear on his face, his eyes were red with tears in his eyes, he watched a fierce man pull him away, and among the crowd, there were many weak children, old women, and every one of them.
A warrior of the Blood Witch tribe protected the highest-ranking wizard among the fleeing tribe. Holding a staff, he watched all the warriors fall with tears. Jackals, tigers, cheetahs, giant bears, and these carnivorous monsters frantically preyed on each of the Blood Witch warriors.
In an instant, many wild beasts rushed forward and devoured the felled warrior. The young man clenched his fist tightly and was extremely angry. Not only did the many wild beasts have no fear in front of them, but they had the idea of ​​rushing forward and desperately. The big man pulled the fast escape tree branches and scratched his clothes.
Leaving scars on the body why why did they kill us and even the beasts bullied us The young man looked very sad watching his relatives and clansman fall down one by one. The fact that he can survive until now is all due to their cowardice in exchange for their own lives. Cowardly, the hot blood in his heart was awakened and walked away for seven days and seven nights. There was a footprint on the sole of the foot and a bloodstain. The wound on the body was scratched by weeds and branches and began to ooze pus.
The pain did not make him frown numbly and fled out of the woods with the army. We went to a small mountain peak surrounded by overgrown weeds and saw that many of my clan members were separated. More than 10,000 people now only have more than 1,000 people left.
Most of them are old people, women and children.
The high priest is surrounded by wild beasts. What should we do? Ask the wizard The wizard dragged his old, thin and tired body to the highest rock on the top of the mountain, and saw that there were wild beasts at the foot of the mountain. Thousands of warriors surrounded children, old people and women and used their bodies to block the attack of wild beasts.
Many children, women and old people passed by several times. The torment of the day has passed out, and now the danger is at stake, they are still in a deep sleep, roaring, the young man saw his relatives and clansmen being bitten by wild beasts, and went crazy, he got a long sword, it was the sharp sword of a warrior who had just fallen, blood was boiling all over his body His eyes were already numb and bloodshot, he swung his sharp sword towards a tiger, the sword pierced the tiger’s forehead, but how could he be the tiger’s opponent at such a young age, the tiger was even more insane when he was injured, instantly threw the boy down, opened his bloody plate, bit his throat and roared at the boy Being thrown down, the sharp sword suddenly pierced into the tiger’s big mouth. The tiger scratched the body with deep claw marks.
Blood sprayed out of the thin body. Since the tiger was thrown down, the tiger was killed regardless of the pain, and the tiger pulled out the long sword. The dying tiger The paws kept sweeping back pieces of bloody flesh torn off, the young man was covered in blood, his face was pale and he seemed to have no pain at all.
Feeling like a zombie, the crazy tiger struggled for a while without any sense of body, and died. The wizard saw this and chanted a spell to save him.
Seeing the boy struggle and climb up after the tiger died, it was so terrifying. He was injured, he was still alive, and he could still stand up.
The boy added a dry, bloody lip, swung his sword again, and charged at a cheetah again, roaring. The cheetah soared up and bit the boy’s arm, and its sharp claws penetrated into his fragile and thin body. The boy showed ferociousness. The sharp sword pierced through the neck of the cheetah viciously.
The cheetah screamed and threw the boy into the wild beasts. After struggling for a while, the long sword was still stuck in the neck of the back of the head, poor boy. Killing a tiger and a cheetah in such a small way is incredible Roaring, a giant bear roared and screamed pitifully, one eye was bleeding, a small hand was inserted into the giant bear’s eye, the pain caused the giant bear to sway violently, and the boy was thrown out.
When they came back, they fell into the crowd and fell into the crowd.
The sleeping old men, women and children were awakened by the blood splashed by him. They were very tired and fell asleep automatically as soon as they could sit down. When they woke up, they all looked desperate when they saw the situation around them. Injured, he stood up abruptly and roared like a wild beast. Crazy, he pounced on the wild beasts again, opened his small mouth, and bit a jackal’s ear, but the jackal bit his throat first, but his small hand caught one of the jackals. One eye snapped out.
Chapter 2 The tenacious and unyielding will. The jackal roared in pain and threw him back.
He fell to the ground, his hands and feet kept trembling. I don’t know what force he got up suddenly and jumped into the herd again.
Old people, women, children, and wizards trembled. The look of astonishment is incredible, so many wounds, the body that has been ravaged by so many beasts should already be dead, why is he still alive and continues to fight against the beasts? Everyone went crazy, everyone got up and fought with the beast.
An elderly man stood up, his frail and thin body trembling, picked up a sharp sword beside him, and rushed towards the beast. A group of weak old people, women and children were scared and huddled together at this moment.
They also forgot to be afraid. One after another, they picked up stones and sharp swords to attack the beasts. Their attacks were useless after all, their strength was too small, but their courage was commendable. The beasts rushed at the warriors one by one without fear.
The paw warriors meet the old women they protect