Getting into his brain made him have a splitting headache Zhao Jinxin slowly raised his face stared at Li Shuo with scarlet eyes and whispered

This relationship that started with carpe gratification gradually evolved into a battle of heart and soul without bloodshed. They distrust each other but are attracted to each other. Between suspicion and temptation, they constantly challenge each other’s bottom line.
Take Who Seriously This article is an additional legacy and a sissy-related article. The characters in the two books will play a supporting role and play soy sauce. The main character, Li Shuo, Zhao Jinxin. It has evolved into a bloodless battle of heart and soul.
They do not trust each other but are attracted to each other.
Between suspicion and temptation, they constantly challenge each other’s bottom line.
They are sober, slumped, emotional, and finally trapped themselves. This article is a continuation of the author. The author uses precise language to vividly and accurately portray the two protagonists who are at odds with each other. With the progress of the plot, readers can’t help but guess whether this emotional game full of calculations and tricks like a game can be successful after both losers. Chapter Li, Yours The plane has already started to check in. You can go there anytime. Li Shuo, who was taking a nap, opened his eyes and nodded to the waiter in the lounge, thanking him. With a briefcase on his arms and a suit jacket hanging on his arms, he walked towards the boarding gate with long legs and bowed his head to send a text message to someone. Cheng Xiu went to work, brother Li, are you still on the plane? You are boarding the plane. What are you doing? I’m sorting it out.
The report will take off in a while.
If you can’t turn it on for more than ten hours, will you miss me? Li Shuo thought that the person on the other end of the phone would definitely look uncomfortable and maybe even blush. He couldn’t help but smile and came back after a while.
A message can be thought of.
Across the phone, Li Shuo can describe the cautious and shy expression of the other party when he typed these three words.
He was in a good mood.
After getting on the plane, he finally gave a few instructions before turning off the phone. The stewardess took him to the first row of seats. Tian smiled and asked Mr. Li, please take your hand luggage, I will help you put it in the luggage rack, thank you, I will do it myself, Li Shuo took out his notebook and put the briefcase in the luggage rack. The design of the luggage rack is very deep groove.
The briefcase slipped to the inside, and he suddenly remembered that he forgot to take the earphones.
Even at his height, he had to straighten his body and stretch his arms to reach the small interlayer on the back of the briefcase.
This is what Zhao Jinxin saw when he got on the plane. In one scene, a tall and healthy man wearing black trousers and a navy blue shirt is poking half his head into the luggage rack looking for something. This posture makes the man straighten his chest and lean back, showing tight chest muscles. The concave curve is deliberately emphasized.
The line connecting the buttocks to the thighs is straight and round. The long legs stretched out against the tailored trousers are perfect like sculptures, making people have countless reveries. Zhao Jinxin raised his eyebrows and suddenly felt a little emotional Restless can’t help but start to look forward to this What kind of face does a man with such an attractive figure have? Li Shuo finally got the headphone cable and stuck his head out.
Turning around, he saw a very tall young man standing at the cabin door.
He was slightly taken aback. Then he came back to his senses and felt sorry for blocking you. He secretly laughed at himself, what kind of good-looking men and women have never seen before, how could he be stunned today? He, Li Shuo, was stunned. Apart from his impeccable figure and facial features, his pair of slightly squinted peach blossom eyes were so romantic and affectionate that he seemed to be able to see through people with a single glance. He really has a monstrous appearance.
Zhao Jinxin smiled and said it’s okay. He is so excited now that he can hardly hide it on the surface.
It’s as if he found an extremely luxurious treasure chest.
Before he opened it, he expected countless times to imagine what kind of treasure was hidden in it.
After opening it, it was even better than he imagined. Several times, this is the unprecedented wonderful experience and gorgeous fantasy that this strange man gave him in just ten seconds, and they don’t even know him. Many people say that Zhao Jinxin has a strange taste, obviously he is a son who responds to everyone, but he doesn’t like fresh and tender boys. Children prefer uncles. He doesn’t think so.
Young and good-looking are all over the place.
What’s so strange, but after years of tempering and polishing, they will not be desecrated by the changes of the world, but will precipitate a mature charm and a mellow style. Every word, every smile exudes the gift of experience. Steady and self-restraint can stand the harsh torture of time to show the value of treasures.
At this age, if a man grows up to this appearance, he is the best of the best. After sitting down, Li Shuo found that the young man was still looking at him.
His eyes were a little presumptuous since he was sensible There are too many people who have a crush on him. He has already calmed down.
Zhao Jinxin walked over, stretched out his hand and smiled and said hello. He shook Li Shuo’s hand lightly, he put his luggage and sat down generously, Li Shuo couldn’t help but feel a little happy, I’m afraid everyone has imagined that there is a pleasing object sitting next to him on the plane, the mileage he has flown in the sky in his life It’s enough to go around the earth several times, but it’s the first time I have such luck. The beautiful coincidence can make people feel a little relieved when facing a long-distance flight. Living in Li Shuo Road in China, your parents also live in New York for a long time, I am running around busy, Zhao Jinxin grinned, and looked at Li Shuo with bright eyes without blinking.
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