Get well grow up quickly and then come and fight me oneonone knowing that she cant beat Zhang Luoluo now so the little girl didnt

I’m going to surrender now because I won’t be shot Babababa hungry Nini wants to eat rice Baba you let mom out to cook, okay Nini hungry In a dilapidated wooden house in a small village in the deep mountains, there is a dirty girl But the little girl with delicate facial features is currently pulling with her own little hands.
Last night, she wrestled and hit the threshold.
Her father, who has not gotten up until now, is yelling hard that she is hungry. Maybe the little girl’s yelling worked.
It may be that the pain of the impact has been relieved. After reaching out and pressing his aching and heavy head, the little girl’s father supported the ground with his hands and sat up slowly from the ground. However, he sat up after sitting up.
But I casually said something that made the little girl feel a little question mark on her head, come to Axi, I must have drunk two bottles of fake wine, why does my head hurt like hitting a wall? If I die, I won’t come to this broken hotel to spend money.
Nini is hungry. Let mom out to cook for Nini, okay? Although I don’t understand what dad said just now, my stomach is already flattened by hunger. Encouraged by hunger, the little girl summoned up her courage again and went forward to pull her father’s clothes and whispered that she was hungry. Hearing what the little girl said, the little girl’s father, who was covering his head, looked directly at him. She asked with a dazed face, is it wrong for my little sister to call other people’s fathers? And why are you so dirty? How long has it been since you took a shower? Your parents are not at home. Where is this? How could I be here? In the middle of the conversation, Han Qingjun, who was originally the little girl’s father, traveled from the earth at this time, was directly confused by the scene in front of him and his own clothes. Han Qingjun is known as the most beautiful in the Chinese entertainment circle for thousands of years A singer with a golden voice, his voice can turn mediocre songs into classics, and it can also make classic songs even more classic. However, it is precisely because of his good voice and the fact that he often covers other people’s songs that Han Qingjun became popular.
This also offended a lot of people in the entertainment circle. He even added a few titles for it, such as the original singer’s strangler, cover singer, etc. The defamatory titles are precisely because of offending people, right? Han Qingjun in recent times I often receive revenge from others, especially yesterday’s revenge was particularly terrifying. Yesterday was the birthday of Han Qingjun’s girlfriend who had been dating for seven years. He prepared a private room, champagne, a ring, and a luxury car for it.
The real estate certificate is ready and everything is ready for the proposal. The reason why he chose to propose on this day is because Han Qingjun is tired of living alone in the entertainment industry.
He plans to end the long-distance love run with his girlfriend. He plans to cultivate with his girlfriend.
Zhengguo then both quit the entertainment industry together and went to get married and have children for the rest of their lives.
It’s just that things are impermanent. What Han Qingjun never imagined was that his girlfriend, who is usually obedient to him, would bring him directly on the day he planned to celebrate her birthday. made an idea Unexpected surprise, Han Qingjun’s girlfriend was very straightforward in her words and actions. She took a fat man who was said to be a cutting-edge director into the private room.
After Han Qingjun didn’t wait for him to speak, she said to him first. Han Qingjun, from this moment on we broke up.
This is the end of my new boyfriend and our fate.
After the goodbye, she didn’t wait for Han Qingjun’s answer, and she didn’t ask her new boyfriend to leave harsh words. She just pulled her new boyfriend and turned away, leaving only Han Qingjun alone.
The person was in a daze in the private room, then went crazy, smashed things and drank, and in the end he directly drank himself and hung up. After recalling his previous life, Han Qingjun patted his still aching head to wake up, but his mind was He was given an extra memory that terrified him. This memory came from his predecessor, his predecessor. The memory before the age of twenty-five was blank, but after the age of twenty-five, he did a big thing, which is enough to make the present As soon as Han Qingjun crossed over, he went straight in and sat in a cell for ten or twenty years.
The big thing was that when he was 25 years old, he was wandering around in the streets and was accidentally dragged by some gangsters to make up for it. He was a kidnapper once, and what he did at that time was to help keep the hostages in check, and then he was responsible for taking the hostages away or releasing them when the other party gave them money.
Suddenly it doesn’t work.
He didn’t choose to split the money or even contact those bastards again.