Get out all the spirit stones and let us let you live Su Muyun looked at the seven people who suddenly appeared pretended to panic

A Girl Scavengers in the Workshop Chapter 1 A Girl Scavengers in the Workshop A few white clouds are slowly floating above the blue sky like washing The bustling Nanli City at the foot of Taixuan Mountain stood quietly as usual, and the atmosphere blended with a bit of elegance.
The Nanli City Suzaku Square was bustling with many people selling jade artifacts. Although they were all of extremely low quality, they came and went. Pedestrians are still enjoying it, although mortals cannot cultivate immortals, but it does not hinder their enthusiasm for cultivating immortals. Therefore, there are always many people wandering in the market with admiration for the immortals in the clouds, hoping to exchange for a piece of spiritual jade or a broken piece. In the warm sunshine, a fifteen- or sixteen-year-old girl is bouncing around in the street, and with a smile on the ground, she picks up the waste jade that others don’t want.
Waste jade is jade that has lost its aura, this kind of jade is as obscure as stubborn stone, it is not as good as ordinary jade, but the girl treats this waste jade like a treasure and jumps happily.
The daughter of the Su family came out to pick up waste again. The poor child was born in the Su family, but he is a miscellaneous spirit root or a concubine.
The situation is worse than that of ordinary children. An old man in his 50s smiled wryly and shook his head. The daughter of the Su family is a good-hearted and cheerful one who has grown up, but his life is not good.
Well, he feels sorry in his heart, but he is just a mortal, and he can’t be busy.
How come the daughter of the Su family hasn’t come out to pick up waste? I don’t know if this girl’s brain is broken. What’s the use of waste jade? Everyone is as kind-hearted as an old man.
A mean woman in her thirties cast a contemptuous glance at Su Muyun and said, “You mean woman is just jealous of his youth and beauty. Don’t forget that you are a mortal, but she is a miscellaneous.” The spirit root is much more noble than you. The person who spoke was a young man in his twenties, who was just hot-blooded.
This girl is fifteen years old this year. She was born in a low-level immortal cultivating family in Zhuquefang, and she is a fifth-grade miscellaneous spirit root family. How much do you expect this girl to marry when she becomes an adult? In exchange for some meager benefits for the family, the miscellaneous spiritual roots can give birth to children with spiritual roots. What do these fools know? This useless jade is the real treasure.
The girl secretly laughed The girl’s name is Su Muyun, she is the daughter of the concubine of the Su family, but at the same time she has another identity. The world has become an eight-year-old child. Although Su Muyun is a branch of the Su family, his parents died early, so his status in the Su family is slightly higher than that of a servant, but lower than ordinary children.
The Su family is a cultivator family.
Most of the disciples have spirits Gen’s sixteen sons and eight daughters in this life are miraculously all possessing spiritual roots. Among them, Su Muyun’s lowest is a fifth-grade miscellaneous spiritual root. Yes Su Muyun’s residence opened the door and entered the room.
Su Muyun grinningly piled up a basket of waste jades he had collected on the ground, and grinningly grasped the waste jades one by one in his hands. Immediately after a strange thing happened, those waste jades were in Su Mu Su Muyun disappeared out of thin air in the hands of the cloud.
Ever since she traveled through the world seven years ago, Su Muyun has discovered that there is a mysterious space in the depths of her mind. At the beginning, the mysterious space was only Zhang Xu Fangyuan. As Su Muyun grew older, it became bigger and bigger in her mind. At the age of twelve, the growth finally stopped. From Zhang Xu’s exaggerated radius to an area of ​​one square kilometer. In this mysterious space, there is a small pool of crystal clear aura, dense and quiet, and the whole space is filled with a sense of compulsion.
Aura of human beings. Accidentally, Su Muyun put a piece of waste jade into that space, and another time, that piece of jade was thrown into the small pool by accident, but the result made Su Muyun ecstatic, the waste that had already lost its aura.
The jade was actually completed in a small pool in just a few hours, and it was completed into a piece of low-grade spirit stone that has not been used at all. Spirit stones are divided into upper, middle, lower, and top-grade. However, the waste jade picked up in the shop is all low-grade jade. Even Su Muyun in the small pool in the mysterious space ended up returning to his origins and became a low-grade spirit stone.
At the beginning, Su Muyun was worried that the small pool in the mysterious space would dry up due to the infusion of spiritual energy, but the small pool seemed to be connected.
Generally, no matter how much waste jade Su Muyun puts into it, Wangyang Abyss can accept it as ordered.
After a while, these waste jades will become the original low-grade spirit stones.
There was a knock at the door, what happened? Su Muyun hastened to calm down and cut off the connection between her spirit and the mysterious space in her mind.
In this world of cultivating immortals, everything is possible.
I’m sure someone will discover her secret.
If those blood-sucking pests in the family find out, what will happen? It’s absolutely unimaginable.
Miss Fifteen, the patriarch summoned you to the front hall to serve as a servant. Su Muyun’s mood suddenly became very bad.
If it wasn’t for the fact that the family punished traitors too severely, Su Muyun would have wanted to escape a long time ago. This cold family is full of conflicts of interest.
Hearing the patriarch calling Su Muyun, he couldn’t help but think back to the rumors he heard years ago, he wants to marry me in exchange for a jade workshop away from home. Came to the door of the front hall and waited for the patriarch to be summoned. Entering the front hall, Su Muyun realized that if you counted the sixteen sons and eight daughters of the Su family of his own generation, all of them had arrived, it seemed that something major had happened.
After seeing the ceremony, the elders bowed their heads obediently and stood in the most inconspicuous position in the last row of the children.
These brothers and sisters are all snobbish, so Su Muyun doesn’t want to make that boring. Su Qingyue, the head of the Su family, is cold and serious. sound