Geng Daming actually looked at Feng Yufang and said Be my girlfriend After saying this the whole person froze immediately followed by a burst of

The simple work shed built was smoky, the workers squatted here and there, one by one, their clothes were worn out, everyone’s face was blank, holding a knife in hand, Geng Daming knew that he had an adventure, and there was a lot of knowledge in his head, which could be obtained. Let’s count the romantic figures and look at the infrastructure of the great country at present. The author’s custom label is determined. Rebirth in the workplace Chapter 1 is a mess. The improvised simple work shed is full of smoke.
Geng Daming knew that he could not be said to be purely reincarnated, he should have been reincarnated on a person named Geng Daming who was never married All the energy has been put into the research, although he is not outstanding in all aspects, but he belongs to the kind of man who knows all kinds of things, and his knowledge is at the middle level. He is old and even works in the National Science and Technology Archives. In this situation, some beliefs have collapsed.
The original owner of the body is a college student at school. Before the reform and opening up, the father secretly engaged in speculative business.
Later, he saved some money and took advantage of the southern tour to speak.
He started to work hard. I don’t know why. He borrowed a large amount of money and invested it in the construction of the road.
Now Geng Daming knows some things. The country is building five vertical and seven horizontal roads. There is a project with a five-kilometer bid section that was actually taken by the father of the body.
I borrowed a large sum of money and wanted to do a big job, but it was only during the construction that I discovered that the geological conditions in this area were very special. The collapse was very serious.
Various methods could not be used to solve the problem. I just went there in a hurry There is no one in the family who can make up their minds. Everyone can only call Geng Daming back.
Unexpectedly, Geng Daming fainted from fright when he heard that his father owed a large sum of money to the bank. Geng Daming also has an unreal feeling, what should the little boss do now? While Geng Daming was meditating, the voice of inquiry pulled him back to his consciousness and looked at these miscellaneous soldiers again.
Geng Daming adjusted After a while, I asked what kind of situation it would be if I quit now, Daming, your dad has a loan of two million in the bank, and if it still doesn’t pay off, a person from the village who came together worriedly said yes, project. Some of the machinery and equipment cost almost all the money. Now those equipment can’t be sold at a high price.
For a while, everyone talked to each other and went to the construction site to have a look. Geng Daming stood up and walked out of the house. Geng Daming’s heart was a little confused for a while, he really didn’t know what to do.
Geng Daming knew that the south had become a hot land, and it was the time for him to make great achievements. But as an old intellectual, Geng Daming couldn’t bear to see how helpless these people were. As soon as he walked outside the house, Geng Daming suddenly felt the sun shining on his body, the hot weather was extremely hot, and thatch was overgrown everywhere. A construction team was in this difficult place, and a large row of asphalt felt houses became everyone’s camp. Sitting on the liberation vehicle, the dirt road stretched forward, and after a while, they arrived at the construction site.
Wei’s fellow villager pointed at a group of people in front of him from afar and said.
In this era, there is no company.
Most of them are called by a certain bureau.
The car stopped in front of people. Mr.
Zhou, this is our little boss, Geng Daming.
Geng Wei introduced it.
He cast his eyes on Geng Daming. The middle-aged man called Mr. Zhou looked at Geng Daming with some scrutiny, and then said, “You guys are doing construction.
” I almost know the situation of the team. Although your father is dead, the project can’t be delayed. Just as you are here, Captain Ning is here, so I’ll ask if you can do it. If you can’t do it, Captain Ning and his construction team will take over. Yes, Xiao Geng, your father and I are also acquaintances. I am also saddened by his death, but this road construction is related to the overall strategic situation of the country. I feel that it is impossible to continue to do it now with your ability.
Or you, Uncle Ning, will pick it up.
This job doesn’t need Geng Wei’s introduction. Geng Daming can tell at a glance that Captain Ning wants to win the bid and push his engineering team away.
Zhou frowned as he looked at the collapsed area and didn’t participate in the conversation. As the person in charge, he The chief engineer and the following chief engineer also came to this place many times to study the solution, but there was no good solution, which also made him feel uneasy. Captain Ning looked at Mr. Zhou and then at Geng Daming, Xiao Geng, it’s not a good job to do engineering If your dad is around, you may be able to do simple things. If you don’t understand anything, it’s better for you, Uncle Ning, to take over. Look at the technicians your dad hired to come to me.
For a while, you can’t find a technician.
Ah, seeing Captain Ning’s complacent look, and then thinking about the fact that his team had really poached a few skilled people away. Geng Daming knew that he had premeditated his actions, but Geng Daming didn’t go there.
Talking to Captain Ning, he walked up to Mr. Zhou and said, Mr.
Zhou, I would like to report to you the way I dealt with the collapse of this slope. Mr. Zhou looked at Geng Daming curiously.
In fact, considering the situation of Geng Daming’s construction team The purpose of Mr. Zhou’s arrival this time is very clear, that is, he plans to change the construction team. After all, the progress of the construction of this road is related to the progress of the entire project.
If the chain is lost here, it will also have an impact on the overall situation. When Captain Ning found him, he was also moved.
As for how to deal with the construction problems here, they also have a new idea, that is, to revise the construction plan, if it fails, they will increase the cost and strip the whole mountain down.
Pointing to the collapsed place, Geng Daming said, Mr.
Zhou, please look