Genes that can’t be bought Jack Ma can make himself handsome and live forever As long as his money is still in Monsanto’s customers are

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The author of Xiaoqi School.
The man who races against time writes before the new book The first desire to write was at that time when he was obsessed with Hemingway. From this house you can see the mountains across the river and the plains Youths of literature will recognize this as the text at the beginning of Farewell to Arms Of course the youth’s novel has not been written The first novel that begins with that late summer after twenty-two years is really real This is what the time traveler has been writing since he started writing on the Internet in 2018. He has been running on the road and has never rested.
I have been thinking about what the next book should look like.
Taking stock of previous works, the Iron Age is unrestrained.
Literary youths have accumulated many years of gushing works.
Post-travel network novels in the cloak of history, coupled with a second pseudo-historical Wulin Empire, also known as the Lost Dynasty, so that I am not very proficient in history, so I labeled it as writing history.
I remember blood rewards. I once said that a famous author can’t be called a great god because a million-level word count will drain all the accumulation and passion of the author. In fact, this sentence has been fulfilled in me.
An author’s curtain call was silent. At that time, I was already old and still had nothing to do.
I had insomnia every night.
In a desperate situation, I had a third book of transformation. Usually, editors do not recommend or even strongly oppose the author’s transformation. That is, changing channels from history to urban channels. The probability is extremely high, not to mention that it has a specious and literary name.
Everyone knows that the Orange Age is so red. My label has also changed from post-time travel to the so-called urban godfather.
Godfather or not. But the Age of Orange and Red is indeed a rare and good book, a contemporary online novel that criticizes realism. It can be said that this book has truly achieved me.
There will be no more Liu Ziguang after Orange and Red. It can appear in the follow-up works as a character and a spiritual idol, so there is a fourth book of Guoshi Wushuang. Guoshi Wushuang is a historical novel in the true sense and it is full of thunder points. Thank you for the tolerance of the website and thank the editor for your support. The early modern historical novels have survived. Almost all of the restricted areas of online articles have been involved in everything from what should be written to what should not be written.
After finishing this book, I can tell others without shame that I have written historical novels from history. Coming out of the dust The story is still unfolding in Jiangdong Province, my fictional literary kingdom Liu Ziguang’s cousin Chen Zikun’s distant grandson Liu Handong brazenly appeared on the stage and staged the story of a black car driver and a little Lolita This is a repetition and an evolution based on the Orange Age relatively The former is mature, but Liu Handong does not seem to be as popular as his cousin. In the ending part, he is affected by realistic factors, and he still has a little regret. After three months of rest, a new work will be released soon. It makes sense. During this period of time, I conceived the outline and logical main line of the new book in detail, and even wrote a more detailed outline.
You must know that all previous works have no outline. Only a vague main line can move forward with confidence and write an outline.
In fact, it is better than nothing. The Traveler is a very special book. At least I have never seen such a type of book. It can organically integrate all the characters and events of the era I want to express and describe to form a complete story.
In a simple sentence, yes. I want to write something so it will definitely look good. It is still the story of the old Liu family.
The protagonist is named Liu Yanzhi. This name comes from the name of Lu Yanzhi, the designer of the Zhongshan Memorial Hall, which I saw during a social inspection in Guangzhou at the beginning of the year. It also reminds me of the Five Generations. Gun Wang Yanzhang thus chose this rather old-fashioned name, but this time he is not related to Liu Ziguang and Liu Handong. It is another brand new story and characters. Of course, it cannot escape the shadow of the previous books. It is as mature as Jin Yong’s works in a series. The background and characters of the story are the wedges of a fortune that can be taken directly.
It was very hot in the late summer of that year.
Standing on the mound at the entrance of Xiaoying Village, you can see the flat-bottomed boats filled with yellow sand and coal slowly passing by the other side of the river in the distance. High-voltage transmission towers stand tall on the smoggy China Road, and heavy-duty trucks make the road uneven. Coal dust sprinkles on the leaves. The distribution stations and small restaurants on the roadside also maintain a gray image all year round.
Xiaoying Village is a combination of urban and rural areas in Omi With the rapid development of the city, the villages in the lower part of the city have turned the ring road into the third ring road. The natural village has also become a village in the city with a mixed population of floating people.
The sewage flows across the streets.
In the sky, various cables are densely packed like spider webs. Illegal buildings abound everywhere. In summer, the air-conditioning units in every household emit heat waves and the smell of public toilets on the street mixes together, making people dizzy. At dusk, a Wuling van with the name Xiaoying Sub-district Office on the door passes through the street.
The lama repeats monotonously and boringly the fire prevention and anti-theft propaganda. The shampoo room with the ambiguous red light on the roadside has just opened for business. The woman is dressed and sits behind the bead curtain and teases the passers-by who are in a hurry.
The restaurant is at a time when business is booming. The chef is here. The flames in the gas stove for cooking on the street are licking the blackened bottom of the pot. Peppers and twice-cooked pork are tumbling in the pot. Red-faced men sit under the simple sheds and try their hand at boxing games, making babies cry, cars honking, and vendors crowing. Everything is as usual. Man foresees a catastrophe to come