Fuck looking at the surrounding scenery that was quickly leaving him Ling Qingchen couldnt help but exclaimed Master why didnt you Come to catch me

I originally lived a filial life with my master on Qingyun Mountain, but when a woman who was reincarnated as an empress descended from Qingyun Mountain during a mountain opening ceremony, everything changed. The sound of the bell reverberated in the sky, so startled that the perched birds on the branches began to flutter around in a panic. Today is Qingyun Sect’s ten-year mountain opening ceremony. The ringing of the bell is calling all the sect members.
The elder who is in charge of the sect, the peak master, went to the mountain gate to accept apprentices at Qingchen Peak. A handsome figure in a flowing white dress was standing quietly on the top of the mountain, looking down at all the long hair like clouds of smoke below the mountain. Dancing with the wind, combined with his dusty temperament, he has a light and unrestrained aura that is confusing and fascinating, just like a banished fairy who has come out of poetry and painting.
A voice as cool as a silver bell suddenly sounded behind Ling Qingchen.
Looking back, he saw a man wearing a light white palace dress with a white gauze on his shoulders. A head of blue hair like a waterfall gently rolled up her face without a trace of makeup, but it could not conceal her peerless elegance. She was crossing her arms and said angrily that the woman in front of her was Ling Qingchen’s master Ning Qing Xueling Qingchen, am I here to let you urge me to practice? Unlike other traversers, the system awakened by Ling Qingchen through the world of comprehension is a passive system. Is that so, Master, should we go and have a look at this year’s mountain opening ceremony? Ling Qingchen looked at the bustling and lively mountain gate in the distance and asked yearningly, “Once upon a time, he was also one of the many people, if it wasn’t because of his good looks. After being caught by a beautiful teacher, he almost couldn’t even step through the mountain gate. It’s been a long time since I think of Ling Qingchen, and I still feel some palpitations in my heart. Why did you become a teacher in the past and not accept apprentices? Why do you want to go and see the new junior sisters? I want to see the junior sister from the previous session. A vague chill emanates from Ning Qingxue, but the expression on her face is still very lazy. Ling Qingchen has never been down the mountain since I went up the mountain. Even if I want to see the junior sister, Junior sister doesn’t recognize me either, Master, you’re kidding me again.
Disciple hasn’t been down the mountain since I went up the mountain, and I don’t know any junior sister Ling Qingchen laughed a few times and said, “What do you mean, Xiaochen? Could it be that you are blaming your teacher?” Letting you go down the mountain to meet your younger sister is not enough Ning Qingxue frowned slightly, looked at Ling Qingchen with unfriendly eyes and asked, “Ling Qingchen is not someone else’s novel. The protagonist has traveled to another world for more than a hundred years, and it is estimated that the children will have several litters to make soy sauce, so I will put it aside.
” On this mountain peak, I live a life of asceticism like a monk every day. The reason why my teacher doesn’t let you go down the mountain is for your own good.
Looking at Ling Qingchen sinking Ning Qingxue looked silent, and suddenly said with a bitter face, Xiaochen, what is your current cultivation? Ning Qingxue looked at Ling Qingchen with burning eyes and asked, Ling Qingchen, can’t we change the topic? Although Ling Qingchen has a system, but Because this system needs to be passive to trigger Ling Qingchen’s cultivation level is not as exaggerated as the upgrade of the “Pride of Heaven” in the novel. This is just a mere golden core realm, you must know that in our sect, there are golden cores walking everywhere, Yuanying is as numerous as dogs, how can you go down the mountain with this level of cultivation to compete with those heaven’s favored sons, if you are beaten outside If you are bullied, do you think being a teacher can help you beat him up to avenge you? The status of a teacher is here. It is absolutely impossible to attack a junior, so it is for your own good that a teacher does not let you go down the mountain.
Ah, Ning Qingxue patted Ling Qingchen’s shoulder earnestly and said, Jindan is walking everywhere, Yuanying is as numerous as dogs, our sect is so powerful, hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, Ling Qingchen’s eyes could not help but a flash of shock Why is this completely different from other people’s world of self-cultivation? This is a super-high martial art world of self-cultivation.
Is nature a teacher? Could it be possible to lie to you? Accompanied by the reverberation, there was an extremely fast stream of light, Master Ning, Junior Brother Ling, a figure dressed in white like Ling Qingchen, rode a crane from a distance and landed in front of Ling Qingchen and Ning Qingxue. People folded their hands and said, Senior Brother Su, I heard that you are the strongest of our class.
I don’t know, Senior Brother Su, how is your current cultivation level? Ling Qingchen is no stranger.
His real name is Su Chen.
He is a disciple of the same class as Ling Qingchen, but unlike Ling Qingchen, he is a true genius and a well-deserved leader of the new generation. At that time, when his talent was tested, colorful rays of light burst out, and he was picked up by the head of Qingyun Sect.
Became the master’s personal disciple at that time, it was a sensation in the audience at that time, why did nephew Ling Xian have something to report? Quickly said that when he heard Ling Qingchen’s question, Ning Qingxue couldn’t help but coughed lightly, interrupting what Su Chen was about to say The words said that Ling Qingchen couldn’t see Su Chen’s realm.
She, as a master, naturally could see it. Although Su Chen was an out-and-out genius with astonishing aptitude, his current realm was not much different from Ling Qingchen’s. In the middle stage of the first level of alchemy, it’s only a hundred and eight thousand miles away from Yuanying.