Fu Zimo brought Xiao Yi and Xiao Tong in order to recover quickly I finished eating if Ye Yuxuan hadn’t let him eat some before

Chapter 1: Rebirth of Pingyang City at the end of the world Ye Yuxuan collected a lot of supplies to welcome the arrival of the end of the world, but she never thought that when she was heading to the city, the train entered the thousand-meter tunnel, and when her eyes were dark, she traveled here inexplicably. The old green leather train did not leave a trace. Some people, men, women, young and old, are sitting in the carriage, with all kinds of clothing styles, Chinese tunic suits, padded jackets, military coats, sweaters, woolen coats, no matter whether it is a man wearing old patches, sallow, thin and honest, with his wife and children, or a sweater, woolen coat The trendy young men and women are all Ye Yuxuan, whom Ye Yuxuan has never seen before.
Listening to the big and small wives in the mottled carriages speaking in sub-standard Mandarin, they are talking about homely things. Ye Yuxuan is surprised but barely understands.
Why can’t she understand? Ye Yuxuan looks calm at this moment, but she is shocked, surprised, puzzled, and speechless.
All kinds of emotions are intertwined. It is conceivable that she is ready to deal with the coming of the apocalypse and is ready to survive the killing in the apocalypse.
She was panicked for a moment, but she calmed down quickly. Passengers, comrades, are arriving at Pingyang City Station.
Passengers who want to get off, please bring your luggage and prepare to get off. The train arrives at the station. Get off first, then get on, don’t be crowded. Pingyang City’s low-quality tweeters suppressed the voices in the carriage, and successfully brought Ye Yuxuan back to his senses. Where is Pingyang City? Ye Yuxuan has never heard of this place name, but she has already sat on the train.
It’s been nearly three hours.
The train is not the same as the bus. If you don’t get off, you can sit for a whole day along the line back and forth. If you don’t get off, you don’t know where the next place will be. Seeing the people who got off the train, Ye Yuxuan pondered for a few seconds.
Ye Yuxuan didn’t notice that when she got off the train, the man who had looked at her several times in the same carriage also got off here. The car, so the train station is generally not too small. She is wearing a long black woolen coat, black trousers, knee-high boots of the same color, a red top, and a well-styled chestnut curly hair on both sides. The delicate makeup on her face makes her even more beautiful.
Well, Ye Yuxuan attracted the attention of many people as soon as she got off the train. If it is said that the people who looked at her in the train compartment before had covered their eyes a little, pretending to be casual, secretly or enviously curious, then she got off the train platform.
Ye Yuxuan didn’t know that she was conspicuous, but she crossed over too suddenly. Besides, she saw yearning in the eyes of those who looked at her in the carriage. Jealousy, envy and amazement, but no other bad surprises or suspicious gazes.
From this, I can conclude that I am not out of the ordinary in such clothes. I can only say that I am novel, so I let others look at me calmly, and take back my gaze at the train station.
Ye Yuxuan looked again. Sweeping around casually, moving her slender legs away from the platform, it was already late autumn, but seeing her cold and indifferent gaze immediately made one feel like being in the middle of a cold winter night I couldn’t help shivering as well, wrapped the coat tightly around my body, and the chill on my body disappeared as the woman walked away. A passer-by secretly muttered something strange, but he didn’t think deeply about passing the platform and walked past the rows of waiting trains. The iron-red long wooden chair that the traveler sat on did not pay much attention to the people on the bench with different clothes and different expressions. He seemed to be indifferent and glanced at him casually, but he had already seen all the places he walked along the road. This time, Ye Yuxuan’s eyes were no longer at a loss and amazed before. The rough concrete wall began to be painted with green paint under the window sill, and the color was a little old.
It seemed that it had been a few years, and occasionally the paint fell off in some places, revealing the gray cement window under the paint. The four corners of the wooden windows and window glass are painted with iron red paint, and there are some spiral patterns. All of this is very different from the modern times that Ye Yuxuan has seen.
She seems to have traveled to an era that she has never experienced, an era that she has only seen on TV.
After a few glances at Ye Yuxuan, the surprise in her eyes was suppressed, and she walked out of the train station calmly, but when she left the station, she saw a person wearing a red armband who was sticking a notice of freshly baked goods on the bulletin board, and swept the red paper Ye Yuxuan’s complexion turned bright red when the date was written in black, and the black writing on the paper backing was even more conspicuous.
November 20, 1970 really came to the older generation that she had only seen on TV before. In the nostalgic era, some travelers who were picked up at the station were talking and laughing with their relatives and friends.
They carried their things to the bicycle management parking place, paid for the parking fee, found their own bicycle, unlocked it, rolled it out, and straddled it. The bicycle rider took the back seat with his feet.
Talking and laughing all the way away, Ye Yuxuan walked to the side of the road and stood still. The low and rhythmic sound of high-heeled shoes also stopped abruptly.
After turning a corner, she couldn’t tell how funny she was.
She thought about how to survive facing the apocalypse again, and also thought about how to get along with the kind man who defended her again after arriving in the city, how to support each other in the apocalypse, but she never thought about herself.
Will travel to this special time space. Ye Yuxuan can use Ye Yuxuan to travel through it.
I have tried it the first time. Inhaling another burst of cold air, the cold air penetrated into her heart and lungs, making her suddenly feel that she is alone, compared to before and now she is more like a lonely family than fighting with zombies, zombies, and mutant beasts in the last days, and she has to guard against the danger of survivors.
Want to come here The road ahead shouldn’t be difficult.
That’s why Ye Yuxuan seems to feel better in her heart, but she can’t help but feel a little bit bitter when she thinks of the man who protects herself in the last days and even lost his life for her.