Fu only glanced at her and asked her in a low voice why did it take so long Come over Yun Mujin whispered I haven’t

Chapter 1 Traveling back to the time before the liberation, sisters, sisters and children made a series of noises, which made the thin girl lying on the wooden bed frowned. The next moment she opened her clear eyes, and when she saw the yellow and thin boy lying beside the bed, she froze. She shrank back, and then the girl felt a pain in her brain like a pinprick. Memories flooded in. Seeing my sister woke up, the young boy Lin An shrugged and held the girl’s hand and said coquettishly, sister, you finally woke up. Erlang is so hungry. Hold down the temple with one hand calmly, turn the other hand over, Lin An patted the back of his hand twice comfortingly He nodded heavily, turned around and ran out. Lin Hui heaved a sigh of relief, sorting out the memories that suddenly appeared in his mind, and looking at the dilapidated room. This was Lin Hui’s first impression. Lin Hui, who was empty, looked around and found that except for the bed under her, there was a wooden box that was probably used to store clothes. Lin Hui sighed. She was originally a famous female agricultural professor in Huaguo. The back-to-school students are rooted in the countryside for 300 days a year.
Maybe it’s because she’s been too tired lately. She washed and changed the dirty clothes last night and fell asleep as soon as she lay down, but when she woke up again Then came to this body, although Lin Hui didn’t read the Internet much, but she heard it from the students she had brought, including her classmates in school, so she also had a general understanding of her current situation in her heart. According to the memories she received, she still traveled to a dynasty that did not exist in the history of Huaguo One son, one daughter, a total of four children, Lin Huiniang, and Lin Huiniang. For this reason, Lin Huiniang, who is only 16 years old, has to bear the family’s livelihood. If there is food, I will leave it to the whole family. Being so tired and hungry, I finally went there last night. Lin Hui sighed again. I sighed in my heart, this little girl’s hard life, the elder sister heard Lin An’s voice outside, it’s all coming, An Zhi, since I don’t know if I can go back, but now she occupies Lin Huiniang’s body, I have to do her duty for Lin Huiniang Lin Hui thought about it, stepped on the tattered shoes and walked out slowly. Lin Huiniang walked into the yard and glanced at the yard inadvertently. The Lin family’s yard is not small.
In spring, the locust tree has not yet sprouted new leaves.
Under the tree, there is a small pile of firewood at the corner of a stone mill.
After removing a well, there is nothing in the yard. Lin Huiniang once again sighed and walked into the thatched cottage that was used as a kitchen in memory. She went into the kitchen and looked around.
First, she went to the stone tank in the corner and took off the lid. As expected, there was not a grain of rice in it.
Based on the memory received from the original owner, Lin Huiniang knew that Dalin Village is located in the north. The crop is wheat. The staple food is steamed buns.
During the Chinese New Year, I occasionally eat meat buns, but it is not so easy to eat rice.
But even though wheat is grown, the flour that the Lin family can eat every year is very little. Generally, they eat all kinds of miscellaneous grains and ground miscellaneous grains. Lin Huiniang scooped a scoop out of the few sweet potato noodles left. She had never eaten sweet potato noodles and didn’t know how to make them delicious, so she could only use sweet potato noodles as flour made from wheat. She said there was nothing.
Lin Huiniang didn’t know how to make this meal even though she was good at cooking.
In the end, she decided to mix pimple soup for breakfast. There were still a few shriveled green onions on the floor, so she used them to adjust the taste first. Alright, Lin Huiniang added water to the pot, then sat down in front of the stove and started to light the fire, looking at the firewood behind her and the pot that needs firewood to burn, Lin Huiniang began to rejoice, fortunately, she learned how to make fire from a fellow villager when she was in the country, she moved quickly and lit the fire, etc. The fire got a little stronger, and then I started to fill the bottom of the pot with dry branches. After a while, smoke filled the sky above the kitchen. She stood up and poured water into the pottery basin containing sweet potato noodles, and told Lin An Erlang to wash his face.
Lin An responded highly, and soon ran over excitedly. Lin Huiniang stirred up the noodles in the basin and took them out of the pot.
Scooped out the water for Lin An and poured it into a basin, and then mixed it with cold water for him, then told Lin An, after you wash your face, bring the washing water to your mother and sister-in-law, Lin Anying quickly washed her little face He took the one handed by Lin Huiniang and put it on the lid of the pot to dry his face with the steaming hot towel.
He sighed comfortably and said, “My sister is really comfortable today. We have never wiped our face with a hot towel before.
Lin Huiniang put lumps in the pot.
” After a pause, she smiled and said, is it good to have hot towels or not? Then she told Lin An to eat soon, and you go and bring washing water to your mother and sister-in-law.
By the way, your second sister, the original owner’s sister is eight years old and her name is Lin Liniang. Went to the uncle’s house, Lin An said, carrying a basin and walking out. The two were talking about Lin Liniang, when they heard a girl’s crisp voice outside, Sister, I’m back. Lin An went to the yard and saw Lin Liniang, who was also thin and thin. Shouted obediently to the second sister, then handed the washbasin in front of Lin Liniang to wash her face and eat, the two young ones were talking in the yard, Lin Huiniang raised the corners of her lips and looked at the lid of the pot. She was so angry that she stopped adding more firewood, she lifted the lid of the pot