Frowning for a long time before I can type Lin will go home tonight and we will talk in detail Lin Changqing finally feels relieved

When Ning Changqing regained his consciousness, he heard such a low and lonely sentence.
The darkness in front of his eyes seemed to be pushed away by clouds and mist, and light came in, allowing him to see clearly the man sitting opposite him in a decent suit with a slight beard. The handsome face with a decadent look has a different kind of charm, especially at the moment when the corner of the lower eye is drooping, looking at the other person who is painful and affectionate but has to let go is even more moving A steady stream of deep love and no regrets. With the nostalgia of the past relationship between the two and the blessings to him and the new boyfriend.
I always knew that there was someone else in your heart.
I chased you. You chased after a long time before you agreed. At that time, I was very happy. I thought that must be the happiest moment in my life, but I didn’t expect that our relationship lasted only three months, but you can rest assured that even if we break up, I won’t bother me, I’ll talk about the relationship between you and that person. The virgin swallowed even more and raised his hands to mess up his black hair, which was slightly messy but made his face more attractive.
At the same time, this scene happened to be live-streamed by a million-dollar Internet celebrity who specializes in eating and broadcasting in the booth next to him.
Hong originally came to this high-end restaurant to explore the store, who knows that it didn’t take long to shoot this bloody and love triangle scene. Now her boyfriend caught her boyfriend and the mistress together.
It turned out that her boyfriend not only didn’t blame her boyfriend, but also wished them well.
There are quite a few fans watching the live broadcast, and many of them watched the live broadcast.
Suddenly, this scene made the netizens in the live broadcast collectively explode. God, it’s so shameless.
Is it so fair to cheat these years? This man is so handsome. How handsome is that mistress to give up on such a good man? You don’t understand, right? There are wild flowers in the family flowers. They are paired with dogs for a long time. Let them be together even more. Hearing the man’s familiar and unfamiliar words, Changqing finally remembered who this person was, because it was too long ago, he would have forgotten this person, since he was killed in his first life, he accidentally entered the Space-Time Management Bureau for many years Unexpectedly, after retiring, he was actually sent back to the first life.
The person in front of him was his first boyfriend and the only one in the first life.
It’s a pity that he was a scumbag who cheated on him and even poured dirty water on his head, killing him. Later, he was pointed out by the internet harassers, he opened his mouth, he couldn’t say anything Duan Hao stopped abruptly when he said more provocative words, Duan Hao stuck in his shell for a moment and stared blankly at the boy who was originally native, with exquisite brows and fine-looking eyes but inferior and cowardly, that glance just now was an illusion, right? Fortunately, this feeling is only for a moment Duan Hao sighed, Ah Ning Since you have found true love, I will help you. If you encounter difficulties in the future, if he treats you badly, if you come back, I am already so angry that the people in my live broadcast room want to wear it. Shake this handsome guy’s neck through the screen, sober up, no, this handsome guy won’t be able to live up to expectations, please watch Look at me, I’m just so dedicated, infatuated and blind.
The point is that I’m handsome.
Ning Changqing sees that he’s finally finished his performance and still doesn’t have any expression on his face.
He finally revealed what happened in the first life. For so long, he almost forgot about it. This was the second year when he came to the city.
When he was working in a high-end restaurant, Duan Hao, the second ancestor, fell in love with him and chased him for three months. He had just come out of a small place and had no experience at that time. After being chased wildly for several months, he was moved by the other party’s sincerity, so he was willing to give it a try.
In the end, Duan Hao just wanted to have fun, but he didn’t go on the road for a few months, and even only let the other party lead the small tricks. When Hao was about to give up, he Bai Yueguang appeared and said that it was okay to be with him, but Ning Changqing would be ruined.
That’s why today’s well-planned internet celebrity scene was paid by Duan Hao in advance, so that this scene happened to be broadcast live so that Ning Changqing could live.
This amateur club is dead and ruined. I can’t stay in the city anymore.
Ning Changqing didn’t seem to have heard his words. He lowered his head and began to look at his phone. It’s not a matter of agreement. He’s going to help the company make a sitcom today and ask Ning Changqing to cooperate as a scumbag. He doesn’t even need Ning Changqing to show his face, and he doesn’t need to say anything else. There is only one sentence, that is, after Duan Hao’s performance, Ning Changqing nodded and said yes. That’s fine, but just wait for Ning Changqing to finish speaking. The Internet celebrity Duan Hao bought a long time ago will immediately come over with the live broadcast equipment, pretend to be filled with righteous indignation, and slap Ning Changqing in the face. Don’t even think about messing around in the city anymore, but Ning Changqing is not good at acting anyway, Ning Changqing finally raised his head again, but smiled at Duan Hao who was opposite, that smile seemed to be a flash in the pan, which made Duan Hao a little surprised It’s a pity that I don’t admit that this little bumpkin and this face are really blessed. It’s a pity that after today I found my true love, but why don’t I know who my true love is? Ning Changqing propped his chin with one hand and shook the one in his other hand It’s better to talk about Duan Hao’s eyes and swallowed his saliva just now.
The way the other party is smiling at him with one hand propped on his chin is really attractive.
Why didn’t you find out that this Ning Changqing is so your true love? Isn’t it called Liu Zhong? He casually babbled about the name Ning Changqing, what kind of job did he do and where did he work? How did we know each other and how did you find out? Is there any evidence, or did you take a photo and caught rape in bed? This Duan Hao frowned, how could he know all of this? Is it fake? What’s the matter with Ning Changqing? Ning Changqing smiled lazily and leaned back lazily, shaking the phone in his hand. You don’t have me? Duan Hao didn’t understand yet, but Ning Changqing suddenly stood up Internet celebrity is called Xianbeier, whose real name is Bei Yuyu. Her card seat is next to Ning Changqing’s back.