From now on I will call you Shanshan You call me Zhou Da Zhou Da said to Zhang Xiaoge you said yes Brother Zhang Zhang

Chapter 1 Manzhan Zhou Da, who has been single for nearly 20 years, is very confused Turning around, senior sister Mozi, who is recognized by the Academy of Fine Arts where he belongs, invited him to attend a comic exhibition and offered to dress him up as a character in King of Glory, Zhou Da.
Without even thinking about it, senior sister Mozi agreed. Da looked at Sun Shangxiang in the mirror and finally understood why he had been single for many years.
If a man looked beautiful, there would be nothing wrong with women, but he always felt that something was weird, especially the stockings on his legs.
It turned out that they were all jealous of my beauty. I dare not accept my pursuit, looking at my handsome and beautiful Sun Shangxiang in the mirror, Zhou Da couldn’t help but look at the silicone he was wearing in front of him, and muttered, “This thing is so real, but it’s too heavy.
Zhou Da is very beautiful today.
” I got hugs and group photos from countless boys and girls, but I also got into trouble because I was too beautiful.
Zhou Da, who had been holding back for a day after the manga exhibition, was finally able to go to the bathroom. The big man came out from the men’s room, stared at the fake plump body in front of Zhou Da, and quickly reached out his hand to grab it. Zhou Da grabbed the big man’s hand and had a dispute with him.
The beater Zhou Da is a young man who is almost 1.
8 meters tall and full of vigor.
After being beaten, he can still endure a backhand.
He punched the big man and wrestled with the big man, and then he regretted it.
When the big man was knocked down by Zhou Da, a bloody knife came out.
The big man slipped from his hand, Zhou Da saw the knife on the ground, and then he realized that he was bleeding and had difficulty breathing. His legs gave way, and he fell down.
Soon, brave people rushed over to hold down the big man on the ground, and two others ran over to cover Zhou Da.
There are still people calling for the bleeding wound. Zhou Da really wants to say to the young man who is pressing on his chest, brother, you at least take off the silicone in front of me and help me cover the wound, but Zhou Da can’t speak.
His throat is very fishy.
He could make a gurgling sound, he saw the ceiling turning, and then his eyes went dark.
Zhou Da opened his eyes and found that he was lying on a hard bed, and his surroundings were dark and his head ached, as if he had slept twenty consecutive nights after playing games all night.
The pain of waking up for hours, is anyone there? Doctors and nurses, please turn on the lights.
Zhou Da called softly. No one responded.
I was stabbed. Shouldn’t I be in the hospital? Eyes adapted to the environment and began to look at the surrounding things, I found myself lying in a dark room, there were only two small beds and a square table with one leg missing, and there was a dilapidated cabinet beside the bed, who threw me away Shouldn’t I be sent to the hospital now that I’ve come to this wretched place? Zhou Da clutched his stomach, endured the pain, sat up with difficulty, and realized that it didn’t feel right after someone stabbed him in the stomach. Why didn’t it hurt? Pulling softly, trying to pull off the silicone pad he was wearing, Zhou Da cried out in pain. He thought to himself that he was too violent, so he wanted to peel off his clothes and take off the silica gel, and found that he had changed into a coarse cloth skirt, who changed my clothes? Zhou Da said, taking off the clothes on his body Take it off, grab the silicone on your body, and pull it again.
It hurts, why can’t it come off? No, why does it hurt? This week, Zhou Da stared at his body for a long time, and jumped out of bed with a shudder in his heart, and jumped twice.
Lost voice, this is not silicone, it’s real, which bastard took me to the plastic surgery hospital, no, this is not the country, right? Then Zhou Da quickly probes down with his hands, it’s gone. A miserable wailing sounded from a remote room in the mansion compound. A fifteen or sixteen-year-old maid hurriedly opened the door of the room, holding a lantern and entering the room, she saw her little sister Ruhua standing in front of the bed in disheveled clothes.
Talking to myself, it’s gone, I haven’t used it yet, the little maid hurriedly stepped forward, put the lantern on the table and said, Ruhua, what are you doing, quickly put on your clothes, and when Aunt Cao comes, you will have to be whipped As the maid spoke, she hurried up to dress the little sister. She didn’t know that her little sister, Ru Hua, was gone.
Now, it was the soul of Zhou Da, a young man from the Blue Star Century, who was attached to Ru Hua’s body.
The maid’s sleeve asked where this is.
Who are you? Ruhua, are you stupid because of being soaked in water? I forgot who I am. The little maid pulled Ruhua to the edge of the bed and sat down. She lightly touched Ruhua’s forehead with the back of her hand and found that it was not burned. Continue Isn’t Dao Ruhua arranged to serve the ancestors? You don’t have to commit suicide by throwing yourself into the lake! Zhou Da’s mind is in turmoil.
All kinds of time travels he’s seen come to mind. At first, he thought someone was playing a prank on him, but after careful inspection, now After the body, he is very sure that he has time-traveled and even time-traveled to a maid. What should I do? What should I do? System system Are you there? Just give me some hints online, wait for Zhou Da to recall in his mind the time-travel he has seen.
Once again, I was very depressed. Other people’s homes are handsome and invincible after time travel. Countless girls fall in love with the kind of systems that are super awesome. How did I transmigrate into a maid? I haven’t read the female channel. Calm down The most urgent thing is to figure out the environment, age, etc.
, so Zhou Da asked the little maid next to him, Miss, I don’t remember anything. Who am I and who are you? With tears in your hands and eyes, you said Ruhua, I am Zhuxi, why did you even forget that this is the palace, we entered the palace together when we were ten years old, you can’t even remember Ruhua, don’t want it, the name is hard to describe