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If it wasn’t for the cold weather, Yuan Su might not be able to stand on the top of the Beijing International Trade Building for the rest of his life.
Yuan Su finally had a chance to sneak here when people were hiding under the covers in the snowy night. Appreciating the magnificent scenery that I have never seen before, it is indeed magnificent. Yuan Su stands on the highest point of the China World Tower with a height of 1 storey and has a bird’s eye view of the entire Beijing city, as if the world is at his feet.
Chong San turned on the phone and clicked on the radio Yuan Su was about to play a song that fit the current atmosphere.
When the FM was dialed, a clear voice came from the phone. The largest leather factory in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Jiangnan Leather Factory closed down.
He ran away with his sister-in-law for 100 million.
We have no way to pay the salary with the wallet. The original price is more than 100, 200, 300, and the wallets are all 20 yuan. I have been working hard for you for more than half a year and you don’t pay me back your hard-earned money. Even the radio is laughing at me? He was brilliant and eloquent when he was in college.
He was the best debater on the college debate team.
He was 1.5 meters tall and loved sports. He was also the main forward in the college basketball team. In college, Yuan Su seemed to have reached the pinnacle of his life ahead of time. Such an awesome performance on the basketball court has also won the favor of the school girl Song Marong.
The student dormitory on the weekend has never lived in the student dormitory since she met Song Marong in her sophomore year. Yuan Su quickly realized the life gap from the peak to the trough. Those stubborn fat men in college, Bao Ye, men and women who passed the exams, turned into women.
Some entered a monopoly state-owned enterprise and became a white-collar worker. After returning home and inheriting the family business, he became the rich second generation and completely counterattacked almost overnight, shattering all of Yuan Su’s previous sense of superiority. After graduation, Yuan Su could only rely on his eloquence and good appearance to find a new life. I thought I was the wolf of Wall Street in a sales job, but in reality I told Yuan Su that he was actually just an ant from the capital of the Great Emperor. The employee’s boss chattered around, and even when he returned home, he had to bear the cynicism of his girlfriend Song Marong. It wasn’t until one day that Yuan Su saw the note left by Song Marong that she was with her boss. I’m sorry, Yuan Su is planning to leave Beijing. When Yuan Su rushed to the office panting, the rented unit was empty.
Yuan Su yelled, you paid me this month’s salary! Take back your thoughts The story of the yellow crane on the radio made Yuan Su feel the same way. After drinking a few bottles of beer, Yuan Su impulsively jumped to Outside the railing, put your hands back on the railing, let your body lean forward to fully blend into the dark night and the swirling snow.
This feeling of substituting the Titanic made Yuan Su couldn’t help shouting loudly.
After a while, the corners of Yuan Su’s mouth Showing a slight smile hehehe, only a fool would jump down. I believe that there is no end to the sky. I must make a lot of money.
My life will definitely be wonderful. Yuan Su, who has figured it out between heaven and earth, turns around and prepares. Turning back from the railing, who knew it was snowing, my feet slipped, accompanied by a howl of how stupid I am, Yuan Su’s figure quickly fell from the top of the China World Trade Center and disappeared under the heavy snow and night.
The pig-like howling wakes me up and turns over, muttering about who is so unqualified and yelling so late, it’s snowing and throwing you down, then I fall asleep again, the north wind is still howling, the snow is still flying but Yuan Su’s figure disappeared along with the night. Hey, where is this? Why am I here? After waking up, Yuan Su sat up from the bed and looked at the unfamiliar things around me. I remember that I seemed to have fallen from the roof of the International Trade Center.
Could it be? I was dreaming about everything last night, so where am I now? With doubts, Yuan Su got off the bed to observe this strange environment, but after going to the ground, Yuan Su suddenly felt that his perspective was different from before.
How could this be Yuan Su? Standing in front of the mirror, Su realized that he is now about 1 meter tall. Not only that, but also his hairstyle is different from before.
Last night, he was clearly a taller person, but now in the mirror, he has medium-length hair and a small hair. Apart from this, Yuan Su felt that his skin color was darker than before, and the clothes on his body had never seen what was going on. Yuan Su, who felt intense pain after pinching his face, was convinced. All this is not a dream, but I can’t find a reasonable explanation. Didi Didi’s God system scans that the living organisms are matching, matching and preparing to fit.
When Yuan Su was still confused, a sudden electric current passed through his body and tightened. Then a feeling like an electric shock flowed through Yuan Su’s whole body. Yuan Su’s body began to emit a surprising blue light, and the intensity of the blue light became stronger and more dazzling! The strong tingling sensation made Yuan Su unable to help but scream.
When I got up, the strong light gathered on Yuan Su’s body in an instant, and everything returned to normal. What happened just now was a wave of unrest and another wave. After Yuan Su clearly saw the blue light converging in his body just now. Su hastened to check himself up and down to see if there is anything unusual.
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