Fortunately Chongguang only looked embarrassed but didnt Not so weak that you cant even open your eyes Chongguang Qingyan runs the heartnourishing formula sending gentle

A dream of a millennium and a thousand years of Tianbao.
In the fourteenth year of Tianbao, the Spike Army came fiercely and broke through several cities.
It pointed directly at the imperial city Chang’an. Flower Valley is like spring in four seasons, birds are singing, flowers are fragrant, traces are hard to find, enjoying the reputation of paradise Every day during the activities, disciples come to him to plead guilty and say goodbye, leaving this pure world with the excuse of caring for the world and pity the people Dongfang Yuxuan, the three-star moon-watching peak, has a loud voice, and the feather ink carvings hover in the valley every day.
Their black eyes stare at the entrance of Wanhua Valley, as if their masters will be like before in the cascading green. Appeared and fed them the delicacies brought from outside the valley, then stroked their heads affectionately. It watched the feathers on its body fall off, and repeated this several times, and finally gave a long cry and lost the vitality to support the flight.
Falling down, the nimble eyes climbed up dead gray, a pair of black cloth boots stopped in its line of sight, the feather ink eagle’s vision became blurred, it seemed to see in a trance the feeble old eagle’s master who had been away for several years and had no news. Lightly flapping its wings, it can still remember the warmth when it was held in the arms of its master when it was still young, and it can also remember the excitement and excitement when it flew with its master when it grew up.
He was smiling very happily. The man squatted down. Some long black tails were loosely tied, and a few disobedient strands of hair were hanging down in front of him. When I smile, it makes me feel like a spring breeze. He gently strokes it. Its bald feathers already have some bald feathers. The voice is gentle and good.
The master brought your favorite Huang Ji roasted hare. The sharp beak is so close that you can hear its feeble low cry.
The gentle man is close to it. It has the familiar smell of green grass on its body.
I’m back to sleep.
The man’s voice is soft and warm like a feather ink carving The man in his memory closed his eyes and lowered his eyes as if he didn’t notice the ink feather eagle, he still stroked it gently, tidied up the feathers that had been messed up by the blowing due to the fall from a high place, and put the big eagle in order.
An oilcloth bag beside him was opened, and inside was a golden and crispy whole rabbit, which is one of the favorite foods of the big eagle.
The imperial city Chang’an fell last year. Disciple Wanhua, who had killed the bandits, finally returned to the sect full of exhaustion after the surrounding situation calmed down Put two rabbit legs in the past and cut the rest of the rabbit meat little by little After coming down to eat, he sat next to the corpse of Da Diao who had accompanied him through his childhood and youth, and told in a gentle and calm voice what he saw and heard outside, about wars, about disaster victims, about rogues, some negative, positive, happy and sad things.
The breeze comes from the direction of the sea of ​​flowers on a sunny day, with a light scent of flowers and herbs.
The sunshine in Wanhua Valley is as warm as ever The organ guarding the Lingtian Ladder of the Yi disciple has already been born with moths, and it can barely be used. The man complained a little about the negligence of the disciple of the Gongsheng sect. He took out the water bag that he carried with him, took a sip of water, and ate the roasted rabbit in his hand. The man Stand up, straighten your clothes, use your internal energy to plan a hole, bury the feather ink carving, think about it, and put those pieces of the big carving’s favorite rabbit meat in it. It is the sharp needle called the art of defying the sky, and there is no way to save the feathered ink carving whose lifespan has come to an end. Fortunately, he came back in time to send it a ride away from the creaking Lingtian ladder, and passed through the stones built on Luoxing Lake. The man on the bridge rubbed his bloodshot eyes and raised his usual gentle and elegant smile to dislike the fight. The flower sage stayed in the valley to tend the flowers and plants.
He heard that the medicine sage, Sun Simiao, Master Sun, passed away a hundred years ago. The remaining disciple, Yue Mo, relied on him.
The Flower Sage, the Worker Sage, and the Valley Master are here to take care of everything.
I don’t know if everything in the valley is safe. The Spike Army is afraid of the topography of Wanhua Valley and various agencies dare not touch this otherworldly place, even if Wanhua is famous for its skills and medical skills.
It is coveted by the world, and they dare not take the risk of being murdered to snatch it. This is why Wanhua disciples dared to resign from the valley. They don’t have to worry about whether their beloved teacher will be insulted and trampled by foreign barbarians. The energy is used to deal with everything outside without any worries. You can already see the residence of Huasheng. Brother Pei Yuan used to like Luoxing Lake the most, but now he has already entered the military camp. I don’t know when he will come back.
The front of Huasheng’s house is full of weeds. The medicine field behind the grass has long been occupied by weeds. In my memory, the clean and bright Huasheng residence is barren and dilapidated. The wooden door crashes to the ground with a slight touch. The heavy dust was kicked up and choked the man back again and again. He raised his head and looked in front of him. But the scene completely lost the sound, the cobwebs were connected with dust, and a strong smell of rotten wood occupied the sense of smell. He even saw a few rats come out from the corner and scurry around the room in a panic.
Bu didn’t seem to know what kind of expression to put on.
He turned around and looked up at the towering Samsung Mochizuki and flew over with light work.
how hurried and flustered he was