Forgive him Chapter Chapter Huang Xing who immediately turned his back Huang Xing hugged Ye Fengs thigh and shouted Ye Feng please forgive me I

Chapter Rebirth In the cold alley a thousand years ago, Ye Feng’s tightly closed eyes suddenly opened, a light flashed through it, but before he could recover, he felt the pain coming from his whole body, and a hard shoe slammed Stepped on Ye Feng’s face and said to you one more time for the last time A disdainful voice came and then don’t hang around in front of Su Xiaohua, that is our brother Tao’s woman She is not a dick like you who can get in touch with only our brother Tao She is worthy of her tomorrow.
Don’t let me see you again. Marvin, with his arms folded around his chest, with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, stepped on Ye Feng’s face and looked at him with contempt and disdain in his eyes.
I’m looking at garbage, bah, remember this is not a warning, this is a threat. If there is another time, I don’t mind letting you lie on the bed for the rest of your life. Marvin spit a cigarette into Ye Feng’s face, and at the same time, he stepped on Ye Feng’s foot with all his strength and pushed it away. After going out, Ye Feng’s body also took advantage of the trend and rolled out for two laps. If it wasn’t for Brother Tao, I really didn’t want to waste time on your trash.
Ma Wen turned around and left.
Wen’s dismantled body was propped up just now.
That was Ma Wen who drove me to a dead end with Lin Tao a thousand years ago. The light in his eyes flashed. After seeing everything around him, tears rolled down from his eyes all at once.
Isn’t that the heart? I wiped away my tears Ye Feng slowly closed his eyes When he opened it again, a vicissitudes flashed in his eyes, as if he had experienced the loneliness of the ages and was reborn thousands of years ago, the missed and lost life I will not stay again Regret, humiliation, and blood feud, I will not let any one go, I will use your blood to sacrifice me to immortality Road Ye Feng, also known as Ye Tiandi, left the earth by chance at the age of 50, embarked on the road of cultivation, went through thousands of years of bloody battles, and became the youngest in history The half-emperor was only one step away from the immortal emperor, but when he broke through the last step, several powerful sects suddenly killed him, coupled with the fact that he was full of demons at that time, even if he was the strongest in the world, he could not escape destruction, and the constant bullying of him at that time caused him to leave Ma Wen and Lin Tao, who lost Su Qiyue, are demons in their hearts, and Su Qiyue’s departure and the Wang family are also Ye Feng’s demons. He raised his head and looked at the night sky.
One day, I will kill the people who harmed me in the fairy world, leaving Ye Feng alone. There was no one in the house because he was an orphan. His father, Ye Guyun, his mother, Wang Luo, but when Ye Feng was twelve years old, they had a car accident. It seemed like an accident, but Ye Feng in his previous life had already figured everything out.
It was the members of the Wang family who planned to kill his parents.
In retrospect, a slightly stiff sneer appeared on the corner of Ye Feng’s mouth.
You, my father and mother’s lifelong efforts are just a joke in your eyes. They wanted to make some achievements and get the royal family’s approval, but they didn’t expect to end up in the eyes of Ye Feng, who was killed by you. God is gradually getting colder.
In the last life, I couldn’t fight against you, but this time I will come to the capital and smash the gate of your royal family to let you understand what is unattainable.
Ye Feng, the best of his generation, tried his best to catch up with Wang Xin, but in the end, he found out in despair that he could not catch up with Wang Xin. The gap between the two only kept widening. The last time he saw Wang Xin was at his mother’s funeral. Only one person came, and that person was Wang Xin. At that time, Wang Xin was tall and handsome, arrogant and dazzling, surrounded by everyone in the center like a nobleman, and everyone around him was a boss that Ye Feng needed to look up to. Even after a while Millennium Ye Feng can still clearly remember Wang Xin’s contemptuous look and haughty words to him at the funeral.
Ye Feng, your parents’ accident was caused by my plan and the Wang family’s action.
How can you? Ye Feng snorted Wang Xin coldly. In the last life of the Wang family, I lost to you and made you my heart demon, but this time you have been thrown out of several universes by me.
In this life, I will let you return to the familiar room with nothing.
Ye Feng sat cross-legged on the bed and started the cultivation of this life.
The kung fu practiced in the previous life was too low-level, causing the foundation to be unstable.
This time, I changed to another one. Ye Feng searched it in his mind, and soon his eyes lit up.
When traveling in the universe, I got it by chance. This is a kung fu method of unknown grade, but Ye Feng knows that this kung fu method is more powerful than any one he has seen before. It’s just that the cultivation base in the previous life is already advanced, so I don’t have to practice it. Breaking through the limit of the previous life, the moonlight in the night like water shines on Ye Feng through the window, his body seems to be covered with a layer of silver armor, accompanied by the faint silver light dancing with his breath, at this moment Ye Feng feels unprecedentedly relaxed and comfortable.
The pores of his body are opened, a hot current flows in the body, and a little bit of black impurities are expelled from the pores.
When Ye Feng opened his eyes, a purple lightning flashed through his eyes and looked out the window. The sky has turned white, and he got off the bed. Suddenly there was a crackling sound, as if his bones had been rusted after sitting here for several years, clenched his fists, Ye Feng could feel the changes in his body, his strength was twice as strong as before, and he began to draw air into his body overnight The first step of cultivation, I took this step in my last life for more than a month. This practice is really not simple.
Just look at the sky outside the window. When Ye Feng walked into the bathroom and came out, he had washed off all the dirt and changed into a white shirt. He felt his body much easier