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Deadly Bewitching Chapter 1 Pets Secluded Canyon Big red mandala flowers crawling all over the hillside Enchanting and haunting strange flower fragrance full of weird aura With the fatal temptation, the color as bright as blood is charming, but the soul is still lonely because no one appreciates a mysterious and ancient castle in the depths of the canyon.
Under several eerie dim lights, a large delicate silver cage hangs in the center of the hall. The cage is covered with white mandalas.
A girl with a graceful figure is curled up on the flower layer and falls asleep.
Her long, jet-black hair leaks out of the cage. Blown by the breeze, exuding a faint fragrance, the ankles are as smooth and flawless as jade, wearing a delicate sterling silver chain, the breeze blows through the chain, and the bells on the chain make a clear and pleasant sound Exquisite skin is as delicate and smooth as pearls, and the long and curly eyelashes cast a row of arc-shaped shadows on the eyes. The exquisite and graceful body is wearing a long white dress that is as thin as a feather.
Elegant and light, like a fallen elf. Butterfly landed in her hair and flickered its wings. On the dark green butterfly wings, there are two fiery red spots like two small flames in the dark. Master, three days later will be the night of the full moon. This is what I prepared for you. The respectful voice of the new pet came from the spiral staircase. The housekeeper, the blood slave, bent over humblely, waiting cautiously for the response of the young master. His cold blue eyes were like precious and priceless gemstones, mysterious and noble, with a fatal attraction.
Confused by a bone-piercing icy mist faintly mixed in it, one dare not look straight at the knife-like thin lips pursed into a haughty arc, the sharp chin with a trace of sharp brown long hair hanging naturally on the shoulders of the white gown Set off the slender and charming figure, the whole body exudes a frenzied coldness and an innate noble aura.
This is an alluring evildoer who can confuse people in an instant. Feminine, handsome, evil, charming and beautiful.
His name is God’s Wing, God’s Wing.
Doctor Caesar chose this name for him in the hope that he would become the most powerful human being in history under his own experiments. Unfortunately, the doctor died in the hands of God’s Wing before that day. Now, God’s Wing is no longer a test. The product is the owner of this castle, please support the baby.
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My study room can be updated in time Chapter Volume 1 Fatal Seduction Chapter 2 Demonic God Wing’s deep blue eyes cast a cold glance at the new pet in the cage Unexpectedly, he didn’t move away as fast as usual but stayed longer Two seconds later, he slowly moved down to the main building.
The white-clothed maids standing in the main hall bent slightly. Even though their heads were lowered, the respect in their eyes remained undiminished. Looking at the pets in the cage from a close distance, they are so perfect and exquisite.
Compared with those pets before, this one is simply a boutique.
You can touch the pet’s slender and delicate hands in the cage with just one stretch of your hand.
The complexion of blood vessels and bones is actually transparent.
You can clearly see the intricate blood vessels and bones inside. The soft hair is as delicate as velvet, the skin on the cheeks is as smooth as pearls, with a warm body temperature, and the fresh body fragrance that seems to be absent, permeates a noble atmosphere.
The weak but even pulse beats once and for all, symbolizing the rhythm of life. The sharp nails are casual.
A thin scar appeared on the girl’s chin, and bright blood oozes out of the skin.
God Wing used his fingertips to stain some blood, and passed it to his lips.
The bloody red tongue suddenly licked the blood at such a speed that no one noticed it was clear. Sweet and pure, very good, God Wing’s voice is clear and pleasant, with a strange penetrating power, it seems to be able to penetrate into your heart, the coldness in the blue eyes slightly fades away, and a satisfied light emerges, the eyes can’t help but fall on the girl’s face Stay on the Internet for a few seconds more than ever before. The owner likes it. The blood slave secretly heaves a sigh of relief.
I hope this new pet can relieve the pain of the owner on the night of the full moon in three days.
There was no response.
Just as she was about to turn around and leave, You Lan’s icy eyes suddenly saw a three-inch deep scar on the girl’s neck. Although it had already healed, it was not difficult to see that the scar was so deep that it could almost kill her. The blood slave saw the strangeness in the eyes of the master, and immediately explained to the master that she had suffered severe trauma and was in a coma for a year, but she did not die strangely. A group of superb teams guarded her and went up the mountain to collect rare medicines. The old man who was with me before I kidnapped her The doctor has already given her the prepared medicine.
I believe she will wake up in a short time. The voice of my living God Wing echoes like an empty valley, it is cold and cold, and it is suffocating.
Only the boiling blood can relieve the torment of the mutation.
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Volume Deadly Bewitching Chapter 3 Enze I want to live The voice of God Wing is like an echo in the valley, cold and suffocating, only boiling blood can relieve the torment of the mutation, I will find a way to wake her up as soon as possible Putting it in the left atrium, leaning forward slightly, and answering respectfully, at this moment, there was a cry of an eagle outside, and the blue eyes of the divine wings had a strange color.
The maid guarding the door opened the door, and a proud eagle flew like Flying in like a gust of wind, it landed on the back of the owner’s slightly raised hand, flapping its big wings, this is a goshawk