For example I talked about half of the golden elixir He roared over Qian Qingqiu stopped turned to his handsome face and smiled stopped looking

According to the original plot, the third junior brother’s golden core was broken, the fourth junior brother went mad, and the fifth junior brother was deceived and deceived. In short, he died, injured, injured, Su Yu, it seems that our division is doomed, looking at a group of skinny people with poor talent or disabilities The younger brothers and sisters want to take care of Su Yuxiu for the rest of his life, what kind of immortal fights, what kind of fights, everyone thinks of life, do they all come to her as a cook? It is a blessing to be safe, but when she researches the ingredients for cultivating immortals and decides to make a pot of delicious cultivating dishes The inner aura is full of fresh fragrance, but there is a faint circle of pills. Accompanied by a super-grade elixir that can mend broken meridians, Su Yu is seriously injured and waiting to die.
Master Su, who does not believe in evil, prepares to make a lotus leaf rib The oil in the lotus leaf dripped and roasted when the meat was in the air, but there was a faint ray of light at the bottom of the pot, accompanied by a two-foot spirit sword that was unparalleled in a hundred years, and the two-foot spirit sword was lying quietly.
The lack of spirit sword and the juniors and sisters who gave up cultivation have been waiting for them to die The villain, where did so many treasures come from? Looking at the pots of panacea and treasures piled up in the small kitchen, Su Yu said it with a frowning face. You may not believe me.
I just want to cook. The main reason is that his practice was too fast and he reached the critical point of ascension.
Xiao Muge, the senior brother of Zhiqiongfeng, had to go far to the northern glaciers to suppress the terrifying cultivation base.
The third junior brother who can’t get out of his own peak, the broken golden core, stepped into the Yuanying fourth junior brother, who was extremely poor in talent, Qinjue Dzogchen, and the fifth junior brother who wanted to marry a female cultivator, became the number one trader in the southern border, and the sixth junior brother with an impure heart.
Now the sword The power of the law shakes all directions, and his second senior sister, who never leaves the room, is gloomy and cold, squinting her phoenix eyes, sitting on the grand teacher’s chair at the top of the peak, and raising her red lips to enjoy their respect and thanks.
Who is the big brother Xiao Muge Reference bibliography Manchurian banquet Cooking Knife skills Cooking fire Cooking chemistry and other content tags He actually burned a sword and decided to study Chapter Chapter 1.
Today, he also cooked food.
Su Yu opened his eyes in a daze, and saw a dark blue robe in front of him, with some clean saponin smell. Senior sister and senior brother went down the mountain to look for Master Zhiqiong Feng Yi will leave it to you for the time being.
His voice is warm and moist, as if the spring water taken from the mountains overnight in autumn is refreshing, but not bone-piercing. Su Yu tries hard to look up at him. He can only see his robe fluttering, bright eyes, star eyebrows, and black hair. Lifting a giant sword behind his back, the black sleeves were lifted lightly, and stretched out towards her.
A hand with well-articulated joints, five fingers, slender and clear in texture, used to pull the dragon’s beard, must be the best in the world.
Su Yu couldn’t help but want to touch it to see if it was her imagination. It’s so powerful that it can turn pots and noodles, but she touched a small golden square seal in his palm.
This is the peak master’s seal, Junior Sister, remember to take care of the teacher on my behalf from now on, brothers and sisters urge morning classes and evening work to practice Su Yu There is everything in the dream, she is obviously happy on the plane She hurriedly went to the Tianhuan National Diamond Custom Tour that the sous chef gave her. Three days ago, she led a dozen core members and after five years of hard work day and night, she finally got the Michelin three-star rating and trained the sous chefs to be independent. She was finally able to relax. The tone decides to take care of the rest of the world, why do you discipline others Peak master hey, the handsome guy is beautiful and thinks even more beautiful.
I left a letter for my younger sister, younger sister, remember to read it carefully Su Yu wanted to talk but found that he couldn’t make a sound, so he could only watch this.
The black-haired man carrying the broad sword floated away.
She suddenly woke up on the bed and exclaimed that it was a dream, but she sat up with a sigh of relief and just put her hands on the bed, she felt abnormal. Looking down, she saw a small golden square heel pinched in the palm of her hand.
The dream is exactly the same and does not talk about martial arts. Su Yu looked at Xiaoyin helplessly and found that there were three small characters engraved on it. The name Zhiqiongfeng is quite familiar. In it, the female supporting role Su Yu has the same name and surname as her, but she is the cannon fodder of the female lead Isn’t it right? In the novel, the heroine Bai Yueguang led her juniors and sisters to prosper, but the female supporting role Su Yu brought them missing, disabled, and killed. I must not be this female supporting role Su Yu.
She hurriedly opened the letter and saw a row of blue dragons on it. Walking through the ink on the back of the paper to Qiongfeng, there are several extremely serious matters, and the younger sister needs to be vigilant at all times.
If it happens, the consequences will be unimaginable.
The meridian was damaged five years ago. The fifth junior brother wants to marry into a businessman in the southern city, the sixth junior brother has an impure heart, and the seventh junior sister practices seven emotions and six desires.
The Sixth Junior Brother, Jianxin, was completely polluted and practiced the Blood-devouring Sword and became a mummy. The Seventh Junior Sister was involved in the love affair of the Acacia Sect and was arrested. Su Yu is done picking his feet! She quickly got out of bed and there is nothing in this world that Master Su can’t solve by cooking a meal.
It hasn’t happened in the past twenty-five years, and it won’t happen in the future.
The door slammed open.
Managing a peak is like managing a kitchen.
As long as you find a suitable assistant and let everyone perform their duties, Master Su will be able to retire and continue to take care of his life.
She is here! I’m leaving, I’m going to Jianlin, hey, I want to sit in on the formation class Su Yu just stepped out when he saw chickens flying around in the courtyard outside