Followed by two maidservants in pink Hanfu palace costumes holding Jiao Weiqin and accompanied by Chen Xi wearing a white bottom with crimson pattern and

The work is set to build a village to make a low-level village. It can be synthesized into a high-level village.
To build a gold to make a silver to bronze to make a black iron to make a black iron. Bronze refreshes the food of the villagers every day.
The probability of talent joining the villagers or soldiers in the village and the qualification increase by one level The probability of the villagers born in the village increasing the qualification by one level Explanation The so-called if the original grain per mu can now produce more than stone stones, the refresh rate of refugees refers to the first-level village with black iron level As an example, a second-level village, a third-level village, a first-level township, a second-level township, a third-level township, and a first-level small town, and so on, and so on. Resident qualification level, mentally handicapped level, ordinary level, good talent level, level of hundred-mile pick, level-thousand-mile pick, level-one thousand-mile pick, one-hundred-thousand-mile pick one The initial qualifications of one player in a million are all level currency, gold, silver, copper coins, world coins, Lingshi, gold attribute points, all attributes at level zero, and all attributes.
Every level up, different qualifications get different free attribute points, as follows: level points Level point level point level level point level point level point level point level point level point level point level point level point level point level before upgrading points, each additional character attribute points need free attribute points, character attribute points are less than 1 point, each additional character attribute point needs a free attribute point point needs point point point point point point need point Points need points Need point points Need point ranks of generals and corresponding attribute points such as force or intelligence Elementary generals Intermediate generals High-level generals Yellow-level generals Xuan-level generals Ground-level generals Heaven-level generals God-level generals Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Special Arms, Primary, Intermediate, Advanced, God-level Life Occupation, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Master, Master, God-level, God-level skills and the free attribute points that can be added after successful practice.
Mysterious-level exercises, earth-level exercises, heaven-level exercises, and god-level exercises explain the practice of each level of exercises, which are divided into three stages: beginners learn small successes, and big successes, respectively obtain one-third of the attribute points of high-level exercises, such as advanced exercises. The free attribute points that can be obtained after practicing the method to Xiaocheng are elementary, intermediate, advanced, advanced, and advanced. Only when you reach Dacheng can you get the remaining attribute points.
The skill level and the free attribute points that can be increased after successful cultivation. The third type of intermediate skill, the fourth type of advanced skill, the fifth type, the sixth type of yellow level skill, the seventh type of mysterious level skill, the eighth type of earth level skill, the ninth type of sky level skill, the tenth type of god level skill There are only two types of weapons above the yellow level, and there is only one type of weapon. Low-quality ordinary black iron, bronze, silver, gold, dark gold, spiritual artifacts, and magical medicines. Transformation Danjin can upgrade aptitude from level to level Real currency exchange Before the barracks can recruit soldiers, but not after the exchange is opened The total amount of aura in the game It is constant to walk ahead, easy to cultivate, build villages around the city, and the Yellow Turban Uprising is easy to be wiped out.
There are wild beasts in the mountains and rivers, and it is not easy to enter. Players from all over the world build counties.
It is also related to the lord’s prestige, official position, strength, etc.
Obtaining merit and prestige is one of the main purposes of conquering bandits. Eliminating bandits includes killing and surrendering and breaking down cottages.
You can get merit for destroying small cottages. You can get points for small cottages. Meritorious large-scale copycats with ten thousand points of merit for destroying a small group of people get points of merit.
Special arms get merit. A high-level general or high-level special arm gets merit.
At the same time, you can also gain reputation for suppressing bandits. Breaking through a miniature fortress can gain some prestige.
Including killing and recruiting to gain some prestige. A mid-level general or a mid-level special unit can gain some prestige. A high-level general or a high-level special unit can gain some prestige.
In the game, after completing the task of capturing bandits, there is no need to return to the Yamen to hand in the task. If you can’t complete the task after the expiration date, you will not be punished, but the task will be canceled automatically. After that, you can no longer pick up the bandits’ copycat.
First-tier soldiers, second-tier soldiers, third-tier soldiers, intermediate generals, everyone, junior generals, senior copycats, first-tier soldiers, second-tier soldiers, third-tier soldiers, senior generals, intermediate generals, and junior generals.
Dozens of people need to upgrade the territory.
High-level village people, junior townships, ten thousand, middle-level townships, ten thousand high-level townships, ten thousand people, primary small towns, ten thousand people, intermediate small towns, ten thousand people, high-level small towns, ten thousand people, county towns, ten thousand people, county towns, ten thousand people, prefectural cities, ten thousand people, meritorious items, officers, corporal prestige, meritorious prestige The meritorious team leads the prestige of the meritorious commander, the prestige of the meritorious army waiter, the prestige of the meritorious army Sima, the prestige of the meritorious lieutenant, the prestige of the meritorious captain, the prestige of the captain, the prestige of the captain, the prestige of the captain, the prestige of the meritorious service. Ten thousand gold, all dark gold, all spiritual weapons, ten thousand divine weapons, all notes above are the price of weapons. The price of armor of the same level is twice that of weapons. The price of weapons with real characters is ten times that of ordinary weapons.