Fly to the brat are you sneaking up on my old lady Ruoning feels that the aura of Song Sanlang and Ba Broken Knife are

In a temporary military camp on the outskirts of the North Star of the Super Seminary World, the soldiers are discussing the follow-up action plan, how to enter the North Star and join the defending army. Suddenly an officer looks up at the top of the tall forest not far away. Look at that.
What is this? The soldiers began to gather around while being vigilant. Suddenly, a beautiful figure with white wings fell down from the woods, looking very flustered. After a moment of astonishment, the soldiers loaded their bullets and pointed at him. That’s right, this is the angel Lingxi who was hunted down from the North Star, do you know where the power of the galaxy is? Crying and loudly asking the surrounding soldiers not to approach me, I will die, there are evil gods chasing and killing before the angel Lingxi finished speaking, an energy shell was fired more than a foot below the angel Lingxi’s feet, and Lingxi was returned. The surrounding soldiers overturned, and at this moment, a male angel appeared from the direction of Angel Lingxi, flying in mid-air with an evil smile on his face.
Angel Lingxi reacted, and quickly got up, pushed the soldiers beside him away, and blocked them The soldiers who reacted before the bang bang bang bang fired at the male angel guy in the sky, but the firepower of the soldiers had no effect except for the sound of ding ding on the male angel’s armor.
The male angel smiled disdainfully and then Flying down from the sky and crashing into Angel Lingxi, then pierced Angel Lingxi with a sword and nailed it to a big rock.
It’s a beautiful pity that Ruoning doesn’t like you. For the great new order, you all have to die here. When the male angel was singing about this ghostly order, he didn’t realize that behind him was a figure in a white robe with long hair and a fluttering shawl, Ruoyin in Lingxi’s surprised eyes. The figure in the robe became more and more solid, then the figure picked up the long knife hanging at the waist, but did not draw it out, but held it up high like a wooden stick, and the male angel, who was still in love, was patted down on the ground and then returned to the ground.
The man in the white robe stepped on his head on my territory and hurt such a beautiful and kind angel.
The man in the white robe looked at the male angel at his feet and said faintly, you are looking for death, okay, this is our protagonist The angel Song Sanlang is not an angel like Lingxi and the others, but the executor of the will of heaven. As for the name of the protagonist, it must be the name of the protagonist’s parents.
It has absolutely nothing to do with Xiaoxi’s bad taste.
Ahhh, actually, as an angel, Song Sanlang It has been more than half a year in this world, but due to some reasons in this world, he was slightly repelled, so he has been in a kind of thing that he can see and hear but can’t touch anything in this world for half a year. No one can perceive the transparent state of his existence until just after half a year of hard work, he broke out of this state, and hit the male sky-based envoy as a mallet, casually placed a confinement spell on the male angel, and walked Lingxi nailed to the stone oh this It is really my fault for you to be hurt by a beautiful angel on the earth I guard. Song Sanlang said yes to Lingxi in the most gentlemanly and gentle tone he thinks.
I like this angel girl. Yes, Song Sanlang traveled from the real world. Thank you, Angel Lingxi.
I didn’t realize it. I thought I was going to die.
Suddenly, the person in front of me appeared without a trace and saved her. Thank you for saving me, are you? Are you a super soldier of the earth, but there is no data about you in the data of the earth? This angel, I am the third generation guardian of the earth.
Song Sanlang, the god of war of the earth.
I know that the earth has just come back after being invaded, so there should be no record of my data on the earth. Who are you? The super soldier of the earth? The male angel who was shot by Song Sanlang woke up faintly. It’s not easy, but you used a fifth-grade spell. What did you do to me? Why is my divine power imprisoned? Who are you? Song Sanlang looked back at the male angel and cast a silence spell.
Be quiet, angel, I will heal Song Sanlang for you now, cast a pain-relief spell and a healing spell on Lingxi, then pull out the sword stuck in her body and throw it aside, turn around and shout to the soldiers, find this angel Put on a change of clothes, arrange a room for rest, and I need to find your leader, my injury is healed, what kind of ability do you have?