Flushed the toilet with cold water looked up and looked at myself in the mirror and suddenly felt that I seemed a little different exactly

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If you think this book is good, please try to buy the original book. Thank you for your support. Author Donggong Smiling Tencent Star Finished Text Type Noble Family Tens of Thousands of Words State Full Version Clicks Favorites Times Update Price Introduction Young Mistress’s Favorite Three Things Running Away From Home Angry Young Master Cuckolding Him Young Master’s Favorite Three Things Young Mistress Can’t Get Off The bed makes the young lady unable to get out of the bed The cute baby loves three sentences The baby is in his arms Mommy is begging the wolf dad to praise him on the bed Little Gu Ze, you can’t just be tough and dump me Gu Shao smiled slightly Alluring peerless met you I am soft everywhere except one place is hard The medium used the instantaneous counterattack speed to satisfy her fiercely in all directions and no dead ends.
Afterwards, Luo Xiaoxiao broke her fingers and cooked 700,000 yuan a night.
401,000,000. Are you Mao Changqi? The young grandma likes to carry money the most.
She ran away from home with a black belly.
The young master let her go to heaven and earth and catch her lightly. After many years, I met again at the airport. The cute baby took off his little sunglasses and looked up and down.
It’s an insult to my beauty, Gu Ze’s smile is sinister, no wonder the hats your mother gave me are all green Chapter 1 is desperate, take it off, don’t grind, the formulaic voice suddenly rang out, Luo Xiaoxiao’s pretty face turned pale, and she tightened her grip Underneath the men’s shirt, it’s her only concealment. All the lights are on her, and she can’t keep her eyes open. There’s no one there, but it’s just an illusion.
Those people are hiding under the lights, and she’s like a posing. Food under the light The big soft bed is covered with pink sheets deliberately creating a pink atmosphere The snow-white body is slumped inside softly The temperature in the studio is a little low and she can’t help but start to shiver Don’t waste time, hurry up Take it off Another sound of let She couldn’t help shaking, raised her head reflexively, her beautiful face was exposed to the light, but her trembling appearance invisibly aroused people’s desire to skip this scene and let the man play directly. The director gave Luo Xiaoxiao another order Looking at the man walking out of the darkness tremblingly, the man’s figure is tall and tall, about 1.8 meters tall, his muscles are sprayed out, his upper body is bare, his chest is exposed, and his lower body is only wearing a pair of briefs. With a wild taste, he walked towards Luo Xiaoxiao step by step.
His eyes were full of interest and desire.
Luo Xiaoxiao knew that the male actors who made this kind of film would take some special medicine before shooting.
The resulting film is more enjoyable, but the woman under them has to suffer several times the pain. The man walks in front of her. Her tall body blocks the light behind her. Compared with this The petite Xiaoxiao looks so thin, a strong masculinity rushes towards her, Luo Xiaoxiao clenched her hands tightly on her chest, she knows that the next moment will be the most humiliating moment, she will find it difficult to turn back and start filming with a command The man suddenly threw her down, grabbed her wrists and opened them to both sides, pressed her heavy body on the side of her head, and pressed her tightly.
She was flustered for a while, and instinctively turned her head to avoid the man’s kiss. What’s the matter with you? How to shoot? The director’s angry voice came from the darkness and woke her up. I’m sorry, Luo Xiaoxiao endured great shame and apologized to the other party. Reshooting, the light slowly dimmed. The man’s tall and heavy body pressed down on her petite body again.
The hot kiss fell on her neck. The man is obviously an old hand who knows how to mobilize a woman’s passion, but Luo Xiaoxiao only feels humiliated.
If she can die in this second, she will be very grateful to God. I don’t know if the medicine works.
The man’s breath begins The action of getting thicker is also a little impatient. When the man’s hand slowly touched her thigh, she suddenly tightened her legs subconsciously. We are shooting, can you be more professional? The man leaned close to her ear while kissing her.
Whispering, of course she knows that she is filming. It is because of knowing that it is more shameful.
Even though she has done psychological construction, but when she is actually lying on this bed, doing that kind of thing with a strange man under the light, it is more painful than killing her. Tears come from the corners of her eyes.
The man’s movement stopped and he raised his arms slightly to look down at the woman below him. Chapter 11 was desperate. The man’s movements stopped and he slightly raised his arms and looked down at the woman below him. Luo Xiaoxiao’s whole body was stiff and beautiful. Painful, distorted, beautiful and moving, don’t take pictures today. Her condition is not good. The result is definitely not satisfactory. The man suddenly stood up, twirled his hair randomly, and shouted to the director not to take pictures. What a joke, the cost of this day alone is too much. Who will be responsible for the tens of thousands of losses? I come with a voice as thin as a mosquito.
Luo Xiaoxiao sits up slowly, clutching her shirt. There is a tear on her pale face. I will pay. I want to terminate the contract. Do you know how much liquidated damages are required to terminate the contract No matter how much I will pay, Luo Xiaoxiao stood up shaking, her slender legs stepped on the cold floor, her voice trembling, please give me a month, I will definitely raise the money until I finish talking, pick up the clothes on the side, and run away Went out and ran barefoot on the cold road, but Luo Xiaoxiao couldn’t feel the cold because the coldest thing was her heart full of holes. The road in the dark night seemed to have no end, as if she had no way out in the future. At this time, the mobile phone suddenly It rang, wipe away your tears, hello Miss Luo? I just want to inform you that Nini’s treatment fee is about to expire, please come over and pay it again. I understand.