Flooded by magma The entrance to the Molten Core keeps gushing out lava Thaurissan How dare you betray your father The oath betrays me The

The Wordless Heavenly Book made Lu Zhongli a Taoist priest, but it took too long to practice Taoism.
How did he survive the disasters of monsters again and again when his strength was weak? Facing countless heroes, numerous demigods and invincible gods, how would he choose? Whether to choose evil or keep justice, everything will start from this turning point in history. The author’s custom label practice flow.
Chapter 1 of Warcraft, the elf Lu Zhongli of Ashen Valley, opened his eyes and found himself lying on a bed.
Looking up, there is a table not far away. On the table there is a water bottle and several cups.
There should be water bells in it.
He wanted to get up, but he fell back on the bed and looked at him, only to find that he was tightly bound by a gorgeous rope.
In fact, just when Lu Zhongli was about to call for someone, the leaf-like curtain at the door was lifted and a creature walked in. Why was it called a creature? That was because the one that walked in was unusually tall, even though it had a human shape. It was more than two meters tall. The complexion is lavender, the eyes are glowing, and the eyebrows and ears are extremely long. It doesn’t look like a human at all. The creature said something that Lu Zhongli couldn’t understand.
It was an obvious interrogative sentence, but it was not Lu Zhongli. Know any language Lu Zhongli shook his head and said, I don’t know what you are talking about.
The creature suddenly thought in his mouth.
Once a white light gathered in his hand, and then he stretched out his hand to Lu Zhongli.
The white light flew into Lu Zhongli’s body now. We can communicate with the creatures, said Lu Zhongli, and then realized that the light just now should belong to magic. It can teach him language or let the two people understand the two sides. Lu Zhongli nodded and said, my name is Lu Zhongli, where is this? It’s called Carlos Fallen Leaves, this is Ash Valley. When I found you, you were falling from the holy mountain. What did you go to the holy mountain for? The creature said what holy mountain. I don’t know.
What happened before? The creature waved at Lu Zhongli, and a ball of white light covered him again. I need to conduct a test.
If you are telling the truth, I will let you go. There is a wordless book in my family.
It may be a thing.
Someone wanted to snatch the treasure, so I ran away desperately. I was caught by them for a few months. They planted a bomb at my door. I was just about to escape from the door, and I detonated the bomb. I thought I was going to die.
When the brilliant light appeared Lu Zhongli honestly said that now he can be sure that he seems to have passed through because the creature in front of him is not any kind of elf that Lu Zhongli knows, it seems like a western elf, but he has seen the one in the Hollywood blockbuster Lord of the Rings The elves don’t look like this.
After hearing Lu Zhongli’s words, the creature took out a book from his arms and asked if it was this book.
Lu Zhongli saw that it was indeed the wordless book handed down by his ancestors, so he nodded.
The creature picked up the water glass After taking a sip, he directed Lu Zhongli to Lu Zhongli and realized that the rope binding him had loosened a lot, so he pulled the rope away. I took it off, endured the pain, got up, walked to the edge of the table, took a sip of the water glass, and asked what kind of creature you are. I have never seen a creature like you.
It is very similar to the elves in western myths and legends, but it is very big. The creature smiled slightly and returned the wordless book to Lu Zhongli before saying that I am a night elf. In our world, there is only one kind of elf. We evolved from shadow trolls, so the entire Kalimdor has only one kind of elf, me.
I’m curious what race you belong to. I’ve never seen a race like you. I’m a human.
According to our scientists’ research, we evolved from apes. Lu Zhongli shrugged. It seems that the theory of evolution is true in that world. The theory of evolution is called evolution. Carlos’ night elves were very interested and asked about the theory of evolution. It is a theory that living things will go through the survival of the fittest and choose species suitable for the natural environment to survive.
From single-celled animals to multi-cellular animals to plants or aquatic organisms to amphibians From oviparous animals to mammals, human beings are the smartest mammals, and then Lu Zhongli is a psychic who popularized the species of the earth for him.
After listening, Carlos thought for a while and said that maybe Kalimdor is not suitable for the theory of evolution. It didn’t evolve naturally from shadow trolls, but when we fought against the Zerg, we were cursed.
The curse tormented us.
Later, we found that living near the Well of Eternity can relieve the curse. After the transformation of the Well of Eternity, we became night elves. Zhongli was stunned for a while, so he had nothing to say. Carlos looked at Lu Zhongli without the desire to speak, so he patted him on the shoulder and said, I have already used the rejuvenation technique on you, and you will recover as long as you rest for a day.
Don’t think too much about it.
You will quickly integrate into this world. The second chapter activates the wordless book.
Lu Zhongli is not in the mood.
Now he is sore when he goes out.
Let him lie on the bed again and put the wordless book next to the pillow.
I don’t know if I closed my eyes again.
How long has it been since Carlos came once and brought food to Lu Zhongli, some bread and fruit wine? After eating Lu Zhongli felt sleepy and fell asleep before he knew it.
Suddenly a burst of bright light flew out from the pillow Lu Zhongli was awakened by the light.
Lu Zhongli looked at the light and it turned out to be the wordless book over there. Picking up the wordless book, he saw paragraphs of text displayed on it, and the words shot into Lu Zhongli’s head at high speed. Lu Zhongli stared at him in a daze After all the words entered his head, Lu Zhongli crooked his body and fell on the bed.
The wordless book also turned into a ball of light, surrounding Lu Zhongli’s body, and turned into a piece of clothing.
The next morning, Lu Zhongli got up from the bed and rubbed it.
Rubbing my head and remembering what happened yesterday feels incredible