Flew out flew sideways about two feet away fell on his back laughed loudly shook his head came to Hou Jun raised his right palm

Let’s talk about the Daleiyin Temple in the Western Ultimate Bliss World.
On this day, my Buddha Tathagata sits on a nine-grade lotus platform. On both sides, there are four great bodhisattvas, eight great vajras, five hundred arhats, three thousand verses, bhikkhus, nuns, upasikas, and saints who protect the Dharma. All listened to the wonderful Dharma scripture Tathagata was speaking, when the sky was full of flowers and the rain was colorful, suddenly there was a thunderous snoring sound, all the Bodhisattvas and Buddhas frowned slightly, and hurriedly followed the prestige, only to find that it was the audience, the emperor Ziwei, who was a little tired. I dozed off, Buddha Tathagata is a merciful and merciful lord, I didn’t care about this matter, unexpectedly, I annoyed the Dharma protector on the top of the Buddha, the Dapeng, the Golden Winged Ming King, the Golden Winged Peng shot two golden lights and glared, and saw that Ziwei was sleeping The saliva drools and the heart fires, spreads the golden wings and flies down, pecks at the back of Ziwei Great Emperor’s head, isn’t there such a sentence? He was pecked to death, the majestic god of heaven died so inexplicably, now he stabbed a hornet’s nest, and Emperor Ziwei’s soul flashed, a golden light rushed out of Leiyin Temple, went straight to Dongtu, reincarnated and admitted his mother, the book said The endorsement of Emperor Ziwei is not a disciple of Buddhism, but the orthodox god of the Taoist church.
The highest god in Taoism is the Sanqing Tianzun, that is, the Yuqing Emperor Yuanshi Tianzun, the Shangqing Emperor Lingbao Tianzun, the Taiqing Emperor Daode Tianzun, and there are four below the Sanqing Tianzun The assistant gods are called the Four Emperors, and their status is second only to that of the Sanqing Tianzun.
They are the Jade Emperor Ziwei and the Houtu Empress. Besides, Emperor Ziwei came to listen to the scriptures and lectures, accompanied by his seven disciples, known as the Big Dipper Seven Kings. These seven people saw their master being beaten to death by the golden-winged roc, and they immediately became furious. The magic weapon is fighting with the Golden Winged Roc. The Golden Winged Roc is ferocious in nature and has high mana.
Even the Great Luo Jinxian will let it get three points. At this time, with one enemy and seven, it is still not at all inferior to the Big Dipper. It is difficult to solve the problem. In other words, this golden-winged roc is not an unknown person. If you want to talk about it in detail, it is my uncle of the Buddha and Tathagata, and he is also related to the Buddha.
In other words, it is the first division of chaos. Yin, heaven and earth interbreed again, all things are born, all things have beasts, birds and beasts, the unicorn is the king, the birds are the phoenix, and the phoenix has the essence of the intercourse of heaven and earth, and gave birth to peacocks and rocs.
As long as you inhale inside and outside, you can suck people into your stomach. On this day, Sakyamuni built a six-foot-long golden body on the top of the snow mountain and was about to become a Buddha. Unexpectedly, he was sucked into his stomach by a peacock. The Buddha also thought at that time Crawling out of its dung door, but thinking about it, it is really disgusting and afraid of polluting the real body.
In the end, I had to cut open its back and crawl out from the peacock’s belly. So after Shakyamuni became a Buddha, he crawled out of the cave The bird was conferred as the Buddha’s mother, the Peacock Daming King Bodhisattva, and the Golden-winged Dapeng and the Peacock are brothers and sisters born to the same mother.
It is logical that they have also become Zhengguo. The bird is indeed Buddha’s uncle. The book continues the previous article. The Buddha’s insightful eyes knew that there was originally a karma and evil reason, so he recited the mantra and performed the supreme supernatural power to stop the gods from fighting. Now that the animals belong to me, why don’t Buddhas take refuge in the Five Precepts and still dare to fight like this I had no choice but to admit my punishment and abide by the decree of the law.
A golden light flew out of Leiyin Temple, drove auspicious clouds, and ran towards the direction where Ziwei was going away, and chased after it. I was about to reincarnate and looked at the direction where the golden-winged roc was going. Chi Dapeng is small, ferocious and warlike, and he definitely can’t swallow his breath.
I’m afraid he won’t let their master go after the next world, so the seven of them looked at each other with a heart-to-heart agreement, and immediately extinguished themselves.
Reincarnated in the lower realm, pressing the sky does not mean that the human world is now the thirty-eighth year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty. In the spring of the 38th year of the Ming Dynasty, Shao Huayang, the director of the Qin Tianjian Supervisor, was watching the sky at night on the Zijin Mountain Observatory in Nanjing. The sky is full of stars in the east. If you wish, the horizontal stars in the south are bright and orderly, which symbolizes the good harvest this year. The clouds in the western sky are like brocades, which symbolizes the tranquility of the frontier.
Suddenly, the northeastern Liaodong area of ​​the sky is discovered.
Ruoming and Ruoming, Shao Huayang immediately became alarmed.
This celestial phenomenon indicates that Emperor Ziwei is about to descend to the earth, and descend to Liaodong.
This is so important that such a big matter must be played at the imperial court.
Shao Huayang didn’t dare to neglect, hurriedly walked down from the observatory and ran towards the Forbidden City.
At this time, Emperor Jiajing just went to the chief eunuch to preach.
Long live my emperor, I have a copy of the report.
I watched the stars recently and found that the king’s aura is rising in the Liaodong area of ​​the northeast.
There must be a mixed dragon in this world. Please ask the emperor to ask the emperor Jiajing to be shocked when he hears this.
If there is such a thing, you can see it. It is true and true. Guaranteeing the lives of the whole family At this time, there was an uproar in the court, and all the ministers were filled with righteous indignation and asked for orders to go to the northeast to capture the mixed dragon. In the end, the emperor personally sent Shao Huayang to lead tens of thousands of troops to the northeast, wanting to be one step ahead before the emperor star landed. Find the land where the dragon dives, break the dragon’s veins, Fengshui, prevent the emperor’s star from descending to earth, it’s just mountains and mountains in Liaodong