Fix your golden dandelion Xiang Wans expression is slightly cold Wen Shaoqing suddenly gets excited I can do it too If you want me too

Two hundred years later, in Xie Changji’s illusion, the girl was sitting not far away, looking up at the sky full of stars and the starlight falling into her eyes.
Her eyes carried a vitality that was completely different from his life. She turned her head and reflected the nineteen-year-old him in her eyes.
Have you ever seen a dream butterfly? She asked him, staring at her, with a steady look.
Then I will send you a girl, saying that the blue butterfly with fluorescent light changes from the palm of her hand. Butterfly fluttering, his gaze fixed on the girl’s face motionless, the butterfly landed on the back of the girl’s hand, the girl leaned forward slightly towards him, handed her hand to him to touch him, looked at the butterfly girl’s voice, you can see it with just a touch Seeing the person you want to see the most I want to see him blankly muttering and involuntarily raising his eyes to look at the girl’s face The girl’s smile is the same as before, but her complexion gradually becomes almost transparent, he seems to have a premonition of something, he holds his breath and opens his eyes wide, but the surroundings are spinning, the ground is rumbling, everything seems to be Everything collapsed, he knelt on the spot and stared blankly at the girl falling towards the bottom of the cliff where thousands of ghosts were howling. She was swallowed up by countless demons, but she was still smiling. Xie Changji, her voice was very soft. At that moment, he heard her voice that seemed to be regretful and fortunate Stretching out his blood-stained hand, he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t make a sound, he was like a person born with aphasia, he could only utter short hoarse syllables when he opened his mouth a few times, and he couldn’t even say her name, touch this dream butterfly, you’d better Who would he want to see the girl’s back appearing in the icy world? This time he raised his sword and chased after him without hesitation. Who would he most want to see? Countless demons surged up.
He fought and slashed after that back.
The name he didn’t say out of his mouth. The phantom, but he couldn’t stop the long sword in his hand and the footsteps of the long silence. The call came from a distance, but he had no time to care about the blurring of the figure in front of him. His breathing was short of breath and he was chasing the long silence like crazy. It began to collapse in the distance, the girl stopped, and he ran wildly on the collapsed ground.
The moment he grabbed the girl’s sleeve, the last shout came from Xie Changji. The girl slowly turned her head and showed a bright smile. Like quicksand, the whole world disappears and flies away.
He stares blankly at it all, and finally makes a hoarse sound. In the evening, the surroundings turn into darkness.
He stands alone in this emptiness with his sword in hand. After a long time, he slowly opens his eyes. He sits cross-legged. The ground covered with ice and snow, the eyes are covered by white damask, the eyes are a vast expanse of whiteness, but you can still use your spiritual sense to check the surroundings, there is an old man in a green shirt standing next to him, it seems that he has been waiting for him for a long time, the old man is relieved, you are awake Just now, the breath is not stable and you are in the illusion again.
Bai Ling lowered her eyes slightly and did not respond. The surrounding area is the sound of snowflakes falling. Ahead is a huge pit with no bottom. A lightsaber hangs high above the pit.
Together with the faintly illuminated rune array on the deep pit, the realm of death and life of the Heavenly Sword Sect is the place where the other world meets the own world.
For tens of thousands of years, it has been guarded by the Wenxin Sword of the Heavenly Sword Sect.
Countless demons who tried to cross the border were killed by the Wenxin Sword The lower world of life and death is covered with ice and snow all the year round, so as to keep one’s mind calm so that the guardians will not be disturbed by the demonic energy.
In the past, the deep pits here are full of magma, but now they are pitch black and bottomless, because he has slaughtered demons from other worlds in the past two hundred years. He was silent for a long time because he didn’t dare to break the boundary near Kong Do me a favor, Xie Changji didn’t respond and supported himself to get up. Not long after he entered the samadhi, the snow all over his body moved like an avalanche, and the thick snow fell, revealing his tattered Taoist robe.
You also saw him dressed in blue. The old man’s attention was attracted.
In the past, I chased him and went forward and complained.
At least it’s the sword master Tianjianzong’s signature. No one buys you clothes.
Why are you dressed so shabby? Your master handed you over to me before he died.
What is going to see his uncle? Xie Changji interrupted the chatter of this uncle named Kun Xuzi and led him to walk in the snow. Kun Xuzi felt a bit bitingly cold in the cold wind and couldn’t help pulling It was only then that La Yishan remembered that there was a bit of seriousness on the face of the matter. A few days ago, the leader received news that there seemed to be something wrong with the demon lord of the western region.
Those demon cultivators fought among themselves for the position of the demon lord. They may start the heir trial in advance. What are we doing? Xie Changji’s voice is steady and barefoot in the snow, making a crunching sound of stepping on the snow. Listen to me and explain in detail. Kun Xuzi patiently explained that the western region is different from our Yunlai sects. The western region is unified by the devil’s orders The subdivision is divided into three palaces, nine sects, and eighteen sects to govern each level.
When the demon lord is alive, he will prepare a group of heirs in advance. Before he dies, he will prepare a trial.
The heirs will take part in the test and finally the demon lord will be selected. The old man in blue is talking. Twisted Beard is quite emotional.
Originally, the abilities of these heirs were all about the same, but now there is a person named Hua Xiangwan.
Two hundred years ago, she was still a young leader in the Western Region. Everyone said that the next demon lord must be her, but it is said that it was a person two hundred years ago. Fighting with her half-broken golden core, she has now become a useless person. If she participates in the heir trial, she will undoubtedly die It is most suitable for dual cultivation with the same lineage as our Heavenly Sword Sect, but in order to advance quickly, she asked the Heavenly Sword Sect to marry her.
What do you want me to do? Xie Changji asked at this moment a small courtyard appeared in front of them.
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