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The wedge story takes place in the century of planet Fortebo.
This is a planet with extremely advanced technology. This is an era that has long been intelligent. The space wormhole travels through time and space.
Intelligent people are omnipotent.
The boundless sea divides this continent into two parts. Five or five continents evolved from this. Zhonglin Continent in the world, Sunrise in the East, Dongyuan Continent in the East, End of the World, South Yuwen Continent, Paradise of Paradise, Xili Continent, North Yan Continent with polar scenery, formed today’s Forte Bo planet Forte Unlike the earth, the glassy planet has no distinction between seasons, summer, autumn and winter.
Blazing stars and scorching stars do not bring vitality to the Fortebo planet like the sun. The rotation axis of the Tebo planet is at an angle to the plane that revolves around the blazing star. The three huge stars are relatively static. The strangest thing is that the two superstars in the same orbit are forced to influence the Fortebo planet. The rotation of the two stars is forcibly eliminated by the two big stars.
The strange two sides of the two stars have also caused the five continents of the Fortebo planet to form a completely different scene. The direct light point is located in the center of the Zhonglinzhou continent.
Although Yuwenzhou is also hot all the year round, the temperature is much lower than that. There is also Linzhou across the middle of Nanyuwenzhou. It is the northern land of Beiyanzhou.
The sunlight here is extremely rare and the temperature is below zero all year round. Sunrise in the east. Dongyuanzhou is, as its name suggests, the first continent from darkness to light.
However, this process is irreversible. After dawn, you come to Beiyanzhou, which is always dark at night. Although there is no light at all, the temperature is the most suitable because of the two. The heat energy and light energy emitted by the big stars are too powerful.
Those places that are directly irradiated by the light directly form a sea of ​​fire comparable to the size of Beiyanzhou.
The hot magma penetrates the surface and the super high temperature is continuously transmitted to the dark side of the planet. Like a wormhole, it exudes vast heat.
Because the Fortebo planet is too huge, it is enough to destroy everything. The terrifying temperature has already lost its sharpness when it reaches the dark Xilizhou all the year round. Here, the four seasons are truly like spring. In that distant era. Due to various reasons, the planet Fortebo has always been immersed in chaos. There was no sign of life on the planet until a few years ago. Hundreds of millions of earthlings flocked into this forgotten world with extremely advanced science and technology and the spirit of exploration.
The vast majority of people come from a great and tenacious Chinese nation. Since then, they have left the blue earth on which they live and started a new life.
Over the years, people have undergone continuous evolution in their wisdom before they have the civilizations of the five continents mentioned above. Powerful technological means have resisted the endless heat and cold and created another civilized continent.
Every continent has an ancestor family.
They are the absolute masters of the continent. Li Zhou’s Li family is north of Yan Zhou’s Yan family, and among them, Zhong Linzhou is the most powerful.
Of the top ten most powerful countries on Fortebo Planet, Zhonglin Zhou occupies the east. Lin Wu, the founding ancestor of the Lin family in Yuanzhou and Nanyuwenzhou, Xilizhou and Beiyanzhou, is known as Emperor Wu. In that endless life, he has forgotten when and how he came to the planet Fortebo.
He has already forgotten.
He is the only person who has the remnant memories of those days.
He vaguely remembers that he is a Chinese and he is from the Chinese nation. Even the ever-changing history cannot erase it from his memory. This is the world of football.
A supreme belief People’s life is inseparable from football. Various powers, countries, continents, and even the entire Fortebo planet. Whether honor, disgrace or honor is determined by football.
After years of inheritance and evolution, it has formed in this world where football is respected. A strictly hierarchical training system. There are three professions on the planet Fortebo. They are ball handlers, tacticians, and coaches that countless people dream of.
Among them, ball handlers are the most honorable. This is also the most complicated professional caddy.
The right foot is golden, the left foot is the hero, the king of the ball, the god of the ball, the holy ball emperor, nine different football realms.
Countless people spend their lives just to pursue the supreme power of the world under their feet. First-line, third-line, second-line, first-line, super-first-line, golden right foot, golden left foot, balance of football skills, the gap between super and top, many people will not be able to cross the gap in a lifetime The talent is really a generation of football masters. The four levels of Tiandi Xuanhuang and each level are huge. A generation of football kings can form their own forces. The magic of scoring goals is beyond redemption to this level.
One person can get one point and eleven is equivalent to eleven people.
Compared with the order makers and maintainers in the world, the ball handlers and motivators are actually the most popular tacticians. The tacticians can use their super global control ability to create ball intentions out of thin air, and the ball handlers are ball handlers.
It is conceivable that they have a noble status and status in the world with one step. Tacticians are divided into sparring tactics, analysts, assistants, head coaches, master-level head coaches, master-level head coaches, ancestor-level head coaches, and even seven levels. You are so talented that once in a hundred years, you spend your whole life, but you stop at the master level.
The tactician of the head coach is common in the world with one step, and the profession of coaching is quite special.
In comparison, its history is not as long as the former two.