Fireworks filled half of the sky with brilliant purples and reds all of you have never seen fireworks before but fireworks with such a magnificent

Super wormholes can open space-time tunnels at any time, allowing people to travel back and forth between parallel universes. With a dressing mirror, you can go back to the Song Dynasty eight hundred years ago, and you can exchange for a luxurious mansion and a few charming maidservants to transport two hundred bags of rice to the zombie-infested world. The end of the world can be exchanged for an Apache helicopter gunship. The gene sample on the gecko tail can be exchanged for a robot production line from a high-tech world. The wonderful life comes from countless times through the wormhole. In the wilderness of the first chapter, Li Hao is sitting On a computer chair, the right hand is holding a signature pen, the left hand is holding a book of kernel source code analysis, staring dumbfounded at the rolling hills in the distance, surrounded by lush trees, the morning sun shines through the gaps in the leaves Formed beams of light of different thicknesses, the clear and melodious calls of birds came from the trees.
The morning wind blew through the leaves, and there was a rushing sound.
As far as the eye could see, there was no one, not a single building.
Li Hao looked at the surrounding scenery in horror. Last moment, he was in China In the dormitory of the Polytechnic University, a blue light flashed in front of him just now.
He felt weightless for a moment, and then he appeared in this wilderness with a chair. Could this be the legendary time travel? After a while, he suddenly remembered something, reached out and tremblingly took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket, looked at the screen of the mobile phone, and sure enough, it showed that no network signal was found. Li Hao got off the computer chair and stood alone in this wilderness, feeling helpless in his heart.
Fear and doubt mixed with all kinds of feelings, and he looked around carefully. He suddenly found that there seemed to be a small road in the mountains and forests. This was the only trace left by man-made in the vicinity. You have to figure out your situation. Turning a corner along the mountain, you can see that there is a loess road at the bottom of the hillside. On the road, there are a few pedestrians in ancient costumes.
At a glance, those pedestrians wearing ancient costumes really have passed through Li. Hao’s feet softened and his buttocks sat on the ground. He seemed to have lost his soul. He didn’t know how long he had been sitting on the road down the mountain. Several groups of pedestrians and a group of porters had passed by. When he was at a loss, Li Hao seemed to hear a soft voice. The female voice super wormhole test was successful.
Return to the main world. I want to go back.
Li Hao blurted out a sentence and then realized something was wrong.
Immediately jumped up and looked around. No pedestrians, Li Hao was surprised, and a blue light suddenly lit up in front of his eyes. The blue light gradually expanded to form a transparent aperture. The aperture slowly expanded to about two meters in diameter before stopping.
He could see through the aperture.
He was so familiar with things in the aperture that he could no longer be familiar with it. A thick and old laptop is placed on a desk. Next to the desk is a double-layered iron bed. This is exactly my dormitory in Huaxia University of Science and Technology. Li Hao crosses the aperture without thinking about it. He is too eager to return Familiar environment, when passing through the aperture, his whole body seems to have crossed an obstacle, there is a very short-lived feeling of weightlessness, and then he returns to normal immediately After taking a closer look, Li Hao has already returned to his dormitory. Li Hao turned his head and looked at the aperture behind him. It still exists, floating quietly. The edge of the aperture is a circle of blue light. The space around the blue light is slightly distorted, rippling like water waves, and can be seen through the aperture.
In the forest where the morning breeze passed by, the branches and leaves of the trees swayed gently, the circle of light gradually narrowed and finally shrank into a blue dot, and then disappeared. Li Hao took two steps back to his bed, sat down on his buttocks and panted heavily with his mouth wide open.
I don’t know how long it took Li Hao to come back to his senses. After thinking about it for a while, he felt afraid that if he was trapped in that time and space alone, he would never see his parents, relatives, friends, and classmates. In the whole world, there is no acquaintance, what should Li Hao do? In the bathroom, I washed my face vigorously for a few times before my mood slowly calmed down. It wasn’t my hallucination just now, maybe at least a computer chair was missing in the dormitory. This is unscientific. A few days ago, the school started the summer vacation.
The three students in the same dormitory had already gone home, and Li Hao wanted to stay here to do a summer job, so he was the only one in the dormitory. Li Hao’s family is a rural school.
He has been paying for his work-study tuition fees, which he has earned for two years of schooling.
Not only did he not spend any money from his family, he also sent some money back every now and then.
Although the supernatural incident just now made him palpitate, today is the first day of his summer job, and he has spent a lot of energy.
I just found this summer job. Without this job, he would not be able to pay the tuition for the next semester, and he would not be able to send money home to relieve the burden on his parents. Anyway, he must go to work at this time. Seeing the sunshine outside the window, Li Hao couldn’t help but feel He took out his phone and saw that it was already past nine o’clock. The accident of crossing just now made him delay for more than an hour.
He didn’t care about eating breakfast.
He hurried out of the school gate and took the bus to the software park.
The place to work is the software park. This summer job in one of the companies is to help this software company fill in the code, which is also commonly known as a code farmer. When he rushed to work and walked into the office panting, the classmates who worked with him on the summer job had already been assigned tasks. Silently typing on the keyboard, Li Hao, come to my office, the fat-headed and big-eared personnel manager of the company appeared, as soon as Li Hao walked into the office, the personnel manager scolded at the beginning, what time is it now, a pig has more time concept than you please You are here to do things, not to invite you to be an uncle, Li Hao secretly complained in his heart, yes, a pig has a more sense of time than me, you have a better sense of time than me, but he said in his mouth that the manager has a special situation today, any special circumstances, all special circumstances. It’s an excuse, don’t say you were stuck in traffic for more than an hour, uh