Fingers can crush you to death hahahaha watching Han Minghao laugh wildly Natasha frowned Han Minghaos strength is also the level of a super gene

Chapter 1: The opening encounter with the Hydra killer, Manhattan Chinatown, several gunshots came from the Doug Hotel, and guests poured out of the hotel screaming.
The beauty calmly mixed in the crowd, a trace of Yin Hong’s blood dripped down along with her footprints, she is Natasha Romanoff, a SHIELD agent codenamed Black Widow, this joint operation is a trap set by the Hydra organization After the firefight, Natasha was hit by the Hydra killer in the shoulder and could only escape with injuries.
She quickly glanced at the chaotic street, then turned decisively and walked into the side alley. Separately chasing after him, in a dark alley at the moment, a young man of Chinese descent was squatting in the garbage dump and finally found it. The young man dug out an old acupuncture bag.
There were thirteen golden acupuncture needles in the acupuncture bag, which were discarded by a nearby traditional Chinese medicine clinic.
The young man who threw it away wiped the sweat from his forehead and smiled helplessly at the corner of his mouth. This body is such a waste. The original owner of the body was just hit by a speeding car not long ago. When he was about to die, Han Long’s soul traveled to In his previous life, he was a peerless expert in the Dragon Kingdom and the Han Sect. Han Long’s medical skills are invincible and poisonous. It is not an ordinary world, but the Marvel world. The Marvel world has many cosmic planes, including the main cosmic plane and the movie plane.
It’s different. Han Long is now in a brand-new Marvel universe numbered plane. In this plane, Iron Man and the Hulk have not yet appeared. Black Widow and Natasha are only 2 years old. She just joined S.H.
This is a world with infinite possibilities.
Han Long can rely on his knowledge of Marvel to counterattack. He can take in all the superheroes in this new Marvel world as younger brothers. He can build a Marvel Empire of his own here.
Of course, this must first be his own.
This bag of gold needles is the beginning of Han Long’s domination of everything. At this time, the sound of rushing high heels rang in the dark alley.
Natasha ran towards Han Long with one deep foot and one shallow foot. The gunshot wound on the shoulder was bleeding more than the white fox fur was dyed red, a burly black-clothed killer chased into the alley and grinningly said, “You can’t escape.
” Natasha pulled out the Glock pistol at her waist and pointed at Han.
Long Leng drank out of the way.
Han Long glanced at Natasha and didn’t move. Are you an idiot? Natasha didn’t care about arguing with Han Long and hurriedly turned around and aimed at the killer. Before she could shoot, the black-clothed killer swooped in and kicked him The huge force and inertia of Natasha’s pistol kicked Natasha back several steps and hit Han Long. The two fell to the ground at the same time.
Their bodies were entangled with each other. Natasha felt a hard object under Han Long’s pressure. Jacking up her legs jerk Nata Sha pushed Han Long to the side, and Han Long rolled to the side, tightly grasping the hard acupuncture bag in his hands. Before Natasha stood up, the black-clothed killer kicked Natasha to the wall with one move and two steps. Natasha let out a muffled grunt, leaning against the wall and paralyzed on the ground, with blood oozing from the corner of her mouth.
After being kicked twice by me, the killer was still alive.
The killer looked at Natasha with great interest. It seems that you have also been injected with gene serum.
It’s a pity that you I’m just a rookie, and I’m still far behind.
Tell me all the information you know, and I can give you a good time. Otherwise, I’ll let you experience the torture that our hydra treats women.
Hehehe, Natasha is seductive. Smile, okay, come here and let me tell you quietly, the black-clothed killer smiled and walked up to Natasha Prepared to grab Natasha’s swan-like neck first, and lifted Natasha up with one hand.
The black-clothed killer grinned grinningly and said, “You are not far behind, but I like young children the most, and I will love you well.” Hehehe, the killer in black ripped off Natasha’s blood-stained white fox fur coat. Natasha’s black silk bottom shirt and her graceful curves under the bottom shirt were completely exposed. Natasha’s blood was half cold. Luckily it didn’t hurt Han Long slowly got up and dusted off the dust on his body.
The black-clothed killer frowned.
I almost forgot that there was an inconspicuous bug here. Natasha rekindled her hope. gun