Find a way to solve the magic spell as long as you defeat Qinchao you can let me out Im not in a hurry I

Waiting for the characters to be so weird. Chapter 1 The phoenix-tailed chicken is lost. Most of the capable people and strangers in the world are divided into two types. One is for those who practice martial arts. They practice internal skills in their bodies. What people practice in their bodies is to fight with magic power.
After thousands of years of continuous integration, the sect of cultivating immortals and practicing martial arts has gradually become stable on the basis of martial arts and law. They are divided into five major sects. After returning to Lanshan Mountain, the gate of Spring River is full of moonlit nights.
Among the five sects, Yilan Mountain is the head. There are many branches of Yilan Mountain. There are also many disciples who have profound attainments in various fields. The other four sects are also sincerely convinced and willing to live under the gate of Yilan Mountain. The three branches are Shuiyunjian, Biyuntian, Fuyuntai, and three saints sit in charge of Shuiyunjian. The sage, Hai Yunyuan, the sage, Gong Shilang, if he hadn’t come to Yilan Mountain, he would have been a romantic and unrestrained son, because he was born on a cloudy day, so he was considered an unlucky person.
The family originally wanted to kill him.
In the end, he couldn’t bear to hide from the disaster, so he was sent to the foot of Yilan Mountain, so he was taken in by Yilan Mountain. Although Yilan Mountain is mainly based on magic, Gong Shilang is talented and clever. He combined the stick technique with magic to create an original set of thunderbolt stick techniques. His weapon is also a fiery red thunderbolt stick, so he can be regarded as a mix of his own achievements.
If there are any rules in the Shuiyunjian controlled by the original sage, it is probably because he took in the youngest female disciple Qi Yuexing. After that, it gradually increased. For example, Qiyuexing is not allowed to sing loudly at night.
Qiyuexing is not allowed to bring toads into the classroom.
Qiyuexing is not allowed to go down the mountain to visit brothels and so on. He can understand that he is a child after all, just like Yu Beiliu, who is called romantic Yu Shao among his nine disciples, is also very naughty and lively on weekdays, but only after Qi Yuexing entered the sect did Yuanshang Sheng know that Yu Beiliu met Qi. Yue Xing is simply a little witch who sees the great witch Shui Yunjian originally had no female disciples. The original sage kindly took in such a female disciple, but who would have thought that this female disciple would be more stubborn than the man? Qi Yuexing is ten years old. It was time to come to Yilan Mountain, River and Cloud, and listened to the teachings and practiced by Yuan Shangsheng.
It has been eight years since the eighteen-year-old Qi Yuexing, although he was listed among the four beauties of the fairy sect because of his beautiful appearance, he still named himself Liuguang.
You Shi looks like a clear and restrained fairy family name, but his style is quite different. His eyes are piercing and eager, and there is a light of longing inside, staring at the things in front of him intently.
But the skirt is all pinned to the waist, the sleeves are rolled up, the trouser legs are rolled up, and a big fat chicken is sitting on the grill in front of a homemade grill. If you want to grab the roast chicken and eat it, just listen to the junior sister, afraid of something coming, hiding in the room and secretly eating the roast chicken, someone will disturb everyone Are you going to help prepare the annual feast of the Immortal Gate in advance? Why is there still time for Senior Brother Ninth to come over and take care of himself? The smell is so strong that no matter how you hide it, you can’t hide it Qi Yuexing looked left and right, and finally opened the door a little before Brother Jiu Yu Beiliu opened the door of his room Beiliu looked at Qi Yuexing’s way of opening the door, and knew that she was destined to be in the room. I don’t know what the hell she was doing.
Everyone should make preparations in advance and you still don’t help.
Originally, there were ten of us this time. The disciples are only you and me and the senior brother left. The rest of the people have to come back the day before the feast of the fairy gate.
Why don’t you go over and help yourself to hide here? I’m idle. Where can I be idle? I’m busy. Qi Yuexing quibbled. Busy sleeping, busy making troubles, Yu Beiliu didn’t show mercy to Qi Yuexing, directly exposed Qi Yuexing, biting his lips and hard lips, I was busy practicing, cultivating Yu Beiliu seemed to have heard a big joke and laughed out loud Junior Sister, the funniest joke I heard this year is that you said you were busy cultivating hahaha you can’t wait to eat, drink and have fun every day and you are busy cultivating hahaha Don’t laugh, Qi Yuexing stomped his feet, anyway, there are people in front of me who are helping you, so I don’t need you What’s the matter? I’ll make trouble for them if I go, so I’ll just stay in the room obediently, Yu Beiliu, don’t laugh, hurry up and leave in peace.
When you came to the door, quickly stuck your foot against the door, poked your nose and sniffed it a few times, and asked Qi Yuexingdao, what smells so fragrant in your room, did you secretly eat something delicious behind our backs, Yu Beiliu, are you a dog nose? Afraid of being found out, if it is the senior brother, then Qi Yuexing has absolute confidence to perfunctory him, but it is the ninth senior brother, how could it be possible? The chicken flew to my door Since it came, how could I let it go back? No, I’m grilling it and I’m ready to eat it.
Don’t bother me, Brother Jiu, go and do your work.
Master asks me, you just say I’m practicing hard. Walking in Beiliu, taking advantage of Qi Yuexing not paying attention to his feet, he opened the door and walked into the room Qi Yuexing was so anxious that he called Yu Beiliu Jianghu called you romantic Yu Shao, you are really romantic, even your junior sister’s boudoir you Don’t let it go, it’s like a flower picker, lacquer and moon, I can tell you, don’t talk nonsense, girl, why are you so inattentive to your rascality, we can’t find another one in Yilan Mountain I’m so flirtatious, I can’t match it, I don’t care if you go out, you go out, don’t grab my roast chicken