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Survive your sister, this is a group of bitter people who use their feet as stepping stones.
The inner roar is actually a fortress in the game to summon a group of girls who simply want to live here, but step by step to reach the peak that no one can match.
The first chapter of the story I will never be the first party again Link swore that if he had another chance to choose, he would never be a web game first party again, he would definitely spend all his money Go to the game and become the richest one in the game. Not long ago, he just came home from work and randomly found a newly released page game Goddess Continent to play and relax. To see if the game is fun, Link rushed for a piece.
Qian made a head start and was about to try the new game. The head shot just rushed in and took two minutes to quickly take a look at the novice strategy.
Link was ready to enter the game and have a big fight, but in the next moment he came In a dark and damp forest, as a city man, Link has no ability to survive in the wild. If he is left alone in the forest, he may not be able to survive a night.
He may be killed by some wild beast at any time.
It was taken away, and the surrounding environment also made Link’s heart pounding. It seemed that the trees he saw in his daily life, including those in the video, were completely different.
This meant that this place was probably no longer the earth but an alien The world is gone, but it doesn’t make any difference. For Link, it’s just as deadly. Fortunately, there’s no end to the road. After a period of panic, Link found that the browser game he was playing also came over when he crossed.
Looking at his lonely diamond, Link immediately wanted to cry again. Really, really, if I had a chance, I would never be a unitary party again, and I would definitely spend all the money in my salary card The remorse that rushed into Link’s heart was beyond words, and then he discovered something even worse. The main mission, how can it be upgraded without the main mission? Link suddenly panicked and finally grabbed a life-saving straw, but one disaster after another was inevitable.
He quickly closed his eyes and desperately began to recall the information about this krypton gold web game Goddess Continent, but the more anxious his mind was, the more blank it became. Link hit his head desperately like a large crowd The bees are buzzing and buzzing in the ears, making people upset and want to yell, but this is the depths of the forest, who knows what kind of threat a sudden yelling will bring? It’s over, Link suddenly remembered The first sentence of the strategy is to follow the novice guide to upgrade to the level. If I can upgrade to the level, I will still be in such pain.
Link can’t wait to beat up the guy who wrote the strategy.
Without the novice guide, how should I upgrade? All the information Link finally thought of something in an anxious mood.
First of all, this is a western fantasy game, that is, the type of magic lord, and then it is a hodgepodge of online games. The page game is a game where the player’s personal enhancement and territory fortress enhancement are carried out at the same time. Link suddenly realized that he came over. What about his fortress? He immediately looked around, but only saw a dark and endless forest and a pile of messy stones.
And the wood is a narrow river in the distance.
Nothing matches the image of the fortress in Link’s mind. Am I the only one here? Thinking that the fortress is not there, Link suddenly despaired.
In his limited impression, the characters in this game All the upgrades and enhancements come from your own fortress.
If there are no characters in the fortress, it will be completely finished.
I can’t be reconciled. Link growled and kept looking around but didn’t find anything.
When his eyes swept over the pile After the stones and trees together, he finally got a little suspicious.
These things Link pondered for a moment. Could it be the building materials of the fortress? He calmed down and recalled that the moment he entered the game, there were piles of building materials on the flat ground.
The arrows of the system pointed to those material requirements. The player went to build, and then he switched the webpage to make a first charge.
Yes, this should be the fortress that needs to be built by himself. Link reacted and immediately became excited.
With the fortress, everything can develop smoothly.
Just as Link was happy. At that moment, a sudden rustling sound came from a distance, restraining his happy mood.
A sudden fear surged in Link’s heart. He immediately determined the direction of the sound and ran towards the side of the piled stones, hiding behind and being careful. Observing, the rustling sound soon ended.
A huge upright creature came out from behind the tree.
It was an extremely terrifying creature, and it made Link completely understand that he was really no longer on the earth. What appeared was a tall creature.
The protruding kissing mouth and sharp teeth of the monster, which is almost half a meter long, don’t look like a good thing. Its gnarled muscles are covered with dirty animal skins indiscriminately. A message flashed in Link’s heart. This monster can also be regarded as a civilization. Creatures at least know how to be ashamed and wear clothes.
As for keeping warm, Link’s thin clothes don’t feel cold at all, which can be ruled out. Existence? The monster gradually escaped from the shadow of the trees. Link took all the images of the monster into his eyes and felt a little familiar. Was it a werewolf or a kobold with brown hair all over his body? As he walked over, this monster was very powerful.
Link saw a small tree blocking the way was pushed to the ground by the opponent.
Such a wild and powerful guy, Link directly classified the opponent as a werewolf in his heart.