Finally no more hesitation and striding forward Chi Chi Chi Chi One hundred and eight small golden swords flashed out and turned into a dazzling

Han Yu Tianlang Continent Yan Kingdom Jinzhou Ding Han Yu was sweating profusely, threw a small hammer that was severely deformed on the stone platform in front of him and muttered, I am too difficult to be a low-ranking student of Jinxuanmen If the slave disciples fail to complete the daily tasks for a total of two months, they will be expelled from the school. I heard that part of the memory will be forcibly erased.
He had to hand over two hundred catties of black iron to the handyman’s department in one month.
Before that, Han Yu had already lost a chance to be exempted because the senior brother in charge deliberately found fault.
Han Yu’s mood is naturally very depressed.
Coming from the earth, he has just experienced the double blow of unemployment and a car accident. His soul travels to another world. This ordinary-looking sixteen-year-old boy named Han Yu has not found any system or system for half a month. According to Goldfinger’s remnants of his body, two years ago, with great difficulty, he joined Jinxuanmen, a cultivating school of immortals, and became a handyman disciple who was in charge of blacksmithing.
If he left Jinxuanmen, with Han Yu’s inferior qualification The chickens and donkeys that were included in other sects were almost zero, but a few days ago, he caught up with crossing Han Yu and fell ill again for ten days, his limbs were weak, his head was muddled, and he was unable to fight the iron.
Hell, he only has more than 80 catties of hundred-refined black iron, and even less than half of the mission.
The daily mission is definitely over. At this moment, Han Yu habitually picked up the small hammer that accompanied him day and night, thinking hard, but he was still at a loss. Looking around, the heart is infinitely wandering. This is a rough stone house built by the mountain. There is a furnace for frying iron, a pool for quenching, black iron ore, charcoal, bellows, various iron tools, and a narrow and flat stone platform. This stone platform is used for forging iron during the day and at night.
Just clean it up and it can be used as a bed. There are hundreds of such stone houses side by side in this remote small valley. You can hear all kinds of iron strikes everywhere.
Could it be that I, Han Yu, are so unlucky? On the earth, I wake up early, work late at night, work overtime, and still get kicked out. I thought I could travel through it. Changing fate, who would have thought that he would wear a bitter body again? The worst thing is that he will have to be kicked out again at the end of the month. I am offending someone. The more Han Yu thinks about it, the more depressed he becomes.
Suddenly, Han Yu suddenly let out an exclamation. Han Yu found that there was an extra mung bean-sized, almost transparent dot on his Yintang, close to Tianling Gai. If he didn’t look up carefully, it would be hard to detect. Knowing when the little green dot appeared, Han Yu concentrated on the little green dot. After a few seconds, a lavender translucent panel suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. Above the panel was an antique bronze tripod engraved with many unknown spirit patterns. There is a small hammer and a piece of black iron in the heart. Each is wrapped in a cloud of white mist and suspended in mid-air.
There are a few lines of small dark green characters at the bottom of the panel. Name Han Yu Linggen low-grade spells No skill method Jinxuan Tunashu low-grade human first-level cultivation is Qi refining, first-level weapon refining, and iron-making apprentice Fuck, it’s finally my turn.
It’s not easy! After being happy for less than half a minute, the smile on his face completely froze. Han Yu’s heart suddenly turned cold.
The characteristic is that the refining tool has no choice but to focus on the small hammer that floats slightly in the heart of the tripod. At this moment, a prompt box with purple background and green characters suddenly pops out. The name of the tool is rough.
The hammer has no material There is a golden circular button marked with a smelter under a catty of 100-refined black iron. Holding the attitude of giving it a try, Han Yu directly clicked with his mind, followed by a clear sound, the prompt box flashed, and the small bronze cauldron began to spew out continuously. A cloud of white mist soon completely covered the small hammer and the hundred-refined black iron. After a while, the thick fog dissipated.
The refiner failed.
Han Yu was stunned for a moment and clicked to confirm.
At this time, the hundred-refined black iron on the top of the small bronze tripod had disappeared without a trace, leaving only the small iron hammer hanging alone in the heart of the tripod.
Han Yu suddenly thumped in his heart and closed his eyes subconsciously.
The refining panel disappeared immediately, and he opened his eyes again. The messy scene in the blacksmithing room immediately appeared in front of his eyes. Han Yu glanced at the stone platform of the blacksmithing, and his face suddenly became frantic and distorted.
Ten catties of refined black iron is the result of his hard work in the past few days.
At this moment, the pile of hundreds of refined black iron has been directly cut off, and a piece is as neat as cutting tofu with a knife.
It looks like about a catty. Choosing the refining tool will consume materials. The only good thing is that although the refining tool failed, the small hammer is still there. Han Yu is naturally unwilling.
He immediately raised his head and stared at the small green dot on the Yintang.
After a while, the refining tool panel flicked again and opened above the small bronze tripod. In addition to the small iron hammer, there was another piece of hundred-refined black iron. Han Yu stared at the small iron hammer and clicked the refining button again. The small bronze cauldron immediately began to swallow clouds and mist. It took a long time for him to endure the pain in his heart and choose to continue refining the weapon. Han Yu knew very well that as long as he found out the characteristics of the refining panel, even if he only forged a magic weapon of the lowest grade, it would be worth far more than two.
One hundred catties and one hundred smelting black iron may not be expelled from the teacher’s school, Han Yu has no choice but to gamble on the failure of the refining tool