ferocious face As soon as he opened his mouth a thunder calamity fell on you you you the emperor Qian Nian did not fall to the

Ding the art of cooking, the art of qin, the art of qin, the art of piano, the art of refining, the host, I have already taught you everything I can teach.
Goodbye, brother, you haven’t taught me how to cultivate. Chen Fandao stood blankly in the backyard and still couldn’t believe it Is it true that he has traveled to this world for three years and bound the supreme system? He has perfected all the unorthodox techniques in this world, but he is still just a mortal.
Is it really impossible for me to practice Taoism? On the edge of the forest of demons ten miles away from Zongzong, there is an exquisite human courtyard that is out of place.
The strangest thing is that there is not a single monster within a radius of ten miles, as if it is a forbidden area surrounded by an invisible force. In the depths, there was a young man holding a carving knife and carving the round jade in his hand, shards of round jade were constantly falling off, and sweat as big as a bean slipped from his forehead, and a mysterious and mysterious Tai Chi slowly appeared in the sky above the courtyard.
Tu exudes a palpitating terrifying power, as if trying to wipe out everything, but the young man is too focused at this time, he is almost integrated with the sky and the earth, his figure is looming in the space, and he didn’t notice the huge vision above his head, but suddenly all the visions appeared Disappeared in an instant, everything returned to normal, and the boy in the yard just put down the carving knife in his hand to finish it off. Chen Fandao looked at the Tai Chi jade pendant in his hand, his face revealed joy, and gently wiped the sweat from his forehead.
When he raised his head, he saw the sun shining on the golden color of the sky.
The beauty of the small pond is too beautiful, host, your engraving technique has reached the supreme level, as expected, another supreme level, Chen Fandao put the Tai Chi jade pendant in his bag, and a faint smile appeared on his face, suddenly the voice of the system sounded again, host, I have no more What can I teach you? Goodbye, Chen Fandao suddenly stood up, with a dull expression on his face.
Farewell, you have something to discuss, why did you leave? You haven’t taught me how to cultivate, Brother System, I’m still a mortal. Chen Fandao roared incompetently, but didn’t No one responded to him. In the empty yard, he could only hear his own echo.
After a long time, the unrequited Chen Fandao sat on the ground with a face of helplessness and sadness. Three years, three years ago, he traveled to this world and gained After entering the supreme system, the supreme system taught him piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, wood carving, cooking, and all kinds of things in this world.
He has already reached the supreme state. Every time, he looks forward to the next thing the system will teach him, which is to cultivate Taoism. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as At the Yutianzong’s enrollment ceremony a year ago, Chen Fandao found helplessly that he was still a super waste material with no spiritual roots. He originally placed his hopes on the system, but now he is completely desperate.
His goal is not to become the supreme chef and the supreme piano master Ah, he wants to cultivate to become a fairy, he wants to fly to the sky and stand side by side with the sun, this world is poisonous, absolutely poisonous, how can there be time travel? Those who can’t even cultivate, the sky, the earth, open your eyes, at this moment, Chen Fandao’s heart is extremely painful, tears are almost squeezed out, and at this moment, a hurried step rang in Chen Fandao’s ear, Master, what’s the matter, I saw a rough The crazy man stood by the door, poked his head out and said in concern, Chen Fandao sighed, stood up, patted his butt, and said, Xiao Linzi, you think it would be great if I could practice? Lin Kai twitched the corners of his mouth, he knew I’m joking, because in his eyes, Chen Fandao is an immortal, and he is the kind of super immortal who can change the pattern of the ten thousand worlds with every gesture.
If he doesn’t say anything else, he just said that the mysterious and terrifying vision in the sky just now can be created by anyone other than an immortal.
Even the mighty emperor can only be an ant under this kind of power, but Lin Kai has become numb to this kind of thing, because every painting that the master draws casually has a strong Dao rhyme that is almost overflowing.
Lin Kai, who was already in despair while practicing Taoism, just accidentally saw the kitchen knife model drawn by the master, and felt that his knife skills had improved by more than 50% in an instant, and even made him feel that the knife skills he had created before were just rubbish. What’s more, that night he ate the meals made by Master himself, which obviously looked like some of the most common mortal foods, but they were reborn in Master’s cooking skills, comparable to elixir, and the incomparably rich aroma made one unable to resist being intoxicated by it. It’s just a mouthful of my dilapidated dantian, and I started to repair it on my own.
You know, there is a saying in the cultivation world that a broken dantian is hard to save, but the master did it easily. Just relying on this meal, he said he was a mortal Lin Kaida He doesn’t believe it even to death, but he has been with Shizun for half a year, he knows very well that Shizun likes to walk in the world of mortals as a mortal, so Lin Kaisheng is afraid of angering Shizun, so he can only look at Shizun as a mortal, only to see Lin Kai take a deep breath In one breath, he said, Master, actually being a mortal is pretty good. When Chen Fandao heard this, he almost spit out a mouthful of blood. I don’t want to be a mortal. It’s really ah. Chen Fandao sighed helplessly with his head drooping. Apologize and laugh, Master, it is rumored that there have been super saints in this world who reached the sky in one step with a mortal body, so don’t be discouraged, Master, maybe one day you will reach the sky in one step? Do you think it is possible for a person like me who has no cultivation qualifications to reach the sky in one step? Comfort me, Master, it’s not bad to live a hundred years at ease with nothing to do