Feng Legend Xianxia Ergen with one thought becomes the ocean with one thought turns into mulberry fields one thought kills a thousand demons one thought

Chapter 1 Tiandumen killed them and they cut off the way forward and could never live forever again.
Living creatures survive, here is a dilapidated battlefield, countless remnants scattered around, exuding powerful fluctuations, these are unrivaled powerhouses, but now they have fallen here Death uses my remnant body to create a perfect world for future generations.
As long as you are strong enough, everyone can live forever.
That group of villains should fall.
An invincible existence screams. He is so powerful that he is boundless.
The whole person is a physical body condensed by divine light. He is extremely powerful, crossing the void and smashing the world is no problem, but now he is in a state of embarrassment, Guanghui no longer suffered a big blow, his body almost collapsed, but his will is getting stronger and stronger, almost destroying the entire battlefield, but He is definitely not the only supreme existence here. The shadowy figure of eight supreme powerhouses emerged and struck across the sky, pierced through the vast nine heavens and directly hit a space. Rumor has it that there is a sky where invincible powerhouses live. They defiantly enjoy everything. Faith is extremely strong, they are too selfish, why cut off our way forward, I am not willing to break through that country this time, making the little people over there tremble I don’t regret it.
At this time, a bright golden light descended from the sky.
Eleven figures stood on the boundless sky and stood on the outskirts of the sky.
This is truly terrifying.
Invincible suppressed the entire world.
The most tragic war broke out with unparalleled power. There is no last ray of bright golden light left, it shot out and disappeared in the heaven and earth, the kingdom of the gods experienced great turmoil, and finally dissipated slowly, completely disappeared from this world.
My body opened up a road leading to the sky, killed the heavens, reversed time and space, and everything returned to the original point. Lin Fan was awakened and stood up abruptly, covered in cold sweat, but after a short period of time, he returned to normal. Lin Fan had nightmares again. Talking to himself, he stretched his waist.
His figure is relatively thin, and his clothes are also very thin. Compared with ordinary fifteen-year-old boys, he is dressed in a green suit and a cap, like a handyman. He has lived here since he was a child.
Adopted by an old man, but the old man was just a handyman who fed the wild beasts in Tiandumen, and later died in the mouth of the wild beasts during a feeding process. Lin Fan was lonely and helpless, so he took over the old man’s status as a handyman in Tiandumen. Not very powerful, but it is also somewhat famous in the Jin Kingdom. One country, nine prefectures, eighteen regions, thirty-six counties, seventy-two cities, Tiandumen is a powerful force in the Tianwu domain.
In Tiandumen, strong people emerge in endlessly, even if they are the lowest. Outer sect disciples are not something that Lin Fan can get in touch with.
He needs to be humbled. In the early morning, there will be outer sect disciples practicing boxing. During this time, I also secretly learned a bit Although I haven’t grasped the essentials, I still feel that my body has become much stronger.
As expected of the sect, boxing alone can strengthen my body. It would be great if I could have a chance to become a disciple of Tiandumen. Lin Fan got up and broke a small piece of the bed.
The gravel was put in his arms.
It was picked up by the old man when he picked him up.
However, after Lin Fan’s research, the small piece of gravel should be a statue, but it was broken. The reason why he carried the stone with him was because the old man told him that his parents might be among the rubble.
Although Lin Fan came from a bad background, he was unwilling to keep going like this until a month ago, he found a passage leading directly to the outer door. The square where the disciple practiced boxing, so he decided to take the charge of stealing the teacher and started stealing.
You know how dangerous it is.
Every sect values ​​its own inheritance very much.
Even the disciples of the outer sect can master the boxing techniques.
It is very strict. Except for the disciples, you are not allowed to study, otherwise you will be killed.
From this, you can know how daring Lin Fan is. It is difficult to succeed in a cultivation without the guidance of a famous teacher, but Lin Fan’s talent is really extraordinary, and his comprehension is not bad. Now he has reached the physical state, and his first-level strength has 100 catties, but compared with people of the same age group, he is far behind. The five-weight strength is more than a thousand catties.
Compared with these people, it is far behind.
Bang bang bang This is an open space. On weekdays, only three or five people practice martial arts here. Some imposing waist and hips combined with a fist, the wind raged, and the air shook. All five of them were disciples of the outer sect of Tiandumen, and their status was not high, but compared to handymen like Lin Fan, they were much better. On weekdays, they were also all Look down on anyone with a high-spirited look, maybe their own background is not very good, even some people may have been just handymen before, but after becoming outer disciples, they are worth a hundred times, so they can look down on them like Lin Fan. It is said that the outer disciples with weaker strength are the most dangerous.
These people usually rely on others and naturally need to vent, but their status is not high, so they can only find handymen who are worse than their status.
If I pass today, I will steal my teacher. It’s been a full month, although the time is short, but I have learned a lot of this set of boxing techniques. After practicing on my own, I don’t need to be so frightened anymore.
In the distance from the five people, a figure sneaked in the dark rubble Lie down and stare at the boxing skills of these people. Lin Fan is secretly relieved to see that Lin Fan’s talent is not bad, and he has already learned boxing skills in a month.
As long as he goes back to practice, he can also become an outsider when he reaches the third level of physical body.