Feng Feng Yangs consciousness was very weak and his vision seemed to be unclear but he still knew it was her you who did it

Until one day some unsightly people burned her lair and slaughtered her, and arrested her disciples, but she had no choice but to re-enter the world to wreak havoc on the country and the people.
Standing in front of the launching platform of the self-explosive device, he wiped the blood on his wrist with a handkerchief.
The slender scar cut with a paper knife healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and finally did not leave even a trace. The metal door closed with a loud bang. Knocked away from the outside, a group of people with live ammunition poured in. The leader was a middle-aged man in a white coat with disheveled hair and black-framed glasses. The gene check was correct and the self-explosion process was started.
The five-minute countdown to the self-destruction process was followed by a cold machine sound in a small space. The ear-piercing sound made people suffocate.
Feng Yan, the long-haired man, was startled and angry. What are you doing? Feng Yan wiped off the last trace of blood on his wrist, raised his head, and showed a smiling face. I thought I didn’t have to say goodbye so much trouble, you dolls, stop tossing I don’t like you, your long-haired man trembled, your face began to distort, what you were doing, you did what you saw, Feng Yan smiled and said, “You’re only so old, your eyes are dazzled, little long-haired man, how can you, I can, Feng Yan Shaking the blood-stained handkerchief in my hand is only me, isn’t it? After all, this self-destruct device is unlocked with my genes, you man can’t believe it, pointing at her and yelling, you’re crazy, crazy, how can you do this, how can you ruin it Base Why can’t I fold the blood-stained handkerchief slowly and put it in the pocket of the white coat? The man was mad like crazy, screaming in the increasingly rapid beeping, the base was founded by you. It was conceived by your child. Every achievement and every item of these years is yours.
So, why can’t I? I can deal with whatever I want.
The siren is getting louder and quicker. There is a cruel countdown sound. The one-minute countdown begins.
The security guards with guns and live ammunition run out in panic.
Any leeway, as long as the entire base is activated, it will disappear, not even a blade of grass will be left behind, but the hard work of the base for generations and hundreds of years belongs to everyone, even if she is the founder of the base, even if she owns everyone She is not qualified to say destroy, then destroy, say no, no, she is not qualified, you can’t do this, the man bent down and picked it up on the ground, only to be pointed at her by the gun dropped by the security guard when he fled in a hurry Stop it and immediately Feng Yan sighed, helpless, pitiful and cruel Little Changmao Some things shouldn’t exist in this world, so why are you still the most unnatural thing in the world, isn’t she? Oh yes, but Feng Yan smiled, I’m so sorry, boom, a huge mushroom cloud rises from the sea and lights up the entire night sky, everything disappears, ho ho ho, deep in the dense jungle, a child keeps running forward, stumbling and falling all over Covered with mud and rotten leaves, the face is full of horror, and there is a group of wild wolves chasing after him. Oh, the child is caught by something and ruthlessly. Falling down, half of his body was buried in the rotting dead leaves. A wolf flew towards him. After the child fell, he quickly got up, but he couldn’t dodge. He could only watch the wolf rushing towards him, closed his eyes in despair, and was paralyzed. In the dead leaves, the next moment, it was lifted by a heat wave and flew up. It hung directly on the tree.
When I opened my eyes, I saw an unimaginable scene.
A scene I will never forget in my life. It became something like a water vortex, and then a person appeared, whining, howling wolves, detected the presence of creatures, distinguishing the types of creatures, carnivorous and aggressive creatures, and activated the expulsion sound wave. Fleeing around in panic, the eyes of the children on the tree are about to pop out. Start the energy harvesting system. Start the energy harvesting system.
Start collecting the residual energy. Analyze the energy.
The power drops are insufficient.
Start the solar charging system. She rubbed her swollen temples with her hands and closed her eyes to relieve the dizziness, but she was very conscious.
She didn’t die. It’s not surprising that she had tried and failed countless times in the long years. She had already given up, but the current situation was also somewhat unexpected. She opened her eyes.
Looking at the environment she was in, she asked what was going on. A silver ball floated out of the mouth of her white coat.
After a few creaks, the ball became a mechanical bird with wings.
According to the energy analysis, it should be torn apart by an explosion.
Opened the space field and sucked you into the space gap and brought you here.
Feng Wei was stunned for a moment.
The space scan is sorry, the master’s battery is not enough to start the space scan.
The mechanical bird fluttered its wings and said, but it detected the existence of human beings in a direction of 45 degrees to your left. Master, you can let humans lead the way, so why do I need you? Feng Yan said that the mechanical bird creaked and turned back into a ball and rolled back into the pocket. The battery is low. It needs enough sunlight to activate the charging system. Feng Wei pressed down and took out this useless thing The idea of ​​throwing it out looked up at the little doll hanging on the tree.
The little doll stared at the round eyeballs, disheveled hair, and was dirty all over, as if she had crawled out of a mud pit. She took out the ball in her pocket and asked, “How do you let me go?” I called a little girl to lead the way, master! The round ball was thrown far into the bushes for a long time before it turned into a mechanical bird, fluttering, fluttering and flying back, master, you promised Ah Jiu, the former master will not abandon me, I will send you forward The master exploded into smoke, Feng Yan raised his hand and slapped the noisy mechanical bird away, looked up at the little girl hanging on the tree, the child’s beautiful eyes were full of shock and fear