Feng Baos eyes flashed but the next moment he said Hearing a sentence that made his complexion change drastically Zhu Yijun also followed the Queen

However, at the age of fourteen, he was suddenly called daddy.
The fame he had just won was about to fly again.
The little scholar Wang Fulin expressed pressure.
The family motto of the Shanda Wang family.
This is the beginning of Wang Xiaoguan’s unconventional journey, Volume 1, Head of the Family, Chapter 1, Daddy is so eye-catching, Wang Fulin instinctively narrowed his eyes to adapt to the huge contrast from darkness to light, but he still hasn’t seen clearly in his ears.
Then came a voice, Dad, who is calling? Wang Fulin looked around in a daze the next moment, and he saw clearly an eight or nine-year-old boy with delicate features lying on the edge of the bed, staring at him for a long time, then startled again. Xidi yelled again, it’s really daddy woke up, daddy woke up this time and realized that he was calling himself Wang Fulin was shocked by the thunder, and then he was so angry that he was so angry, which bitch dared to use this cliché trick to trick him He waited.
He vaguely remembered the violent accident before. Even if he didn’t die, his skin would peel off. How could he be here? With these two yells, there was a crowd of people in front of him.
They were three women in red, green, and retro clothes.
The hair is complicated and the face is beautiful, but they are all unknown before.
Following him, he saw the boy who called himself father saluted the three women in a polite manner, and then called out, “Ma’am, Erniang, Sanniang, just being accepted by others.” It’s not a big deal to be called daddy, and now here’s another mother, second mother, third mother, what’s the matter? Wang Fulin’s scalp felt numb, and in a hurry, he simply closed his eyes and pretended to pass out. The three ecstatic women in front of the bed couldn’t help being stunned, and then became anxious I didn’t catch anyone, luckily my uncle happened to follow this road from Huizhou City to Songming Mountain and heard my brother’s call for help, why don’t I invite the doctor again last time to see what the elder sister asked for that quack doctor? Even if it lasts for a few days, the uncle of the living dead has paid him so much good words before he is willing to prescribe a prescription. If he dares to open his mouth once, it will cost five coins.
Ask the doctor to see if I can’t beat him to death Second sister, please keep your voice down Luckily mother is not here Mother heard what you said and said that if you can’t beat him to death, you will be punished to kneel in the yard This twittering voice heard those names Wang Fulin finally recovered a little Quietly opened his eyes a little and looked carefully at the three people crowded in front of the bed, only to see that the oldest woman was 17 or 18 years old, in a silver-red shirt, lotus root skirt, with black eyes, not angry, prestige, very elder sister-like, yelling at quack doctors The woman in a jade-colored dress is about twelve or three years old with her hands on her hips and willow eyebrows upside down with a fierce expression on her face, and the last little girl is still in the corner, her eyes are flickering, but she just collided with his peeping eyes, and my brother woke up.
This sharp-eyed little girl, Wang Fulin, was taken aback, quickly closed her eyes and pretended to be unconscious, just when she heard the sound of her father waking up.
After hearing the sound of brother waking up again, the elder sister and the second mother turned their gazes to Wang Fulin who was on the bed. Seeing the person with her eyes closed, the elder sister looked suspiciously at the younger sister who had just spoken, and immediately muttered, “I Just now I saw my elder brother’s eyes opened a crack, the eldest sister frowned, but before she could do anything, the second mother rushed forward, suddenly pinched Wang Fulin’s right cheek with two fingers, just twisted it in a small circle, just listen to ouch Under the eyes of everyone, Wang Fulin groaned in pain, his five sense organs seemed to be tangled together, his eyes stared naturally, or did my trick work? She went too far, she lowered her head embarrassingly, and then looked at the younger sister unconvinced.
In the past, when my brother got up late in the winter, the younger sister would put ice cubes under his bed. The elder sister gave the two younger sisters an angry look. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, seeing Wang Fulin with a dull expression and somehow avoiding her gaze, she sighed just now, little brother, you have to go to school this time to invite your classmates, but why did you send the servant back first and then show it in front of others? In the end, I hired two rogue porters, which made me hurt my father, a businessman, and got sick. My mother was afraid that you were going to delay the road test.
I rushed over in person.
The elders are not here. Thanks to Uncle, after he ran forward, he invited the doctor Wang Fulin to you. Listening to these babbling words, he felt that there was one head and two big ones, and he didn’t know how to answer the words.
He was very entangled in his current situation.
The boy in the corner thought of the sudden father just now, and he couldn’t help muttering in his heart, if he really became the younger brother of this woman, how could he have such an old son? My sister noticed his gaze and followed his gaze, and she immediately called out with frost on her pretty face, Jin Bao, come here, took a deep breath, Wang Fulin looked at the boy with complicated eyes, stepped forward according to his words, and saw that although the man was standing straight, No matter how you look at it, your face is full of tension. Seeing that Jin Bao is biting his lips tightly and not saying a word, the elder sister still has a cold face. After a while, I will send someone to take you back.
Barely asked my aunt if I was taking care of my father, since your elder brother sent you here, you have been guarding and serving you day and night for half a month. Eldest sister saw that Jin Bao’s face was a little bloody, but she still didn’t let go.
But since you have the same surname, the same family, the same spirit, Lianzhi, you only listened to a few words from your brother and accepted you as a slave with a death contract.