Fei raised his hand at the other end of the aisle to beckon him to go downstairs and he went downstairs to meet him Gao

Hey, why don’t you be my boyfriend? Ling Ke couldn’t believe his ears when he heard the person in front of him ask this sentence in a low voice.
It was the person he had secretly loved for several years.
At this moment, the corner of his lips curled slightly.
There was an ambiguous and deep eyes in the smile, looking at him rightly.
The first time I met Ling Ke, the first time I saw Qi Feng was during the summer vacation of the year he graduated from elementary school. Gao scorched the sun like a fire. He took the subway alone to the Conservatory of Music to take the amateur piano eight-level exam.
When he arrived, he was so hot that he was drenched in heat.
He entered the waiting room. The skill points that were focused on were especially the number etude by Kramer. The rhythm of this piece is very fast, and it focuses on training the strength of the three, four, and five fingers of the right hand.
These three fingers are exactly the weakest point of Ling Ke.
By mistake, he tried to tap his fingers on the table to do small exercises. At this moment, there was a soft sound beside him, and a boy about his age sat down.
The waistcoat is tucked in, and the black hair is neatly combed against the porcelain-like complexion. Although he is still young, his palm-sized face has not fully grown, but his handsome features can already see the prototype of a handsome guy, plus a pair of naturally smiling eyes.
In just a few years, Ling Ke will become a star-like figure.
Ling Ke stared blankly at him for two seconds.
He had never seen such a beautiful person before. He was inexplicably nervous. Hey, the man looked at him with a smile and asked what your name is. There was a nice smell on the other person, and the faint fragrance didn’t know whether it came from the clothes or the hair, but I remembered that my sweater was almost drenched in sweat, so I subconsciously leaned over to the side, but the person moved closer He took the initiative to introduce himself, “My name is Qi Feng, my name is Ling Ke.” He answered in a low voice, with a bright smile on Qi Feng’s face, he stretched his neck and asked how old you are this year. His pretty eyes like a cat swept the waiting room. Turn around and stare at Ling Kedao, let me see that you are the same age as me here, have you graduated from elementary school? Ling Ke’s character is a bit introverted in front of others. I didn’t expect this person to be so familiar. It’s like meeting you for the first time. Your old friend makes people completely irresistible.
I just graduated this year. Ling Kedao Qi Feng said happily, wow, me too. What kind of primary school did you go to, where did you go to junior high school? After asking so many questions, Ling Ke didn’t know which one to talk about first.
After clearing his mind, he reported his primary school and the corresponding junior high school, and said that I started learning piano in the second grade.
It’s been five years since the second grade is not too early Many people started basic training from kindergarten and passed the tenth grade before graduating from elementary school.
Qi Feng also took the initiative to say his school.
Ling Ke had never heard of it and asked where it was.
There are fewer people, okay? I don’t know. I didn’t go to anything else, but my mother said this is the best school in our city, and she doesn’t want me to go abroad so early. Ling Keting Startled, going abroad is still a distant thing for him at this age. He suddenly felt the gap between himself and Qi Feng. Abundant extra-curricular activities, occasional outdoor teaching, Ling Ke couldn’t help but feel envious. This school is much more interesting than their primary school. After talking for a while, Qi Feng’s attention was attracted by his score for grade examination.
He stretched out his hand and pulled it over.
It’s good, Ling Ke said in embarrassment, so-so, Qi Feng raised one eyebrow, he’s less modest, it’s really not Ling Ke’s modesty, he’s just so-so, his piano teacher always said that his talent was mediocre, but the teacher also knew why he learned piano for him. There are not too many requirements for you to choose which piece of music. Qi Feng asked and directly flipped through his grading book pages. The oldest must be the one he played often. When looking at his score, Ling Ke pays attention to his hands. Those who play the piano will always subconsciously look at the hands of their peers, especially Ling Ke, who is born with a small finger that is a little short, which makes him pay special attention to himself and others.
The difference is that Qi Feng’s hands are very beautiful, although he is only in his teens, but he is already clean and slender.
If his piano teacher saw it, he would definitely praise him as a natural pianist, “Hey, do you want to be admitted to a conservatory of music?” Qi Feng casually asked Ling Ke’s thoughts were interrupted, and almost without hesitation, he said that if he didn’t want to go to the conservatory of music, he might as well kill him. Since the second grade of elementary school, Ling Ke has never had a relaxing summer vacation.
Every July and August, he stays at home and repeats it over and over again. Those monotonous grade examination repertoires His enthusiasm for the piano has been exhausted by these boring exercises in the past five years.
Now he just wants to finish the grade examination as soon as possible and complete the task. In this life, he will never touch the piano again.
Qi Feng is a little surprised, so why are you learning the piano? When Ling Ke made a sound, he suddenly realized and asked himself and answered, “I know, I’m just learning to play, right? Then you don’t need to take the grade test. The grade test repertoire is too boring.
Ling Ke confessed helplessly that it was not for the high school entrance examination.
Extra points Ling Ke simply explained a few words and Qi Feng commented, ah, what’s the meaning? It’s not interesting. Ling Ke didn’t want to pretend, nor did he deliberately hide his distaste for playing the piano, but I don’t know why, seeing the well-dressed Qi Feng, it was the first time Ling felt ashamed. I feel ashamed for saying such a reason for learning the piano. The other party should be very different from me in such a formal dress, right? Ling Ke glanced at Qi Feng and blurted out doubts hovering in his heart. Are you not hot when you dress like this? Qi Feng lowered his head and pulled the hair on his neck. The bow tie smiled bitterly and said that I don’t want to wear it either, but my teacher said that every time I play in front of people, it must be regarded as a formal performance, so I must take it seriously.