Feeling the aura of Shen Qingtang he suddenly smiled ambiguously and then he worshiped me as his teacher anyway that little trash of the little

Zhang Zhujidan and Qixin Begonia, the second young master wouldn’t want such an expensive betrothal gift, but then Qin Yi is just a casual cultivator and looks like an ugly ghost, the master is probably reluctant to part with it, but the second young master can’t cultivate his body and bones, and he is so weak, I think that Qin Yi It’s quite appropriate, shh, don’t say it, in case the master and the young master hear that your skin is gone, what you said is to walk away Shen Qingtang, who was lying on the soft couch under the window, opened her eyes quietly, showing a helpless look on her beautiful and haggard face Smiling onlookers, even the next people think so.
Sure enough, he still failed to change his life against the sky and successfully passed the book for a year. Even after reading medical books and self-regulating countless times, his body is still deteriorating, and he is about to slowly go to the original book. The dead end of this cannon fodder supporting role in the movie, thinking of this, Shen Qingtang felt a little cold, and then he silently tightened the thin body around him, and was forced to fall into sleep.
If he continued to think about it forcibly, his body would be even worse.
The window lattice gently hit the window frame and made a low sound. In such an atmosphere, Shen Qingtang had an extremely depressing and dark dream.
In the dream, heavy rain poured down, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, and the entire Shen family ran around in panic in this thunderstorm, master. The advanced foundation building failed, go and call the doctor, and suddenly there was a thunderbolt, and the screen turned, the head of the Shen family, Shen Ting, whose front was covered with blood, fell quietly on the ground, with his eyes wide open and dead, Shen Qingtang curled up on the soft couch, his eyes closed tightly, his pale and thin fingers He grabbed the quilt uncontrollably Father Shen Qingtang’s long eyelashes trembled, his eye sockets were red and he gasped shortly, but the heavy rain continued and the dream continued. A handsome young man in a black mercenary uniform had blood on his lips and was covered in scars all over his body. Panting and running on the muddy path in the mountains, countless beasts were chasing him crazily behind him. Seeing this scene, Shen Qingtang felt his chest suffocate.
He wanted to shout and remind the youth not to take that road, it was a dead end, but this was a dream. He couldn’t yell out, so he could only watch helplessly as the young man walked into the wrong fork in the road and was attacked by a snake lurking in the grass. Countless beasts swarmed up. After a while, only fragments of clothing and blood dripped on the muddy ground. The last pillar of the family fell down, Shen Qingtang clenched her teeth tightly, trembling all over, but the dream continued, I wanted to go home, this time Shen Qingtang saw his own face in a dream, haggard and full of blackness, thin and thin The next piece of bone, a ferocious animal head and a silver mask slowly turned around, holding a bowl of medicine in a slender white hand, drink the medicine when you feel better, I will send you back, silent for a long time, in the end, the bowl of medicine did not last until it cooled After being drunk, the first ray of light came in the next morning and fell on the extremely thin white clothes, but it only showed a haggard face that had completely lost its vitality. Shen Qingtang just stared at the man who brought the medicine in last night. Hugging myself tightly in my arms, frantically pumping my true energy, my eyes were red, and I kept whispering Qingtang, I shouldn’t lie to you, you wake up, okay, Qingtang, you can talk to me again, please scold I am also Qingtang, I beg you, the voice that has always been calm and self-sufficient, at this moment there is only panic and hoarseness, hopelessness and helplessness, but the white clothes in his arms have already cooled down, and he will no longer answer a single word of him, deathly silence Shen Qingtang’s heart began to throb violently again.
He wanted to do something, but he couldn’t do anything.
He was powerless.
But at this moment, the picture in front of Shen Qingtang changed again. He saw the boundless, towering city walls and the glorious and majestic white Where is the building? Why did he never see Shen Qingtang in a trance? He heard the sound of fighting again. He looked up to the sky and saw the familiar silver mask surrounded by five masters in black robes. Yi is still not happy, and quickly grabs one of the black robes and shouts, I want Tianxinlian’s voice is cold and indifferent, slightly hoarse, without any emotion, just such a sentence completely angered the five masters, and the five masters attacked at the same time But just for a moment, a strange and scorching red blood light burst out from in front of them and penetrated the bodies of the five masters in an instant.
And he flew straight towards the tallest snow-white tower among the countless buildings.
This kid is actually possessed.
If you don’t get rid of him, Tianhuan will not be able to protect him.
A somewhat weak but angry voice came from afar, but it didn’t affect Hongguang’s body. The speed was only two breaths, and the red light sank into the top of the snow-white tower.
The wind swept the young man wearing a black cloak and a silver beast mask quietly appeared in the attic on the top of the tower.
His pale lips slowly leaked out. There was a trace of blood, but he didn’t care about the pair of long and narrow red eyes, he just stared at the golden lotus in the center of the attic covered by a crystal cup. Tianxinlian can cure all kinds of intractable diseases.
According to legend, it can give birth to flesh and bones, and the slender and pale fingers Slowly picked up the crystal cup, as if holding up a hope, but at this moment, a weak but gentle voice sounded quietly behind the young man, Qin Yi, what are you doing? In the daylight, he looked at the beautiful face that was like ice and snow that he had been thinking about day and night.
The white clothes, like a light mist, were blown by the wind under the tower and danced lightly, as if he would ride away with the wind at any time.
This person is fake, but he still can’t make a sound no matter what. When the young man saw this scene, he lost his mind for a moment, and then there was a trace of coldness in his eyes, but at the moment of his loss, countless green vines fell from the sky.
There was a light splash behind him, and blood splashed everywhere.
When the young man lowered his head again, his chest had been completely pierced by those vines.