Fear gradually occupied his eyes he must have seen a frightening scene Chen Lu continued to rub the ring on his hand with cold eyes

Because of the emergency orange high temperature warning, there are a lot fewer pedestrians on the street than usual, and most of them are hurrying to the room.
Chen Lu also quickened his pace and galloped down the street with an umbrella. After a while, he was sweating profusely with a fruit of condolences in his hand.
Baskets and gifts walked towards a community, but he was stopped by the security before he entered the community.
Outsiders, please register where you plan to go. The security saw Chen Lu carrying the big and small bags and knew that he must be simply visiting a friend and asking. It’s just a matter of routine. Hello, big brother. I’m going to my classmate’s house, No. 7 Building, No.
802 Oh, it’s Wang Gang, right? I haven’t seen him for a few days. Is he sick? I didn’t go to school today, so I just came to see him. Let’s go in.
The security guard waved his hand and refused to let Chen Lu register.
Chen Lu thanked him and walked towards Qidong. The information sent by the check-in system Chen Lu clicked on the dialog box to check in at the room of Wang Gang, Building 7, 802, Yaxin House, to check in. Knowing that, Chen Lu murmured that he actually went to Wang Gang’s house because of the trend of the check-in system. Because a small program popped up on his mobile phone two days ago, as long as he completes the sign-in, he will get corresponding rewards. As a new generation of young people, he immediately judged that this was a small scam program, but it happened that the first sign-in system was at his home. Although he doesn’t believe in the toilet, he still has to go to the toilet or brush his teeth and wash his face.
When he walked into the toilet, he received two messages.
One was a reminder from the super sign-in system that the sign-in was successful, and the second was to transfer 1,000 yuan from Alipay. It scared Chen Lu into a fool. Could it be that the sign-in system is real? So the next day, the sign-in system sent a new location to the roof of his home.
He went up to the rooftop with the mentality of trying it out, and he actually received a cheat book called Jinghu.
Before Chen Lu could react to the fighting technique, a whole set of Tiger Fighting Technique content appeared in his mind like a download, and he was so proficient as if he had been immersed in it for many years.
Then he punched through the wood at home directly. If it weren’t for Chen Lu not having a mother, he would have been beaten to death by his mother.
At this moment, Chen Lu has already begun to believe in the sign-in system.
After all, how could there be such an uncommon sense thing in the world? At that time, Chen Lu received the third message when the novice player completed the first After the novice has signed in three times, he can officially become a player. The rewards for the official sign-in are more abundant.
The third sign-in is Wang Gang’s house.
Chen Lu is ready. The elevator has reached the eighth floor.
It is 802 in front of it.
The strange wind from the windows in the surrounding corridors would always rush into the corridors and blow people’s skin.
Chen Lu rang the doorbell, ding dong. As the doorbell rang, Chen Lu could hear hurried footsteps coming from inside, and then the door clicked. Chen Lu saw a somewhat haggard mother, may I ask you, I am Wang Gang’s classmate Chen Lu Chen Lu raised the fruit basket in his hand and showed a good boy’s smile.
I am sorry to trouble you to come to visit Wang Gang, please come in Wang Gang His mother opened the door, Chen Lu took off his shoes at the door, looked left, looked right, saw that Wang Gang was not there, looked at the closed door, Chen Lu felt that Wang Gang should be in the bedroom, Wang Gang, are you awake, mother Wang turned towards the door Shouted but did not respond for a long time Seeing that Wang Gang has not responded, his mother’s face is more sad. Chen Lu looked at the mobile phone and there was no reminder to complete the sign-in.
Looking carefully, it turned out that he was going to enter Wang Gang’s room. Chen Lu Lu put away his mobile phone, he still has to act as a good classmate, asking about Wang Gang’s situation made you laugh, Wang Gang is not like this on weekdays, but recently he is in a bad state, so he asked for leave and didn’t go to school. Mother Wang looked worried, and Chen Lu saw the opportunity. Auntie asked what happened to Wang Gang recently.
How is he usually in good health? What ailment did he have? Mother Wang filled Chen Lu with a glass of water, her eyes were full of worry, I don’t know. It’s been like this since he came back from shopping two days ago.
Oh, Chen Lu picked up the water glass, took a sip, took a sip, and continued to say, “Auntie, can I go in and see Wang Gang?” Mama Wang sighed again. It’s not that I won’t let you in.
Every time he falls asleep, he will lock the door to prevent others.
If you go in, he can’t get in until he wakes up, or you wait here.
Chen Lu nodded.
You can wait here and have a meal.
He will come out during the meal. Mama Wang stands up. There are still some snacks here.
What do you want to eat? The aunt Chen Lu who took the good one nodded obediently, in exchange for the fact that he usually left with a sense of humor, but this time he stayed with a stern face, after all, he hasn’t signed in yet.
Chen Lu swept around and suddenly saw a black box.
This black box is also The size of a fist is incompatible with the quaint Chinese decoration around it. Chen Lu looked curiously and caught Wang Mama’s attention. This is what Wang Gang bought from shopping that day. What kind of blind box did he say, but there was nothing in it? Mama Wang’s voice came from the kitchen. After coming out, Chen Lu heard about it, and moved closer to some blind boxes.
He had heard of blind boxes.
These things have become very popular among young people recently, and they can offer all kinds of gifts. But this blind box, Chen Lu found some white powder inside. Very light, like marks printed by something, not like there is nothing inside. Did Wang Gang not tell his mother, or is there some other reason why Wang Gang hasn’t woken up yet? Chen Lu shook his legs and got impatient. In fact, he wasn’t either. I really want to care about Wang Gang. The two of them didn’t even chat in the class, so why don’t you just sign up and leave? Chen Lu quietly stood on tiptoe as he saw Wang’s mother was still cooking in the kitchen, making the sound of oily smoke and frying.
The tiptoes approached the room, dong dong dong Wang Gang, are you awake? Chen Lu didn’t hold out hope at first, after all, the sound of his knocking on the door was very small, and his shouting was also very small.