Fatty Xia waved his hands again and again after hearing this if you have the heart and time to come and sing two more songs

Hurry up and get ready for the rebirth party Hurry up and get ready, Chu Qing said you are sleeping, sleep ass, hurry up and get ready for me, you will come on stage soon, Huang Ren, the on-site head teacher of Huaxia Communication University, growled angrily, Chu Qing rubbed her head in a daze He raised his head and looked left and right, he was a bit confused, what is this, the customer? I was too drunk and was sent to a private room for massage by the customer, something is wrong. Why does this technician look so much like my class teacher in college? Look at the hammer! Hurry up, it will be your turn soon You, Chu Qing, was scolded and dumbfounded.
The more I looked at it, the more I felt that this person was my university teacher, so I subconsciously yelled out, Mr.
Huang, hey, hey, Master Chu still remembers my name. It’s good to get up and get ready. Ren was still talking softly, but then he roared loudly, startling the surrounding dancers Chu Qing looked around again, what’s going on? Did I drink too much and dream? This is when I graduated from university Thinking of the scene, he pinched his thigh and felt a sharp pain. This is not a dream. Ding, the fusion of parallel worlds is complete.
Please cherish the chance of rebirth.
When Chu Qing was in a daze, a computer-synthesized sound suddenly came out of his mind.
The sound was inaudible.
Is it male or female? It looks like a robot in an old movie. Chu Qing was in a daze. Suddenly he was bumped by someone behind him. When he turned around, he saw a big man standing behind him. He was at least 1.
9 meters tall and was wearing a suit.
The muscles in the black suit are bulging, as if the muscles are about to blow up the suit.
Chu Qing laughed when he saw him. This person is his buddy Duan Peng. Fa Xiaoqing from the school, what’s the matter with you? Last night, I drank too much fake wine. Chu Qing rubbed her head and smiled, saying that’s okay. What kind of appearance are you acting on? Hurry up and follow me to Qiqi’s performance Chu Qing was shocked when she heard it Qiqi’s full name is Cui Qiqi from the acting department is his girlfriend in college. An actor from Chinese Entertainment even starred in a recent popular TV series. The reason why Chu Qing has such a deep impression on her is because she will break up with herself at the graduation party, and in her mouth, she is a soft-hearted person who does not seek to make progress. The rice boy and the scumbag belong to the kind of parasites who lie in the rented house and do nothing.
In the previous life, Chu Qing was so stimulated by this incident that he didn’t even perform the prepared show.
He brought Duan Peng up to argue with others about the last two The person was arrested and squatted for two days.
After the two came out, the news about Cui Qiqi’s misbehavior was everywhere.
Go away, and I won’t see Qiqi performing in a while.
I tell you, you have to work hard too, otherwise.
She will abandon you sooner or later.
Duan Peng smiled and teased, then pulled Chu Qing and walked towards the staff passage.
At this moment, Duan Peng didn’t know that his words were about to come true, but Chu Qing’s eyes were slightly Narrowing his eyes, he is no longer the foolish boy he was back then.
He also figured out many plots of the incident back then. To put it simply, the main reason for Cui Qiqi to do this is to establish a personality for herself.
She has also done very successfully in her last life.
She has become a first-line star within a few years of her last life. Chu Qing’s reputation is rotten The main street can only change to another industry and become a salesman, but now that I have the opportunity to start again, I will let you do what I want Backstage actor Cui Qiqi is wearing a white evening dress, her face is painted with exquisite makeup, the snow on her chest is blocked by a diamond necklace But at the moment, she is a little nervous, taking deep breaths. A man with a ponytail is standing two or three meters behind her. Seeing her nervous, he gently walks behind her with both hands She hugged her thin waist and said, why are you nervous? You should be excited.
After tonight, you will be a hit Life is just a passer-by in exchange for your success and fame, do you think it’s a disadvantage? Cui Qiqi’s eyes flickered and then turned into firmness. I understand.
The manager patted her on the shoulder lightly and said, “It’s your turn to play. After today, you can do it.” Say goodbye to this place, Cui Qiqi took a deep breath, carried her skirt and walked out the door. Duan Peng found two stools somewhere in the staff passage, and handed them to Chu Qing, who was sitting on a chair, and Qingzi, who looked here, didn’t seem to be very clear.
Ah, why don’t we both go to the auditorium too? Chu Qing smiled and shook his head, his eyes were slightly dazed, it’s clear enough, it’s enough, Chu Qing felt that he was ready, but when the white figure appeared on the stage, his heart still twitched involuntarily. He has scolded and cursed countless times in his last life, but it is also the first time he has loved someone. For this person, he learned to drink, get drunk, and finally learned to accept reality.
The other party is a star, and he himself only It’s just a little fish with a rotten reputation, but now she’s not popular and she’s not smelly, so why not have fun? Chu Qing smiled, and the smile was a bit weird If you don’t become an actor, you can become a singer. Chu Qing, you kid, you’ve got it. Chu Qing also laughed and said, yes, you’ve got Dapeng, why promise me that no matter what happens, don’t get excited.
You know, Duan Peng.
Noisy head said, what are you talking about? What can I be excited about? As soon as he finished speaking, Cui Qiqi’s song on the stage ended. She bowed to the audience, but she couldn’t get over it for a long time.
The audience in the audience were all from Huaxia Communication University.
Seeing this, the students couldn’t help talking, senior sister, I don’t know what happened.