Father and father are watching At the moment Yagyu Kenichiro Yagyu Shizui tensed up instantly she looked straight at Yagyu Kenichiro but it was Yagyu

A puppet carves countless souls into it.
An ancient Xuanyuan recounts the grievance of killing a teacher thousands of years ago.
An ancient scroll depicts ghosts walking in the night, slender ghosts, red ghost faces, and blood-stained puppets in ancient houses must not sit on them. This is a very heartwarming story of brothers and sisters.
As for who is the sister, of course it is the cover.
The first chapter is from Japan. The stepmother is looking for me late at night. The dark night seems to be able to swallow everything in the city. The light that was still on seemed extremely dim under the night.
There was a sound of clicking in the room emitting faint white light.
It was the sound of keyboard knocking. The door of the room was gently pushed open, and a pale woman held it Walked in with a steaming cup of coffee, Xiaomo, drink some coffee to refresh yourself. The young man in the room raised his head, his dark eyes were as delicate as jewels. He reached out to take the steaming cup of coffee, but felt that his hand was a bit cold. Seeing Xia Mo holding the coffee in the palm of her hand, the woman smiled, her gloomy and pale face looked soft at this moment, Xia Mo also smiled, then put the coffee aside and looked at the article she just typed. In front of the window is Xia Mo’s desk. There is a laptop computer of this year’s latest model on the desk.
On the white wall beside the desk is a black and white photo.
It is a woman.
The woman in the photo showed a gentle smile, but because of the black and white colors, she looked extremely weird.
She raised her head and looked at herself in the photo. The woman suddenly laughed and smiled. Her nose was a little sore, but she couldn’t help but cry. Constantly choking, you’ve worked hard all these years, Xia Mo shook his head, his face was calm, it’s not hard, don’t go to bed so late in the future, even if it’s work, you have to take care of your body, eat every day and order less takeaway, didn’t you often cook by yourself when you were young? Do more, you are already a sophomore in high school, mom doesn’t want you to get into a good university, but you must work hard at least not to make yourself regret later, well, if you have no money, you can go to your father.
He is in Japan, even if you are his own son. On the face that he will give you money, Xia Mo suddenly laughed, Mom, that scumbag, he is already dead.
The woman who was hit and killed by a car was stunned, but sadness appeared in her eyes. She opened her mouth and wanted to continue to say something, but found that she couldn’t After making a sound, Xia Mo looked at the woman calmly, don’t worry, I will take good care of yourself, you have suffered a lot in this life, then enjoy it, the woman nodded, with deep reluctance in her eyes, turning into a dark ray The black mist dissipated in the room, the deep black eyes gleamed with some kind of light, and put the extremely cold coffee on the table.
Xia Mo looked at the pale moonlight outside the window, and the corners of his mouth felt a little bitter. What’s the bottom? Hehe, as long as he can remember, his asshole father abandoned him and his mother since he was a child, he was raised by women who have never read anything Books don’t even have any knowledge, they can only go to the factory every day to do some trivial things and receive a very meager salary, so Xia Mo has been very sensible since he was a child. Although the first part was sold out with less than 800,000 words, Xia Mo received a guarantee deposit of several hundred yuan for the first time in history, and this was a bonus without affecting his studies. In less than a few years, his books began to sell well on Qingzhan.
Even though he is not a legendary author, Xia Mo can already support himself by writing. However, just a year ago, a woman had a car accident, and that car accident was very common. It’s so ordinary that it’s impossible to make a fake woman.
She died, but she couldn’t swallow it with a breath in her heart. She couldn’t let Xia Mo go.
Until now, looking at the woman Xia Mo who can take care of herself by herself, the anger and her obsession Completely disappeared, she dissipated, that’s right, dissipated In this world, reincarnation and reincarnation don’t exist at all There are two different kinds of spirits, good spirits and evil spirits. Generally speaking, good spirits will not hurt innocent people, and stay in the world just because of a certain obsession of their own, but evil spirits are because of hatred and anger in their hearts before death. It has enough time and it can harm the lives of ordinary people. There are many types of evil spirits, and the most common way to affect people is hallucinations. With fear, the evil spirit can easily kill him Note that the above name Xia Mo was stunned.
Kasugano Xing is a wife Xia Mo’s father and his mother went to Japan to find again after they divorced. It is said that the reason why his jerk father fell in love with Kasugano Xing was because Kasugano Xing was so cute.
It is not illegal for my daughter to marry her stepfather in Japan, so the bastard planned to accept the mother and daughter together. Unfortunately, within half a day of marriage, the bastard died unexpectedly in a car accident before he developed into a ghost father.
I have to say It’s really a coincidence that both the woman and the jerk father died in a car accident.
After that, Kasuga Yexing didn’t seem to find anyone else, but chose to raise her own daughter independently.
As for why Xia Mo has her communication method It was Kasugano Anko who took the initiative to join him.
Although it is already night in Shenxia, ​​it is already day in Japan.