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Chapter 1 My name is Bai Jia.
The cold wind made my body tremble, but I heard the singing.
In the wilderness under the setting sun, in the deserted cave. The lonely river with trickling water. It is mottled with monsters that appear every night. The mosaic dotted with colors is full of dangerous aggression and blends together.
The world that used to be high-definition is gone.
A person survives in the wilderness in a world that belongs to one person.
An unknown object composed of blocks is moving cautiously on the green checkered ground. The top block kept turning, as if it was wary of the dangers around it.
Suddenly, the unknown block suddenly stopped its body, and then slowly crawled on the ground. Shhh, look what he found.
There is a single one here.
The unknown cube made of black He can try to catch it A black unknown cube can provide him with energy for several days They contain a lot of protein But it is not easy to deal with He has to approach it slowly from behind Be careful not to make any noise Hey he got it he struggled a lot cut off the head off the rest of it can be eaten raw cut off the head he doesn’t have a weapon but that’s ok he sticks out his hand it looks more like a rectangular pole against The front end of the black unknown block made a mooing sound. Before he felt that his hand bones were about to shatter, there was a light pop sound.
The black block at the front suddenly disintegrated into a big mosaic. There was smoke and the remaining black unknown cube stopped moving and fell to the ground.
His father’s surname was Bai and his mother’s surname was Xue, so his parents gave him a name full of philosophy, Bai Xuejiajia, which was taken from Jia. South means in the Old Testament it is called the Promised Land and it is called a place flowing with milk and honey. Is it as sweet as honey? Shergar has never tasted it. I don’t know, but he does have a place where milky white liquid flows out like milk.
A natural disaster took the lives of his parents. Only when he was very young at the time was he rescued under the protection of his parents who exhausted their lives. Then he was adopted by his mother’s cousin’s family and lived with his mother’s cousin’s family in the memory of his mother. In the end, his mother’s cousin was pulling him to watch the meteor. He watched a shining cube hit him head-on.
He didn’t have time to react.
In a panic, he just had time to push away the people around him, and then he lost consciousness.
When he wakes up, he will come.
In such a world, as an outstanding young man with socialist core values ​​cultivated in time-travel dramas in the new era, he immediately realized that he should have time-traveled, but others have time-traveled all kinds of magical and magnificent worlds. The most rubbish is at least ordinary. At least he looks like a human being, right? But the world he traveled through is like God forgot to load the graphics card driver for the world at the beginning of the creation. His eyes are full of mosaics, and everything in the world is made of cubes. Even he himself has changed. Became a square, Bai Xuejia just wanted to say something cute in his heart.
When others travel through time, there will always be a novice guide to pick him up, but Bai Xuejia Kacha doesn’t get this kind of treatment, he doesn’t know where he is, what world this is, and there is nothing to guide him. The only clue is the imprint in his mind that seems to be instilled in the world after waking up.
Death is the end of the game, as the name suggests.
The place he traveled through is indeed like a game, he can see his health bar, ten little red hearts, hunger, backpack, etc. What will happen when the game is over? Return to his own world or die. Bai Xuejia has only one chance. He wanted to try whether he would go back if he died, but when he thought about his own life, his parents had spent their lives in exchange for it, he felt that he would never die, no matter what happened, no matter what he faced, even if it was just a game. Don’t even think about taking his life away. He’s not fighting alone.
Since it’s a game, let’s play the game and try to pass the level. With such an idea, Baishejia doesn’t know the purpose of the mission, doesn’t know the meaning of existence, and doesn’t even know what he is.
It is not safe to start the game of survival in the wilderness in the world where you are still alive. If you are hungry, not only will your body become weak, your actions will become slow, and even your life will be lost. The source of food, Baishejia, is only fruit and fruit. Beasts are aggressive, and in this world without the police to protect themselves, they are very dangerous.
Although fruits are safe, it is difficult to find them, and there will always be some wild beasts gathered around the fruit.
Some wild beasts are strong and can only walk around when they see them. Beasts run fast.
Once frightened, Bai Xuejia can’t catch up with them.
Other beasts live in groups, and it’s difficult to support them from all directions. This is not good news for Bai Xuejia. He tried to catch a goose but failed to catch it. Instead, he was chased by more than 30 geese for a whole day. Half a day has created an indelible psychological shadow on Bai Xuejia. Every foraging is a life-and-death battle. The black square is a cow.
In this world, cows also live in groups.
Meeting someone who is alone is like winning a grand prize, isn’t it? Is it because Bai Xuejia has been hungry for a day, and if he can’t find anything to eat, he will starve to death, so this game world specially refreshed a single one for him? Get rid of Niu Bai Xuejia, leaning on the body of the square bull Panting and looking up at the starry sky in the mosaic, the night has fallen Even though the body is very tired, Baishejia has no chance to rest. There are little will-o’-the-wisps lit up in the dark, there are strange clicking sounds and hoarse growls, it will refresh every time the night falls These monsters are very powerful and have the same humanoid structure as Baishejia, but they cannot communicate and are extremely aggressive. They are gentle beasts. If Baishejia does not attack them, they will not attack Baishejia, but these monsters will be as soon as they find Baishejia.
They will frantically surround you like zombies