Fans mentality shot at him decisively a flash appeared directly in front of Xu Fan it was just a teleportation trick do you think I

Cumulative check-in rewards update Whitebeard template unlocking is only 1% this time? Xu Fan looked at the information in his mind and didn’t know when he would be able to unlock all the templates.
Xu Fan traveled to the present world three years ago and obtained the template system.
The first character to be unlocked is the famous White Beard of the Four Emperors in One Piece. Although Xu Fan only has 30% of White Beard’s power until now, he is already an out-and-out character for the world he lives in today. The world of Superman is very similar to the Blue Star I was in before, and the layout of more than a hundred countries is also similar. Xu Fan muttered to himself that this world is a parallel universe, but some places are quite different. Not to mention that the technology on this planet is more advanced, and the policy of no births has caused the population to grow by leaps and bounds.
For example, the population of Yan Kingdom, where I am now, was only 2.4 billion when I first crossed over.
In three years, it went straight to 26. Billions are gone, and there are only so many resources on this planet.
Even if humans continue to emphasize resource conservation, it is still a drop in the bucket.
Especially in the past two years, the number of endangered species has been increasing. However, there are frictions from time to time between some small countries, and local wars broke out more than once.
I am afraid that in a few years, the great war that will sweep the whole world will come.
Every time I think of these Xu Fan’s moods, it is hard to cheer up. In my previous world, there was a scientist. I said that although I don’t know what weapons will be used in the third war, but the fourth will definitely be sticks and stones Xu Fan shook his head helplessly with a wry smile No one likes war, but war is an inseparable part of human history If it is a peaceful and prosperous age, with my current strength, I can be a superhero who fights criminals, but if I face a world-class war, my strength is not enough. Xu Fan looks at himself in the mirror. This is why he has been hiding his strength all these years. The reason is that the parents in the previous life were just ordinary workers.
They saved most of their life savings to help him pay the down payment on the house and gave him all their love. In the past three years, Xu Fan has also become familiar with the life here and made many friends. My friend, if he can, he wants to use this power to protect these people.
I hope I can unlock all the whitebeard templates before the war breaks out.
Notify that the forbidden area outside the territory is about to open. A player will be randomly selected from all countries in the world to bind with the country and enter the forbidden area. Players’ exploration of the forbidden area will start in an hour. The players’ exploration of the forbidden area will be broadcast live on major network platforms.
The precious resources obtained by the players bound to the country will be realized in the real world. The following are the precautions for entering the forbidden area, please keep in mind If the country bound by death in the forbidden area will eliminate 10 million people in a random way, a second random player will enter the forbidden area after a week, and so on.
The country can have a one-minute call with the player once a week.
Precious in the forbidden area Resources are often accompanied by crises, please players Act cautiously. Contestants will have 20 minutes to prepare and enter the forbidden area with their belongings, including but not limited to food, fresh water, weapons, etc. The countdown begins. A sound from nowhere suddenly floods Xu Fan’s brain into the forbidden area.
Xu Fan blinked and looked towards The surrounding room is empty, and judging from the content of the voice, this message seems to be conveyed to all human beings. The player will represent his country and enter the forbidden area to explore.
The precious resources obtained will be realized in the real world.
For this world, the so-called Precious resources are nothing but freshwater mountains and forests. Could it be possible that freshwater lakes found in the forbidden area can also directly appear in the real world? If all this is true, then the huge crisis facing the Yan Kingdom should not mean that the crisis facing the whole world will be resolved. Thinking of this, Xu Fan can’t wait to turn on his laptop and log in to the webpage, as he expected Guy, I was working overtime and I thought it was someone’s prank Now I’m afraid it’s not some high-end civilized invasion prank to deceive the whole world in an instant It’s like going on an adventure in a forbidden place.
I want to go. Xu Fan is holding the mouse with his right hand and moving quickly on the webpage.
It seems that all of this is true because the voice just now appeared directly in the minds of all human beings.