Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

The local residents know that this building is a research institution related to the United Nations, but no one knows that it is actually a superscience institute used by scientists from the United States and the Soviet Union. The research projects in the superscience institute are all human beings.
Science has raised questions but has not yet answered some things, such as the telepathy between people, the existence of souls, the possibility of alien life, etc.
The fifth dimension is also one of this kind of projects.
Scientists from the two countries have carried out Irregular gatherings, each reporting their own research experience, the real cooperation between American and Soviet scientists is only possible in this type of super-scientific research, so far this type of research has not yet reached a conclusion. On this day, two people in the conference room In addition to scientists from China, scientists from other countries were also invited. A total of more than 30 people spent nearly two hours listening to a young man’s report.
This young man was Le Tian. The report was given by Le Tian six months after his father died The topic is the breakthrough of the fifth-dimensional space. The example he cited was only the incident of Feng Bai driving a glider into the fifth-dimensional space and back.
He did not mention what happened to him in the cave, and the pair of jade rings were passed around in the hands of various scientists.
A detailed test report on the texture of the pair of jade rings proves that there is a mineral in the jade ring that is radioactive, although not very strong, but it does have radiation signals. Lotte’s hypothesis is that the five-dimensional space can be Accidentally entered can also be entered by means and even come and go freely. The glider has been missing for more than 30 years and reappeared. There is no second explanation except that the glider entered another space. Lotte and proposed that no one ever One of the items discussed was the relationship between life and time. His hypothesis was that even in a space without time constraints at all, life in relation to time meant that the human brain was active and that the human brain activity could be related to generation and filling. The energies of all places combine to create a magical power that ceases to exist when life is over. His example is the glider that came back after thirty years with a mummified driver. The driver is presumed to have died before entering another dimension.
He went into another space time still works so after thirty years he’s a mummy it’s too esoteric for a research course but since people who do super science research have been in contact with this kind of thing Lotte The report aroused their great interest. A Soviet scientist with a big beard was delighted to see that the signals of the brain activity of the pair of Yuhuan Dao people could make free access to space a reality. This is really a great idea. The fact is that the bearded man snorted, the young man, we must be sure that there is such a person who has the ability to freely enter and exit various spaces before we can say this is a fact. Lotte’s lips moved, but he still decided not to tell what happened in the cave.
So He didn’t defend himself any more Hu Zi asked again, can these two jade rings be handed over to us for further research? An American scientist hurriedly said that we also want to study one. Lotte smiled and you don’t need to argue about this pair of jade rings.
I tested them and found that they have radioactive signals. After the radiation, I’ve given them a hard blow to make their radiation signal disappear.
Now they are just ordinary jade rings, not a ring of hope. All the scientists sighed. A few even glared at Le Tian. Several people asked in unison why Le Tian was slow Slowly said because there are many things in the world, it would be better if we never know the truth. Doing this is an extremely complicated process. We are just ordinary people.
Even if we can do it, we may not be happy. It is good to be an ordinary person. Everyone was very interested in everything, which made us have a bold breakthrough in the study of the five-dimensional space. Everyone thanked Mr.
Lotte. Lotte stood up in a burst of applause. He was very sad.
He would rather not have all these things.
Then his father would still be there.
The idol he admired in his heart was not a murderer, but Lotte did not blame his father.
After all, he was all mortals in Yueqing and the situation at that time.
He could kill or commit suicide. How should he choose? After leaving Lotte Switzerland to continue his exploration for another year He went to Columbia and wandered around the cave for a long time. The entrance of the cave has collapsed, no one can go down, and there will be no one who will have a chance to break through the space and meet a fairy.