Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

That’s why it has never been discovered and his secret will never be known to anyone. Letian only saw that he hated Feng Bai, not how he was preparing the medicine and how he mixed the medicine into Feng Bai’s wine glass without anyone noticing. He completely calmed down, the smoke that he spit out gradually spread out and covered his face, and the sound of the piano came to an abrupt end at this moment. More than ten years ago, some of the fresh and lively young men were bald, some had a big belly, and some even had to walk with a cane, but their enthusiasm remained undiminished.
Back then, everyone remembered Fang Wanyi as the oriental princess, and they are still the same now. Attracting old friends, they came to kiss the back of her hand. At the welcome party that night, the president of the club gave a speech, saying that tomorrow there will be athletes from eight universities in Europe participating in the glider competition.
This competition was held many years ago, but because of that competition There was an accident, so there has been no Yueqing since then. Frowning, he saw Fang Wanyi’s indifferent expression and didn’t know what she was thinking. He lowered his voice, this old man is so boring, why mention old things? Fang Wanyi sighed, what he said It’s the truth.
Yueqing and He snorted. Fang Wanyi stopped for a moment and said, I’m going to go to the grass after that. Yueqing and He were taken aback.
What are you doing? On the pair of jade rings, this pair of jade rings can gather wonderful energy to achieve my goal. Yue Qinghe suppressed the rising anger again. Looking at other places, can I know what your goal is? Fang Wanyi sighed faintly. I don’t know, my thoughts are messed up, I don’t even know what I want, Yueqing said quickly, then why do you have to be serious Fang Wanyi sighed again, what I know is that since there is such an opportunity, I will definitely do it no matter what the result is Yueqing He smiled dryly, what would happen? I don’t think there will be any miracles. Fang Wanyi didn’t say anything.
After the welcome party was over, Le Tian drove the car to the venue where the glider took off and landed. Since the competition will be held tomorrow, the venue is not as imagined. So deserted, on the contrary, very lively, just like 30 years ago, the vitality of young people seems to be endless, trailers, tents, bonfires, music and noise are everywhere The pair of jade aids got off Che Yueqing and Shen Sheng said Wanyi, you can’t look outside all night, that pair of Yuyuan’s Fang Wanyi was very stubborn, she just said calmly why can’t Yueqing and He clenched his fists and wanted to say something Fang Wanyi had already walked about ten steps away and came under a big tree, leaning against the tree trunk, and maintained this posture without moving, just staring at the pair of jade yuan and Yueqing in her hand, and she looked at her beside the car for nearly half an hour, she didn’t move.
He remembered the time when Feng Bai’s glider did not come back. Wanyi hadn’t moved for dozens of hours, so she let out a long sigh, muttered between Yueqing and Letian who was beside her, as long as she concentrated her mind, the human brain would generate a kind of microwave wave that would affect the energy existing around her, Yueqing and Angrily said, so how could it make it happen? People went into another space, Le Tian heard his father’s voice full of anger and was startled, but he still said yes, Yue Qing opened the car door hard and entered the car, half-lyed down and closed his eyes that night It was a very long night for Yue Qinghe. He woke up almost every hour or so, and every time he woke up, he saw the same situation. Leaning against the big tree, staring at the pair of jades with full concentration, her expression seemed extremely calm, completely in a state of ecstasy, Yue Qinghe thought in his heart that tonight and tomorrow will be fine, everything will return to normal, he still will The thought of having everything he had got made him sleep a little deeper in the hours before dawn until the glare of the sun woke him up Fang Wanyi put away the pair of jade yuan Yueqing and came to her side joking Asked how Fang Wanyi looked a little confused, I didn’t feel any special power, but it seemed that there was a voice telling me or it was my own confidence that something must happen Yueqing and made a haha ​​and didn’t say anything else when they finished their breakfast The staff of the competition came to invite Yue Qinghe to be the honorary referee Yue Qinghe happily agreed that the first program of the competition would start at 9:00 a.m. Eight gliders flew into the sky one by one. The estimated flight time was three hours before noon. Every glider will come back.
Yueqing and Fang Wanyi purposely kept quite far away. He saw Fang Wanyi sitting on a chair looking up at the sky.
The chair was placed where she sat after Feng Bai took off thirty years ago. Yue Qinghe feels very unhappy.
I just hope that this day will pass quickly. Fortunately, people keep talking to him. The equipment in the glider has improved in the era, and the equipment in the glider is much better.
Every glider has radio equipment. It was recording and the judges took turns watching the recording The sun gradually moved overhead and it was almost noon.
Everyone on the grass looked up to the sky to participate in the competition.
The first returning glider appeared within sight. Everyone cheered and welcomed When the glider came back, Yue Qinghe looked at Fang Wanyi again. Fang Wanyi was still sitting still. Yue Qinghe took a telescope, and through the telescope, he saw that Fang Wanyi’s hands were tightly clenched, and what was held in her hands were the two rings of hope.
cheers one after another