Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Her slender white fingers tapped on the keys again and again.
When the room was full of young people, the noise could deafen the ears of the deaf, but as soon as Fang Wanyi sat down in front of the piano and lifted the lid, all the noise would be silent.
When I came down, Yue Qinghe remembered very clearly that Feng Bai must be by Fang Wanyi’s side at this time, and he must hide in the corner of the stairs, trying not to attract people’s attention, hiding his inner feelings.
Only once, a classmate told him Qinghe just now you are I was listening to music, but your gaze was like a hungry wolf. I was a little afraid that you would suddenly turn into a wild wolf and rush out to kill Feng Bai.
Coping with the past since that time, he has been more careful not to leak his feelings. At this moment, Yue Qinghe sat on the sofa, lit his pipe, and slowly puffed out the smoke. Fang Wanyi has been his wife for thirty years.
The possible goal has been achieved. Fang Wanyi has obtained everything.
Whether everything that has been obtained will be lost again depends on the situation. Lotte didn’t say anything to his mother. Let Letian believe that what happened to him in the cave was all an illusion. Naturally, it is impossible, but he He won’t tell others that the secret can be kept forever.
He Yueqing and He are still happy people. All the happiness is caused by Feng Bai’s disappearance.
Yue Qinghe also asked himself more than once what Feng Bai was Where did it go? At the beginning, everyone thought that Feng Bai and his glider crashed in the Alps. Yueqing He also thought so, and he couldn’t find Feng Bai in a month or two.
The best result is that even if the wreckage of the glider and Feng Bai’s body are found again in a few months, the eagles and wild beasts in the mountains will kill Feng Bai’s body after a long time.
And his glider hasn’t been found yet. It’s a bit weird. Where did Feng Bai go? No one can come up with an answer. There are only various assumptions. After a few years, Yueqing and He are not worried. Feng Bai, who is still alive in the world in 2000, if he is still alive, Yueqing and the obstacles in his life are gone. He enjoys everything with peace of mind, including his beautiful wife who is so heart-warming. But now Letian proposes a space transfer.
Originally, this explanation was completely unbelievable, but Le Tian had seen a portrait of him stabbing Feng Bai with a knife, which made Yue Qinghe have to consider the possibility of space transfer.
Feng Bai’s glider pierced through the space due to accidental factors.
If this is the limit, he and his glider have been floating in another space for many years.
If there is no time limit in that space, then the question of whether Feng Bai is dead or alive Feng Bai is dead or alive only exists in Yueqing The heart of harmony will not exist in the hearts of others, because the heart of Lotte If the theory has been established for more than 30 years, it is meaningless to Feng Bai.
To Feng Bai, it may only be three hours or less. If he can break through the boundary of space and come back, of course there is no question of life or death, but Yueqing And it’s different because only he knows what he did more than thirty years ago Yueqing and remembering that the palms of the hands holding the pipe are sweating He tries not to think about it He has been trying not to think about it all these years Thinking about it, but now it seems that all the hard work has been in vain. The sound of the piano is still beating again and again.
Leaning over to kiss Fang Wanyi, the moment their lips touched each other, Yue Qinghe saw Feng Bai and Fang Wanyi’s eyes meeting and their lips touching in the corner under the stairs. At that moment, he made up his mind that if there was Feng Bai in the world, I would not have to live, and I still wanted to live, so the only thing I could do was to get rid of Feng Bai, and Zhou Quan’s murderous plan made me alone in the world.
Disappearance has two meanings.
One is that this person disappears completely and becomes invisible. The other is that this person dies, his life disappears, and his body becomes a corpse.
If it doesn’t become an obstacle to him, all he needs to do is to make Feng Bai’s life disappear. In the simplest words, if he wants Feng Bai to die, everyone will die, but when will natural death come to Feng Bai? Ten years later, at that time, he had already passed his life, so Yue Qinghe knew that he must do something to end Feng Bai’s life as soon as possible, that is to say, he wanted to kill Feng Bai to end a person’s life early.
There are thousands of ways for Yueqing and almost every one of them has been considered. There are a few times he and Feng Bai, and Feng Bai already has six or seven points of alcohol. Yueqing and just seem to be drunk to keep himself awake. Walking crookedly in the alley, late at night, people are quiet, Yue Qinghe knows that just one movement can make Feng Bai fall to the ground, make Feng Bai fall to the ground, easily make Feng Bai die, every one of more than a thousand ways of killing Both can be used.
The problem is that Yue Qinghe must have nothing to do with Feng Bai’s death.
He doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in prison after getting rid of Feng Bai.
What Yueqinghe is looking for is a perfect plan. There can be no flaws in this plan. After Feng Bai’s death, no one suspects that Feng Bai’s death is related to his perfect murder.