Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

You still want to go Fang Wanyi is very elegant but also very determined Nodding is Xiaotian, you think too much I never thought of someone who will appear again It is impossible I just want to miss the past Letian ask his father Looking at Yueqing and frowning, he was very angry in his heart, but he didn’t show it on the surface, he just said calmly, since this is the case, we will leave tomorrow Le Tian sighed that he had done his best, and he told the story of his experience in the cave I came out hoping that my mother would not go back to the sad place of the past, because something terrible might happen at that time, but Fang Wanyi was so determined, it seemed that there was no more words that could touch her optimistic heart, and even felt that his mother was listening to him. After these words, I want to go even more, I want the ring of knowledge to exert its mysterious power, I want Feng Bai to come back, he has been holding hands with each other, Yue Qinghe, who was very sad, came to him and patted the father and son lightly on his shoulder Slowly came to the garden, when they stood still, Le Tian saw his father’s face was very gloomy, his heart was beating violently, and sure enough, Yue Qinghe had already started to ask you just now that you saw something in the cave due to the shift of space, what did you see? Le Tian is not good at lying At the beginning, he just pursed his lips and said nothing Le Qinghe was putting pressure on him and sneered You want to use an example to prove that what you encountered in the cave is real and not a hallucination, but you can’t give this example Letian immediately said, I can say it, but I don’t want to talk about Yueqing and the cold and authentic things about me.
What you saw made you very uncomfortable.
Letian nodded vigorously, Yueqing and raised his head.
Look, that’s also your hallucination, Letian gasping for breath, maybe I saw your face, your whole body is full of hatred, stabbed a portrait of a person to pieces with a small knife, and the person in the portrait is Feng Bai Yue Qinghe didn’t move at all, he couldn’t see what he thought after hearing what Le Tian said, he asked again, no, Le Tian replied a little stiffly, no, Yue Qinghe smiled disdainfully, Xiaotian, I said everything is yours Hallucinations I have never done such a thing Feng Bai is my best friend After he disappeared I have wondered more than once why it wasn’t me on the glider I would rather replace him missing Yueqing and patting Letian while talking On his shoulder, his words were so sincere that Le Tian was also confused. Is it all his own illusion, like turning into a wild wolf? The blood vessels on the back of the hand are protruding and throbbing faintly. Yue Qing, who looks calm on the outside, and the fear in his heart are really at the extreme. He asked for the sketch drawn by Fang Wanyi for Feng Bai and put it on the table, suffering from pain and suffering every day. When he was suffering from hatred, he stabbed the portrait with a knife to vent his anger.
At that time, he didn’t even doubt that if what he faced was not Feng Bai’s portrait but If it was Feng Bai himself, the knife in his hand would still be stabbed out, but no one should know about this except himself.
No one was willing to go up to the small attic where he lived, not even the landlord. He was in that small attic. No one will know what a person does in the attic.
Even if someone accidentally finds out, the person who knows cannot be Le Tian, ​​because Le Tian was never born at that time.
Congealed, he looked very calm on the surface, but the fear in his heart was indescribable.
He could control himself not to let his hands tremble, but he couldn’t control the blood vessels in his body to become thick due to the rapid rush of blood. When he saw When the blood vessels on the back of his hand showed such a terrible dilation, he was taken aback again and quickly withdrew his hand, Le Tian gasped, Dad, I was so scared at the time, I once shouted, this is not my father, Yue Qinghe’s support is almost here The thirst in his throat was burning like a fire, he tried his best to say goodbye to discussing this kind of non-coffee thing, let your mother go to Letian, agreed, slowly walked away to Yueqing and half turned around, sweat had already traced his forehead Straight down, he could see that everything was spinning rapidly, making him unsteady, he quickly closed his eyes and stretched out his hands to hold onto a tree, it was not a hallucination, what happened to Lotte in the cave was not a hallucination, Yue Qing and Li Jin felt this Otherwise, he couldn’t have known that he had done such a thing in the small attic back then. Lotte really broke through the space in the burrow and met a person who can come and go freely in the space. All these are facts. I only hope that the Ring of Knowing may have some kind of power to make people know what they want to know.
Yue Qinghe feels drenched in sweat.
Through the Ring of Knowing, Fang Wanyi can know his secret. If Fang Wanyi knows his secret, Yue Qinghe feels again. For a moment of dizziness, he took a long breath and tried to calm himself down. He told himself again that no one would ever know the secret. Fortunately, what Lotte saw was not the secret.
After he told himself this a few times, his mood changed again. Gradually calmed down, walked in the garden for a while, and then walked into the house.
The house looked very calm. Fang Wanyi was playing the piano. The rhythm of the Japanese musician He Yuanzhen’s work is very fantastic and exciting. This is Fang Wanyi’s piano playing.
The notes are as clear as if they hit people’s hearts.
I want to see what she is thinking from Fang Wanyi’s expression. But Fang Wanyi is completely immersed in the music