Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Laughing loudly, Yue Qinghe’s laughter made Fang Wanyi, who had been standing all the time, sit down.
Her face looked very pale.
Letian was a little embarrassed by the laugh. His father, Yue Qinghe, couldn’t stop laughing and even coughed. After getting up for a while, she rolled her eyes and said, Xiao Tian, ​​do you know whose name is Manqian Letian? I know a famous character in history, Dongfang Shuo, whose character is Manqian Yueqinghe. He smiled and pointed at Le Tian and said to Fang Wanyi, Wanyi, look at this kid, he thinks he met Dongfang Shuo and talked to him haha ​​Xiaotian, fortunately, you didn’t write down this experience Fang Wanyi She didn’t echo what Yue Qinghe said, nor did she offer her own opinion, she just didn’t make a sound, Le Tian was even more embarrassed Dad, this is my personal experience, Yue Qinghe said in a very firm tone, this is your illusion, Letian said loudly, it’s not Yue Qinghe, and sighed His expression was already a little annoyed, he said in a deep voice, of course it is an illusion, you can’t meet a person who only existed in historical records thousands of years ago, Le Tiandao, if it transcends space, there will be no time, Yue Qing and humming.
Dongfang Shuo told you, don’t talk nonsense, Le Tian blushed, his father’s repeated disbelief made him impulsive, he said loudly, it’s not nonsense, it’s not a hallucination, he also made me see a fact beyond space, except for the person involved I’m afraid no one else knows who Yueqing and coldly are. Letian waved his hand vigorously.
Dad, it’s you.
Yueqing and suddenly shook suddenly. He stood up, his face was extremely terrifying.
Letian had never seen his father’s expression before. It was so terrifying that he couldn’t help but move closer to Fang Wanyi Fang Wanyi held his hand, Lotte felt his mother’s palms were full of cold sweat, Feng Bai came back, the living room suddenly fell silent for a while, no one spoke, Lotian regretted just now Impulsive, he didn’t dare to look at his father, he just looked at Fang Wanyi, but Fang Wanyi kept her head down, just holding Le Tian’s hand tightly, the embarrassing silence lasted for about a minute, and then Yue Qinghe broke it with a haha, Yueqinghe then asked what did you see What did I do? His haha ​​and his laughter were more or less dry and happy until then he swallowed.
Fang Wanyi, who had been silent all the time, suddenly let out a small smile in his heart.
He knew himself. When you want to lie or cover up something, you can hide it from others but not from your own mother, but at this time he never wants to tell what he saw in the past. He pretended not to hear the call and hurriedly said, I think the space is shifting.
Maybe it exists, no matter who I met, the theory of space transfer has always existed, Yueqing and indifferent Xiaotian, you have been talking about it for a long time. He just said a word about the glider Wanyi let out an exclamation Xiaotian, you mean the glider broke through the boundary of space and entered another space Lotte took another breath, this is my conclusion Fang Wanyi is still holding her son’s hand tightly, her voice trembling That is to say, if the boundary of space is breached again, he will come back to Le Tiandao.
Theoretically, Yueqing raised his voice.
His voice sounds deep and sharp, which is different from his usual voice.
Wanyi, have you ever thought about it? So how does he come back? Fang Wanyi took a deep breath. After three years of Feng Bai’s disappearance, after she became Yue Qinghe’s wife, she never thought that Feng Bai might come back.
After more than 30 years, although it is still very mysterious, this question has been brought up again Fang Wanyi’s emotions are really unbearable.
She just opened her mouth and panted rapidly. Yue Qing and Dao Zhao Xiaotian’s theoretical space and Time is relative, he has always surpassed the limit of time If he really came back, it would have been more than 30 years for us, but it has only passed for a while for him, he will be younger than Xiaotian Fang Wanyi trembled Stop talking about me, I can’t stand Yue Qinghe, but he keeps talking, just talking about the possibility, but the possibility is only one in ten thousand, you can’t stand it anymore, when he said this, his voice became soft, Come to Fang Wanyi and think about it, if it really comes true Fang Wanyi lowered her hair and trembled, but tears fell drop by drop on her moon-white silk cheongsam and melted into dark balls of Yue Qinghe took out a handkerchief and wiped it lightly Fang Wanyi’s tears, Le Tian frowned at the side, Fang Wanyi quickly returned to normal, raised her head, and even showed a faint smile.
When people get old, they will always be nostalgic.
She paused for a while before saying “Xiaotian” The encounter is very strange, isn’t it Yueqing and He snorted and didn’t express any opinion? Fang Wanyi said again, I don’t think the pair of jade yuan can really let me know why the weather in the south of France is very good. The situation Yue Qinghe turned around and walked away to say something very philosophical. Most things in the world are better not to know the truth than to know the truth.
Fang Wanyi, the magic weapon, said something in a low voice after listening to that sentence, she said it in a very soft voice and didn’t hear it at all, even Le Tian who was beside her didn’t hear it. In fact, Fang Wanyi didn’t want anyone to hear what she said. In a word, she said it to herself, what she said was that happiness is long gone, Le Tian is a little impatient, mom